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Take a VG Character and Make Them Into An FE Unit

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I had a weird idea.

Name: Soma Cruz (Castlevania: Aria/Dawn of Sorrow)

Class: Citizen (a Villager-esque class)

Skills: (cannot be removed)

> Dominance: Obtains the weapon used by units he kills. Lasts until the map is cleared.

> Jack-of-all-trades: Can use any weapon regardless of rank, except tomes, bows and staves. Weapon skill cannot go farther than C and penalties still apply.

Personal Weapon: Either a rapier or whatever was the name of that endgame sword from Aria of Sorrow (Claihm Solais?)

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Ooooh how fun.  My take at some of these.

Flik from Suikoden I and II


Class: Mercenary > Hero

Affinity: Thunder

Unit Type: Infantry

Movement: 5 > 6

Personal Skill: The Blue Lightning - May choose to attack with the magic stat instead of strength stat.

Personal Weapon: Odessa

Boon: Skill

Bane: Resistance

Chris Lightfellow from Suikoden III


Class: Cavalier > Paladin

Affinity: Water/Ice

Unit Type: Mount

Movement: 7 > 8

Personal Skill: Zexen Leader - All horseback units and knight/general units get +10 Hit and +5 Crit if they within a 2-tile radius of this unit.

Personal Weapon: Ervich

Boon: Strength

Bane: Magic

Persona 5 Protag (Joker)


Class: Thief > Trickster

Affinity: Darkness

Unit Type: Infantry

Movement: 5 > 6

Personal Skill: Wild Card - One random stat is temporarily increased or decreased by +/-5 at the start of every turn.

Personal Weapon: Paradise Lost

Boon: Skill

Bane: Luck


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This is under the assumption that the character(s) in question were actually transported to the FE universe through whatever means.

Tidus (Final Fantasy X)

"A youth that finds himself misplaced between worlds (again). High-spirited and inquisitive to a fault, he is actually prone to moments of sulking more often than most may believe. The most likely to cry when left alone (even though he swears that he didn't)."

Starting ClassBlitz Ace (Personal) - "An extremely talented player of an otherworldly water sport. Wields swords with deft hands and moves on even swifter feet."

Class Stats: MOV 6 | Wpn Sword | HP 15 | STR 15 | MAG 10 | SKL 20 | SPD 25 | LCK 10 | DEF 5 | RES 5

Personal GrowthsHP 20 | STR 25 | MAG 10 | SKL 35 | SPD 45 | LCK 10 | DEF 15 | RES 15

Affinity: Fire

Personal Weapon: Brotherhood – A memento from an old friend, previously belonging to someone that held an uncanny resemblance to him.

Weapon Stats: Type Sword | Rank D | MT 15 | HIT 95 | CRIT 0 | AVO 20 | Range 1 | Worth 0 (Can be wielded only by Tidus. Avoid +15 and Speed +4 when equipped.)

Personal Skill: Quick Hit - This unit has (SKL/2)% chance of cancelling counter or follow up attacks.

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Name: Shulk

Game of origin: Xenoblade Chronicles

Stsrting Class: Visionary "A young boy from colony 9 who bravely wielded the Monado against the Mechon forces. Wields Swords.

Stat Caps: (Pre limit break)

hp: 80

str: 55

mag: 30

skl: 51

Spd: 53

Luck: 45

Def: 42

Res: 40

Personal Weapon: Monado. "Shulk only. A legendary blade with cryptic origins. Capable of cutting down Mechon and allows the wielder to strike twice in one attack." 

Mt: 15 Hit: 85 Crit: 15 Rng: 1-2 Uses: infinite


Normal: nothing notable

Buster: Lowers Def/Res by 6 each in exchange for +7 strength.

Enchant: Boosts all allies Hit/Avoid by 15 as long as it is active

Shield: Protects the User and allies within 4 tiles from proc skills

Speed: Reduces  Luck/Def/Res by 5, but raises Skl/Spe by 6

Purge: Negates stat bonuses of enemy units

Cyclone: Allows the unit to switch places with another ally. 

Eater: Restores HP by half the damage dealt

Armor: Reduces Str/Mag/Spe by 6, but raises    Def/Res/Luck by 9


movement: 6 tiles

exclusive skills: Inginuity "The unit is capable of traversing any type of terrain without restriction or harm."

Vision: "The units ability to see the future increases dual guard and dual strike rates by 25% each. (Will actually have plenty of supports!)

True Heir: "Increases the movement range of the unit by 2 spaces".

Monado Arts: "Allows the unit to change the effect the Monado will have as an item or as a weapon at will".

I know I made him OP but in don't care


Edited by DisobeyedCargo

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Name: Solaire of Astora (From Dark Souls) "A Warrior of Sunlight in search of his own sun"

Class: Sunlight Warrior (Heavily armored class with swords and magic) "Disciples of Lord Gwyn's Firstborn son. Protect their allies with Gwyn's lightning"

Growth Rates (Based on SoV): HP 55,  Atk 50, Skl 30, Spd 35, Lck 15, Def 40, Res 4

Personal Spell: Great Lightning Spear (HP 4, Mt 7, Rng 1-3, Hit 85 Wt 5, Effective against dragons and wyvern)

Personal Skill: Jolly Cooperation (Small bonus to exp gain for units within 2-tile range)

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Princess Garnet a.k.a Dagger (Final Fantasy IX)

Class: Cleric -> Summoner

Affinity: Anima

Personal Skill: Summon (only upon promotion); allows Dagger to summon any of her Eidolons to assist allies on the Battlefield. Functions similarly to Knoll's phantoms but even more durable; and each Eidolon has their own stats and set of attacks available which is scaled according to the summoner's level. EXP gained by Eidolons become BEXP if available. Drawback? Only one Eidolon can be active at a time; and they expire after around three turns. Has a single-turn cooldown after the Eidolon is unsummoned.

Personal Weapon: Whale Whisker (12 Mt, 100 Hit; functions both as a Heal staff and an attacking staff; unlimited uses, +5 MAG when wielder attacks on Player phase - Dagger only; counted as Light magic in the Weapon Triangle)


40% HP l 60% MAG l 35% SKL l 40% SPD l 55% LCK l 15% DEF l 50% RES

Edited by Frosty

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  • name: Alisa
  • class: archer
  • affinity: light
  • personal skill: angel (guaranteed activation of miracle in each chapter once)
  • growths: 50% HP, 45% strength, 40% magic, 60% speed, 50% luck, 20% defense, 45% resistance

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Thracia 776 format.
Name: Max (Shining Force)



Class: LV7 Myrmidon -> Mercenary

Stats: HP 30, Str 9, Mag 4, Skl 6, Spd 4, Lck 15, Def 10, Bld 9, Mov 7, Leadership Stars 2, Movement Stars 1, Pursuit Critical Coefficient 3

Growth rates: HP 110%, Str 45%, Mag 30%, Skl 30%, Spd 30%, Lck 95%, Def 55%, Bld 25%, Mov 3%

Personal Weapon: Chaos Breaker. Mt 20, Hit 100, Crit 0, Wt 10, Uses 60. Range 1. Classified as a holy weapon. Effective against Magic users and Fliers. Evades flier attacks. SKL/DEF+20.

Skills: Ambush, Prayer


Name: Chaz/Rudy (Phantasy Star 4)



Class: LV1 Myrmidon -> Mage Knight

Stats: HP 19, Str 7, Mag 6, Skl 2, Spd 6, Lck 2, Def 7, Bld 6, Mov 6, Leadership Stars 0, Movement Stars 3, Pursuit Critical Coefficient 1

Growth rates: HP 85%, Str 60%, Mag 60%, Skl 30%, Spd 50%, Lck 15%, Def 60%, Bld 35%, Mov 2%

Personal Weapon: Elsydeon. Mt 20, Hit 75, Crit 30, Wt 18, Uses 60. Range 1. Classified as a holy weapon. Makes user immune to status effects. Restores HP each turn. LCK+40.

Skills: Wrath, Steal


Name: Gryz/Paiku (Phantasy Star 4)



Class: LV4 Pirate -> Berserker

Stats: HP 22, Str 8, Mag 2, Skl 8, Spd 2, Lck 1, Def 6, Bld 12, Mov 6, Leadership Stars 1, Movement Stars 5, Pursuit Critical Coefficient 5

Growth rates: HP 100%, Str 80%, Mag 40%, Skl 75%, Spd 40%, Lck 1%, Def 70%, Bld 80%, Mov 5%. Basically Est archetype.

Personal Weapon: Blood Axe. Mt 14, Hit 55, Crit 30, Uses 80. Range 1-2. Drains HP on contact. SKL+5, LCK-5.

Skills: Continue, Ambush, Wrath, Astra



Name: Alys (Phantasy Star 4)


Class: LV4 Sniper

Stats: HP 44, Str 14, Mag 14, Skl 20, Spd 17, Lck 4, Def 13, Bld 13, Mov 6, Leadership Stars 4, Movement Stars 4, Pursuit Critical Coefficient 4

Growth rates: HP 10%, Str 20%, Mag 20%, Skl 200% but it doesn't matter, Spd 25%, Lck 5%, Def 10%, Bld 10%, Mov 3%. Basically Oifey archetype.

Personal Weapon: Moonslicer. Mt 16, Hit 70, Crit 10, Uses 44. Range 2. Attacks twice.

Skills: Sol, Astra, Charisma

"Why does Alys has so many 4s? I can understand the 13s and 14s, but why 4s?"


Translate 4 to Chinese, and you might begin to understand



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Neat game! I wanna play too!!

The Prince of Persia

Class: Master of Arms

Weapons: any melee

Move type: Foot, 6 move

Growth rates: HP 75%, Str 60%, Mag 5%, Skill 45%, Speed 70%, Luck 60%, Def 25%, Res 20%

Skills: Wrath, Adept, Astra

Personal Weapon: Dagger of Time (Tellius-knife style, pls don't throw this) - 90 Hit, 10 Mt, 5 Crit, Effective against monsters, Charges from defeating sand monsters to a max of 6 charges, that each provide +1 Mt and +1 Crit. Charges may be expended to rewind time (Mila's Turnwheel effect).

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