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Phantom Dust: Cult Classic Now Free on Windows and XBox!


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I've been a huge fan of Phantom Dust since the original XBox days and recently found out that it's been re-released on Windows 10 and XBox One for free!  Haven't heard anything except for the rumor of the remake being cancelled, so having it re-released like this is awesome!

To anyone who doesn't know what Phantom Dust is, it's kind of hard to describe.  It's like an arena fighter/shooter with a deckbuilding element to it.  Basically you have an arsenal of dust, which are your attacks or moves.  Aura Particles are essentially your mana (in a MTG term) to help bolster yourself to use higher cost and more powerful attacks.  There's destructible environments and a bunch of other weird and crazy shit too. There's online functionality as well, which is its main draw back when it was first released.  There's also a pretty deep and well-written story mode as well; the ending will always get to me.

Anyways, I'm definitely replaying it again and will finally be able to losealot attempt to win online.

Here's the trailer just so you can get a general feel of it.


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