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Fire Emblem 4 Plot Summary


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I've been working on a video series for a good amount of time now, I currently have four videos, and want to hear some thoughts on it. Both positive and negative, I want to improve and want to know what to work on. Even recommendations on video editing software.


Chapter 1:


Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:


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Remember Remember The Fifth Of November. Not only is it for the anniversary of the failed Gunpowder Plot that is idolized by fans of Guy Fawkes, but now for the video to commemorate the most famous chapter in FE 4.


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1 hour ago, qwernst said:

A lot happened during the Spring that postponed this video. I'm down to just one episode, it feels like a weight leaving my shoulders.

Aww. That ending :( My condolences.

You might be on to something, mixing heroes sound bytes with classic fight animations. Wonder if that could be implemented into a hack some way hmm.

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And now for the finale. Thank you to everyone that like and disliked this series and giving me motivation to finish this.
I'm curious if a Q&A is appropriate or not, but I would like to hear from you guys on your favorite moments, what you found to be the weakest parts of this series, and criticism for the future.

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And so Emperor Heim Chalphy the 1st-856th would continue the glorious reign over Grandbell (pretty funny with paralleling the theory that a lot of people wielded Loputous in the time that it was around). Some say they have seen Baggage man attempt to take baggage for the royal court over the years.

Good job on finishing this series.

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