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Hello, my friends and fellow video game enthusiasts,

I beat Duma this morning, it was awesome and I am now well on my way to the Thabes Labyrinth (just reached Furia Port). Before I go in there, woefully unprepared, I would just like to know which units you used to clear it and maybe some general tips on what to do and what to avoid, i.e. is it better to have at least one person of every class or are some classes utterly worthless in there? Things like that.

Before we start, let me give you a rundown on which classes my Villagers switched into:
Gray - Dread Fighter, though he's weaker than Saber atm
Tobin - Bow Knight
Kliff - Sage
Faye - Saint (Tankiest. Cleric. EVER.)
Atlas - Dread Fighter, since I picked Sonya over Deen (again, Saber is stronger)

I also consistently used everybody during my current run, so every character is free game.

I'm looking forward to your tips and experiences and offer my thanks in advance!

Oh, one more thing: I've heard that there's some secret boss at the end. Please don't spoil his / her / its identity for me while writing your posts. Thank you!

Much love,
~ DragonFlames

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Ran first try in a Hard/Classic no-grind with:

Alm, falchion/royalsword/speedring

Saint!Faye, (with damn near every booster in the game to cap HP/Atk/Def) Grim Ring/Speed Ring/Mage Ring

DF!Grey, Zweibby/Mercurius

Saint!Silque, silver shield/blessed shield/hexlock shield

Priestess!Delthea, mage ring/speedring/Lady Sword

Priestess!Sonya, mage ring/blessed shield

Falcoknight!Clair, Gradivus/Silver lance

Falcoknight!Palla, Gradivus/Silver Lance

Bow Knight!Kliff Parthia/Silver bow

Bow Knight!Tobin Killer bow.

Strat was Faye moves forward and stands 3 tiles from Alm&Silque and never dies while bows, birds and white magic clean up the rest in any situation where I could not one round all the things. Birds, bows and white magic removed anything that threatened her. Grey and Delthea were just there for killdie damage. All dudes sans Gray (looped twice over normal play) are level 20-all for stats.

Faye ate so much food.

Ceilica's party sans Palla/Catria/Sonya, Barons, and Golds are pretty lame in post. Sage's are aight but Priestesses hit way harder because lady sword, and entrap is a godsend. You can use Ceilica over Delthea but Delthea is cuter and has straight up better stats+rewarp.

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Currently going through right now. My current team is as follows.

Zeke: Gold Knight lvl 12 wth Gradivus.

Mathilda: Gold Knight lvl with Rhomphaia

Forsyth: Baron lvl 20 with Hexlock Shield (also received villager fork and dread fighter looped once with a Starsphere)

Gray: Dread Fighter lvl 14, looped once with a starsphere. Using a bravesword atm.

Saber: Lvl 15 Dread Fighter, no loops, using a bravesword.

Atlas: LvL 12 Bow Knight with Parthia

Luthier: lvl 14 Sage with a mage ring.

Faye: lvl 12 Saint with Angel Ring atm, but will be changing that.

Then Alm and Celica, obviously. Level 17 and 13 respectively.

Team is holding up pretty well. I may have to leave and dread fighter loop Saber and use a 2nd and 3rd Fork on Atlas and Zeke whenever those eventually release. The team is also subject to change. I have Kamui, Tobin, Kliff, Mae, and Conrad waiting on the sidelines that could go in just fine too.

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Let's see here, I'll post what they equipped too, I haven't changed it since completing the dungeon:

Alm: Falchion

Celica: Zofia Sword(whatever you call it in english)

Gray!"Dread" Fighter: Brave Sword

Matilda!God Knight: Gradivus

Dyute!Priestess(lol Delthea): Mage Ring

Kliff!Bow Knight: Killer Bow

Tatiana!Saint: Dragon Shield

Sonia!Priestess: Mage Ring

Catria!Falcon Knight: Doma Lance

Saber!"Dread" Fighter: Brave Sword

Grinding disabled. None of that here, except Sonia, who ended up mainly a healbot anyway.(Because I didn't train her for the dungeon lol) I went in with my endgame team fresh after the credits. General strats consisted of throwing Kliff, Matilda, Saber, and/or Gray/Dyute at things until they died(Sometimes threw an Alm for good measure).

EDIT: Or was it "Sonya"? I never played it in english, you understand

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I bought the DLC :)

Gray!Yasha, Zweihandler

Tobin!Oliphantier, Killer Bow

Python!Oliphantier, Killer Bow

Alm!Conqueror, Regal Blade

Celica!Rigain, Beloved Zofia

Kliff!Guru, Mage Ring

Genny!Exemplar, Speed Ring

Mathilda!Skogul, Gradivus

Delthea!Enchantress, Silver Sword

Est!Harrier, Silver Lance

All were below level five by the time I entered, and all have max forged weapons. Did the labyrinth pretty easily.

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I went in and was a little past the midway point before realizing I was not prepared, so I decided to do the Dread Fighter Loop on Gray and Saber before heading back in. I'm still in the process of training so I haven't beaten the Labyrinth yet on Hard/Classic. At this moment, Gray and Saber now outclass my 19/20 Alm and they are just starting their Myrmidon training, so I expect them to do most of the heavy lifting.

As for my party...

Alm - Hero (Royal Sword or Falchion)
Celica - Princess (Beloved Zofia)
Saber - Dread Fighter (Forged Brave Sword)
Gray - Dread Fighter (Forged Brave Sword or Forged Rapier)
Tobin - Bow Knight (Forged Killer Bow)
Kliff - Sage (Mage Ring)
Clair - Falcon Knight (Forged Gradivus)
Tatiana - Saint (Speed Ring)

Conrad - Gold Knight (Forged Gradivus) || I choose Conrad as he seems to have the most potential out of my available Cavaliers for leveling, and he has a support option. Other options are Mycen (favorite character, has support options) and Zeke (to protect Tatiana).
Delthea - Priestess (Mage Ring) || Honestly any Sage or Priestess will do here and I originally planned on using Mae, but I am leaning towards Deltha due to her stats, potential growth, and magic set. I thought about using Sonya as well.

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Looped Kamui, Saber, Gray, and Kliff a few times before making a serious attempt at finishing Thabes after grabbing all the items beforehand. Seems like I overprepared for it, though, since I beat The Creation pretty easily.

  • Hero!Alm @ Falchion +1 / Royal Sword
  • Bow Knight!Kliff @ Killer Bow +3 (Named Delete Button)
  • Dread Fighter!Gray @ Zweihänder +1 (Named Eins)
  • Dread Fighter!Kamui @ Zweihänder +1 (Named Zwei)
  • Dread Fighter!Saber @ Zweihänder +1 (Named Drei)
  • Gold Knight!Mathilda @ Gradivus
  • Gold Knight!Zeke @ Silver Lance +5 (Named Rex Hasta)
  • Saint!Genny @ Blessed Ring
  • Saint!Tatiana @ Rion Shield
  • Priestess!Delthea @ Mage Ring

Postdungeon, I gave Genny a Speed Ring for +Mov and Tatiana the Demon Ring for extra Warp range.

Don't need DLC when the base game gives you everything you need to work with. I might grab a Pitchfork for Zeke to loop him as well as Faye since I didn't make her a cleric.

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I beat it yesterday on my Hard/Classic/NoDLC/No-DF-loop file at the 3rd attempt. The first two attempts were ended at B7 and just before the Boss in B10 by warping out. I swapped out a few Members between the attempts, but my final winning team was:

  • Hero!Alm @ 3*Royalsword/0*Falchion/1*Parthia (Royalsword with double Lion for PP nuking, Falchion for baiting out meele attacking Terrors if needed, Parthia for insane Range and flier effectiveness)
  • Princess!Celica @ Mage Ring
  • Priestess!Delthea @ Mage Ring
  • Saint!Faye @ Dracoshield/Angel Ring (Dracoshield to use her as a meatshield if needed, Angel Ring for higher Crit when attacking with Seraphim)
  • Saint!Tatiana @ Hexlock Shield/Grimoire Ring (Hexlock Shield lets her laugh at anything magic based, the Grimoire Ring for increased punch when chipping with Seraphim)
  • Goldknight!Mathilda @ 3*Rhompaia
  • Dreadfighter!Saber @ 3*Zweihänder
  • Falcoknight!Catria @ 1*Gradivus
  • Sage!Tobin @ Speed Ring
  • Bowknight!Kliff @ 3*Killerbow/1*Parthia

My general Tactic for the encounters usually was to send in Kliff, destroy/heavily damage something with Hunters Volley and Rescue him back with Faye in the 1st Turn. After that it was either retreating while leaving invoked Pegasi and/or my tanky Faye behind to flee the battle or, if I wanted to actually win the Encounter (or surviving until Turn 3 wasn't possible if I didn't fight) abusing my ranged attackers to bring the enemies down enough for my meele nukes (Tigerstance, Double Lion and Dragonhaze) to secure the kill. Keeping the Supports close by was vital here, as higher Hit and Critrates made bringing down the enemies a lot less stressfull. Honorable mention goes here to Alm <-> Celica, Tobin -> Kliff and Alm -> Faye in my team.
Faye and Kliff were probably the most useful Members of my team though, Faye simply for her tankyness, Rescue and Anew support, and Kliff for destroying anything that hasn't skyhigh defense, though these were handled by my magical Squad quite nicely. The least useful member was probably Catria, since she never did much except for chipping a little bit here and there. Her mobility only really served me well in the optional B9 Dragon fight and in the Final boss.

Speaking of the Final Boss, Parthias Art is extremely useful here to outrange the Boss and chip it down safely since Units need quite a lot HP to even survive an encounter with it (45 on hardmode iirc). I also learned here that the maximum damage one can deal on crits is 120, since the game limits it for whatever reason. I Dragonhaze critted the boss for what should've been about 150 Damage but only got 120 out of it.

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I base my choice on whoever I liked (or found powerful) at earlier stages of the game, regardless of what their theoretical potential. I ended up with characters who don't have a 3rd tier class. The only compromise is Tatiana; I didn't like her specifically (with her being a prepromote with awful growths), but she has Fortify and Warp.

Faye (Exemplar Lv 20/20/20/20) with Mage Ring (main cannon)
Alm (Hero Lv 20/20) with Falchion (shield + Faye support)
Celica (Rigain Lv 20/20/11) with Beloved Zofia*
Kliff (Guru Lv 20/20/20/5) with Grimoire
Boey (Guru Lv 20/20/7) with Angel Ring
Mae (Enchantress Lv 20/20/11) with Mage Ring (2nd cannon)
Genny (Exemplar Lv 20/20/15) with Sage's Shield
Tatiana (Saint Lv 14) with Speed Ring
Delthea (Priestess Lv 20/17) with Keepsake Ring
Est (Falcon Knight Lv 20/14) with Silver Lance (unimportant member; I also trained Silque and Tobin who can easily replace her)

I also kept retreating and re-entering because I'd end up using up the Turnwheel (for undoing undesirable level-ups) before I could reach the bottom.

There isn't really any tactics to speak of. Even without counting on overclasses, Alm's defence should be enough to handle most situations. I'd just put Faye and Alm in close proximity and have Faye counterattack all the enemies. Nosferatu with 80 hit and 50 critical is incredibly useful. Oh, and the final boss is defeated after 3 fights.

For the other enemies that aren't busy getting fried by Faye, there're Mae with her raw power output and Kliff with his incredible speed and still decent defence.

And being able to get a bunch of simple villagers and clerics to clear the dungeon like it's nothing is why I did all the previous grinding in the first place. It's not needed, but it feels great to me.

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31 minutes ago, RennacIsUnderrated said:

Why are none of you using the Ilwoon!? Give that puppy to a maxed Yasha Deen or Atlas and you'll fly through the Tower faster than you can blink. That sword is wicked OP

I accidentally sold the one I got. I am a terrible person...

Thank you guys for all of your help and suggestions. Even though I didn't reply anymore, for which I will apologize, I took some of your tips to heart and I beat it on my 4th attempt. The first ended when Celica ate a crit on the 8th floor, the second was just collecting items (I got a Rusted Draco Shield on the 9th floor from a chest and didn't want to lose it, so I left the dungeon immediately after picking it up), the third ended with Alm dying to a Fire Dragon and me being stupid.
I was really hyped when (insert spoiler here) suddenly popped up at the end and it made me love the game even more... even though the thing itself wasn't that hard to defeat. Delthea did it with two Ragnarok crits after Mathilda and Tobin softened it up a little. I was planning on letting Alm finish with the Falchion, but... hey, if it works, don't complain, right?

I bought the Overclass-DLC and thus had everyone I brought in their respective Overclass, because I am a coward, I guess. Here's my team:

Alm - Falchion
Celica - Beloved Zophia
Saber (Yasha) - Brave Sword, no loops
Mathilda (Gold Knight+) - Gradivus
Tobin (Bow Knight+) - Blessed Bow
Faye (Saint+) - Mage Ring
Delthea (Priestess+) - Ladyblade
Palla (Falcon Knight+) - Blessed Lance, looped once with Villager's Fork
Lucas (Baron+) - Draco Shield
Kliff (Sage+) - Mage Ring

Strategy for normal battles: Lucas was bait for anything physical, Kliff and Saber killed anything magical, Tobin took out every Bow-user, Delthea and Mathilda cleaned up the rest. Faye was clutch against dragons due to her 4-range, 80%-hit Nosferatu. Everyone else got used when needed.

Boss strat: Kill everything else first, then bait out the boss with summons (courtesy of Kliff's shiny new skill) and have everyone wail at him until he hopefully dies in one turn. Which he did. After three attacks (Tobin x2 -> Mathilda x2 - Lolinuke crit x2 -> dead Boss).

I put a '+' behind the class names because I don't know the names of most of the overclasses in the English version.

Anyhoodle, thank you guys so much for all of your suggestions. It really helped and will help in the future when I do a no-grind run myself.

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Literally just beat it, so I used:

Alm-level 20 hero with forged Falchion

Celica- Level 16 princess with forged Beloved Zofia

Saber- Level 14 dread fighter with 3 star brave sword

Kamui- also level 14 dread fighter with a 2 star brave sword

Delthea- level 12 priestess with the starsphere *made her growths insane*

Clive- Level 11 gold knight with forged Gradivus

Lukas- level 8 Baron with 1 star silver lance

Clair- level 18 falcon knight with forged Gradivus

Mathilda- level 11 gold knight with 1 star silver lance

and Python- level 17 bow knight with a 5 star iron bow

I probably used the worse team possible for this, and half my team bit the dirt *lukas, saber, kamui, and python* however due to python clutching it until his death, the boss got down to like 40 hp, then Clive went in and got a critical dealing 30 damage and finished it off with a follow up attack, Alm and Celica were just trying to stay alive basically as I didn't want a game over and lose everything I had found. Well I feel accomplished, now all that's left for me is grinding up everyone to max level and equipping them with some of the best gear in the game *mainly the three regalia*

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My setup was simple

Keep in mind, my Dread Fighters went through one semi loop (Villager -> Merc -> Myrm -> DF -> Villager -> Merc -> Myrm -> DF. just remove the first villager from Saber, Kamui, and Deen.) and turned out good enough

  1. Falchion!Alm
  2. Ladyblade!Celica
  3. Brave Sword!DF!Gray
  4. Brave Sword!Saber
  5. Brave Sword!Kamui, later Astra!Kamui after I got that as a drop
  6. Brave Sword!Deen
  7. Speed Ring!Luthier
  8. Gradivus/Silver Lance/Blessed Lance!GK!Kliff
  9. Killer Bow/Parthia!Python
  10. Grimoire Ring/Silver Shield/Angel Ring/MageRing!Tatiana, later I got a Dracoshield and used that on her as well.

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I just used:

Alm, Celica, Gray, Atlas, Deen, Python, Forsyth, Silque, Mae, and Zeke all max level 20 overclasses and I used Gradivus, Mercurius, Parthia, Ilwoon, Brave sword, lady blade, Falchion, Beloved Zofia, Rhomphaia, and the Grimoire Ring for weapons all max forged.


Beat the whole thing on my first try without even coming close to losing a unit. Im also playing on Hard mode Classic

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My first run through was:


Saber/Kamui/Gray @ Brave Swords

Silque/Faye/Tatiana for warping

Python/Leon @ Killer Bows

Delthea @ Mage Ring

The Dread Fighters had been looped once each, but during the main story through regular gameplay with just a bit of on the way grinding. I pretty much just warped Saber or Kamui in and hoped they killed things with their 70 crit, which they almost always did.

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My current team is:

Alm and Celica (Royal Sword***/Falchion*, Beloved Zofia***)

Saber, Kamui and Dread Fighter!Gray (All Brave Sword***, might switch to Zweihander for at least 1)

Tatiana (Duma's Shield since it extends Warp and Fortify Range)

Mae and Priestess!Faye with Mage Rings

Priestess!Genny with Ladyblade*** (ORKOs most things with Thunder since she capped Attack, Mage Ring swaps around to her occasionally)

Bow Knight!Atlas with the Killer Bow*** since he ORKOs most enemies, and the rest with a crit.

I might switch out Celica for Delthea, only if I train her though. I didn't use her for the final few maps, and she's waaay behind at Lv 2 Promoted. That said, I'm running out of Mage Rings, so maybe I'll also switch Faye out (Mae is faster and stronger than her, and Sagittae isn't that great compared to Aura, although Freeze is nice over Silence) for Est if I grind her up a few extra levels. Mathilda and Zeke (And Conrad if I train him) are also potential options.

This is with only the free DLC and the amiibo dungeon equipment. DFs have only gone through one Villager Loop.

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Crushed it 2 days ago. Nothing I can really say except overclasses OP.

My autowin buttons: 

20/20/20 Conqueror Alm

(Falchion/Royal sword/Killer Bow)

14/20/20 Rigain Celica 

(Beloved Zofia)

Both capped Skill and HP, with other stats around 39-41 (except Res)

Other (not level 20) overclassed units:

Yasha Gray (brave sword)

Oliphantier Tobin (Killer Bow)

Skogul Conrad (Gradivus)

Exemplar Faye and Tatiana (Mage ring and Dracoshield respectively)

Enchantress Delthea (Mage ring)

Non overclassed units:

Dread looped bow knight Atlas (Parthia)

Gold Knight Zeke (Gradivus)

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Just got fresh out of the dungeon. No reclassing back to villager but I did a lot of Dagon Filet farming to get all the weapon upgrades I wanted. Some characters probably got a level or two during that final descent.

Alm - Lv.20 Hero - Falchion +1 (Made extensive use of the Killer Bow during earlier expeditions but didn't switch to a bow at any point during the final battle.)

Forsyth - Lv. 14 Baron - Dracoshield (Ended up being death weight during the final battle. For that fight a good offensive turned out to be the best defense)

Mathilda - Lv. 19 Gold Knight - Silver Lance +5 (The most powerful member of my team but didn't end up doing anything of note during the finale)

Delthea - Lv.19 Priestess - Mage Ring

Kliff - Lv.16 Sage - Mage Ring (Used May during earlier expeditions until I came to the realization that her massive attack power blinded me to the fact that Kliff was far better everywhere else, most notably he got a massive speed lead.

Est - Lv. 16 Falcon Knight - Silver Lance +5 (Received a 1% critical hit at one point. Whatever her stats may say, the poor girl just got no luck. But she got her revenge by killing the boss with a critical of her own.)

Catria - Lv. 18 Falcon Knight - Gradivus +1

Tatiana - Lv. 12 Saint - Angel Ring

Silque - Lv. 13 Saint - Prayer Ring/Hexlock Shield

Tobin - Lv. 15 Bow Knight - Parthia +1 (Also Killer Bow/Long Bow/Silver Bow during earlier descends. They all have great special abilities.)


I died on the ninth floor during my first descend to the lower levels and barely survived for 3 turns against an encounter with 3 groups of enemies during my second descent (Every group had a dragon). So during my third descent I decided to be careful and immediately evacuated upon hitting the 10th floor. On my final descend I tried my hardest to avoid any fights until the 10th floor so that I wouldn't have any regrets should I fail.

My strategy ended up being a rather unimpressive Parthia spam. To think that Tobin of all people ended up being the man of the hour. But otherwise I just wasn't able to maintain the pressure on the boss while keeping it's underlings at bay.

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  • Alm (forged Falchion)
  • Celica (forged Venus Sword)
  • Clair (forged Gradvius)
  • Catria (forged silver lance)
  • Palla (speed ring)
  • Est (luck ring)
  • Silque (arkanum ring)
  • Tatiana (arkanum ring)
  • Zeke (forged Duma's lance)
  • Cliff (magic ring)

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For me, I caved and used the DLC.

  1. Alm (Conqueror w/ Falchion)
  2. Celica (Rigain w/ Mage Ring)
  3. Delthea (Enchatress w/ Mage Ring)
  4. Tatiana (Exemplar w/ Dracoshield)
  5. Zeke (Skogul w/ Gradivus)
  6. Mathilda (Skogul w/ Gradivus)
  7. Lukas (Spartan w/ Blessed Lance)
  8. Faye (Saint w/ Dracoshield)
  9. Gray (Yasha w/ Brave Sword)
  10. Tobin (Oliphantier w/ Killer Bow)

Before using the DLC and was having some issues with the tougher enemies beyond B5, but I did held well until I reached the dungeon boss where I couldn't really handle the reinforcements coming in. Then I just decided to use the DLC classes and pretty much relied on Tobin to deal some damage and using Faye's rescue shenanigans until I had Alm come in for the final blow. Meanwhile I had my other units camping around where reinforcements would come in to deal with them quick. Although some day I would like to try again and try to beat the dungeon without resorting to the DLCs.

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All level 20, with DLC classes. Hard/Classic. Villagers have "recommanded" classes. Weapons are forged to level max.

  1. Alm - Falchion
  2. Faye - Hexlock Shield
  3. Gray - Brave Sword
  4. Saber - Brave Sword
  5. Kamui - Brave Sword
  6. Kliff - Steel Shield
  7. Boey - Sage's Shield
  8. Tobin - Parthia
  9. Leon - Killer Bow
  10. Python - Python's Bow

No need to say it was really easy, I almost ran in auto mode for the entire dungeon.

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On my first try which I just failed on the 8th floor, which is why I'm here more or less, to just not play Echoes, 'cause I ain't dealing with that right now... Where was I going with this? Back on topic, on my first run I brought:

Celica - Princess - Beloved Zofia

Alm - Hero - Falchion

Tobin - Bow Knight - Killer Bow

Silque - Saint - Coral Ring

Delthea - Priestess - Mage Ring

Genny - Saint - Grimoire Ring

Loen - Bow Knight - Killer Bow

Catria - Falcon Knight - Gradivus

Palla - Falcon Knight - Javelin

Est - Falcon Knight - Javelin

The annoying thing about how I lost was just that Celica was doing an amazing job at tanking and killing, to the point where even though I know I should have remained careful, regardless of how well she was doing, I felt like she was giving me room for a few brave plays. She started the dungeon at level 14 and by the time she died, due to my carelessness, she was level 20. I reckon I could definitely get to floor B9 with this team, but I'm just salty about losing that far down, that I'll probably come back to this dungeon when I've got them OP, so I can laugh maniacally as I mercilessly destroy every last enemy in that dungeon.

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Finished up Thabes this morning. Gray and Saber went through a full Dread Fighter loop (20 Villager, 20 Mercenary, 20 Myrmidon) while I had Faye go through Villager and Mage so she can become a Priestess. While I did grind those three characters and had plenty of Silver Marks for forging, the rest of my cast are mostly fresh from their end-game stats save for some levels.

As expected, Gray and Saber carried the party. Faye showed off to Alm and Tobin proves that Alm has nothing on him. Kliff helped deal with some monsters while Tatiana was the ever-useful Saint. Meanwhile, Alm and Celica stared lovingly into each other's eyes while Conrad rode around being magnificent (but in reality did nothing). Clair acted as Gray's cheerleader.

Honestly, the path to the final boss is harder than the boss itself. The fights up to it have to deal with "Skeletal Shamans" (imagine Terror Priestesses) which are my main bane. Dragons suck, but I rather deal with Dragons and pray to RNGesus than get hit with magic damage. Then, the final encounter only requires one to kill the boss. If one can set up the kill while handling the adds, the fight itself is fairly easy. I think I only used three or four characters to finish off the boss (Celica and Saber weakened it while Gray went full out with his critical hits and finished it off. I don't remember if I used a fourth party member or not.) 

* * * * *

Heroes of Thabes' Labyrinth
Alm - Hero (Royal Sword - "Alm's Blade")
- The main hero lead. He and Celica stayed away from the fighting, having their fill of it from their respective journeys. This was also done to prevent any untimely "game overs" so one does not have to play through the entire dungeon again... (Note: My Alm and Celica did not get all the stat booster fountains from their respective paths - I spread out the boosters to who needed them most instead of slapping them all on the main character.)
Celica - Princess (Beloved Zofia - "Light of Mila")
- As an advocate of peace, Celica did little in actual combat and played more of a supporting role. The exception was during the final boss encounter where she contributed with her magic prowess.
Saber - Dread Fighter (Forged Brave Sword - "Brave Saber")
- We left the heavy lifting to him. Saber did not disappoint.
Gray - Dread Fighter (Forged Brave Sword  - "Sword of Ram")
- The true hero of the "Tale of Gray, Plus That One Guy," Gray was a dodge tank and dealt the final blow to the postgame boss. Can't ask any more than that, save for maybe an Astra weapon for him and the overclass...
Tobin - Bow Knight (Forged Killer Bow - "Tobin's Bow")
- Tobin shows off his marksmanship skills with the Killer Bow and the Hunter's Volley. No doubt he would have been so much better if he had better level ups, but I guess he kept his strength in check so the enemies can provide somewhat of a challenge.
Kliff - Sage (Mage Ring)
- Kliff mostly helped guard Tatiana in place of Zeke, but on occasion he would fry enemies with his magical spells if Gray and Saber needed assistance.
Clair - Falcon Knight (Forged Gradivus)
- Clair cheered on Gray from the safety of her Pegasus, allowing him to dodge attacks more easily.
Tatiana - Saint (Speed Ring)
- Tatiana helped warp Faye to the frontlines, as well as fortify the party when the need arises. When Faye was no longer sufficient, Gray or Saber was used instead.
Conrad - Paladin (Forged Gradivus)
- Originally brought along to be power leveled with Gray, Saber, and Faye - Conrad rode around triumphantly as the real heroes did the work. This is mostly due to the tactician's impatience and not wanting to level up yet another character just to be "super prepared" for the final boss.
Faye- Priestess (Ladyblade)
- The surprise contestant since the original plan was to bring either Mae or Sonya. I suppose Faye did not want to her precious Alm to leave her behind, so she grabbed a pitchfork and class changed from the Cavalier line to the Mage one. Due to her frontline experience, she acts more like a warrior priestess than a magical one. However, despite her contributions being just behind Gray and Saber, Alm did not take notice. I suppose Faye will get her chance, another day...

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The fights up to it have to deal with "Skeletal Shamans" (imagine Terror Priestesses) which are my main bane.

Ha, those doomed monsters... Everytime one of my guy dies, it's because of them.

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My team, with equipment in parentheses:

  • Alm(Falchion)
  • Celica(Beloved Zofia)
  • Saber(Brave Sword)
  • Python(Parthia)
  • Leon(Killer Bow)
  • Catria(Gradivus)
  • Clair(Gradivus)
  • Delthea(Speed Ring)
  • Tatiana(Angel Ring)
  • Cleric!Faye(Angel Ring)

Saber was the MVP for most of the dungeon. Parked him on either a pillar or one of those 40 avoid circle things and he dodged pretty much everything, and had enough bulk to survive if he didn't dodge. Delthea was amazing too, and she was able to take care of most of the bulkier enemies like the dragons. Had some scary moments where I let Faye get attacked and she survived with exactly 1 HP.

The end boss was pretty easy, actually. Trance Shot let Python deal 22 damage a turn while staying just outside of his range. Did that for about 3 turns while everyone else took care of the spawning enemies. Once I decided to go for the kill I sent in Clair, followed by Alm, and then Catria got the final blow.

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