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How many times can I challenge a dlc map?

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:facepalm: ...Honestly? Just...come on.

People asked the same thing regarding Awakening (and probably Fates') DLC, and got the same answer. But even if you never played either of those games, do you honestly think they would make DLC playable only once? That would be stupid and particularly contrary to the purpose of the grinding DLC. I cannot believe you had to even ask this question. I presume nothing about your intelligence, but it wounds me all the same. X(

With all that said, I am sorry if this grinds your nails. I just hate when people ask stupid questions and questions they should already know the answer to. I almost never voice my frustrations like such. Don't take it personally.

Let's be honest though, has there ever been any DLC in gaming history that couldn't be played as many times as you want? I think Mila's Bounty is the only one I could think of. I mean technically, you can launch them as many times as you want, it's just you only get the item once, and there's nothing else to them so it's utterly pointless to replay. But at least those are free...

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