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Super Smash Flash 2 - Beta Release

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Super Smash Flash 2 or McLeodGaming. I simply enjoyed playing SSF2 and thought others may be interested.

Don't know if anyone around here is interested, but Super Smash Flash 2 is essentially a fan-made version of Super Smash Brothers, but in Flash form. It has been in development for a really long time and it has been nice to drop by every now and then to check up on their progress.

Apparently, the Beta was released yesterday (May 29th, 2017). I'm downloading it now since I enjoyed messing around with SSF2, but it seems the site is getting an influx of people excited for the release as the webpages are slow to respond and the like.

For many, the draw (or turnoff) is the inclusion of characters that are not really seen in a normal Super Smash Brothers game, such as Naruto, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, or Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Other "originals" include the Final Fantasy Black Mage, Chibi-Robo, and Lloyd Irving. Of course, the classics like Mario, Link, and Kirby are still around, as well as some of the later additions such as Pit and Meta Knight. // There is even an Event Mode and Online Play!

There is a ton of cool stuff to be found, but I'll leave that to be discovered. Anyways, here are the main page of the fan game, as well as the changelog and the announcement video. At the very least, watch the announcement video, it is only 3 minutes long.

Main Page: https://www.mcleodgaming.com/games/ssf2
Changelog Page: https://www.mcleodgaming.com/games/ssf2/changelog

Announcement Video


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