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Goddess Serra

Your Favourite Units in All of FE

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Favorite units are

  • Catria (NO SURPRISE)
  • Palla (Same)
  • Camus/Sirius/Zeke
  • Seth (I like overpowered people :D)
  • Ike
  • Hector
  • Tana (mine was helpful in FE8 :D )
  • Mae (never played Gaiden, but I love her VA in Echoes. She turned out well for me!)
  • Leon (fabulous design and great quotes)

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Archanea- Phina OG Dancer, also a combat dancer. Also OG fashion fighter. She's great. Period.

Judgral Gen 1- Lewyn Overall, he's a complex character, with an interesting history. His highlights for me is that at times, he's a complete asshole, but other times, a softer side is shown. His character develops, but the outcome isn't typical.

Judgral Gen 2- Lene Despite getting the least amount of lines out of all the Generation 2 females, she probably has the most well rounded characterization out of the bunch. Her character doesn't necessarily develop per se, it's rather that we're really getting to know her and new layers of her character get gradually revealed, but not explicitly.

Thracia- Leif Yes I know Thracia isn't it's own continent, but the cast of characters is different. Leif is in FE4, but his characterization really shines when he's his own lord.

Elibe Gen 1- Pent he's freaking awesome, gives prepromotes a good name.

Elibe Gen 2- Lalum lately I've been digging Lalum. Idky, I just like her. Her characterization isn't extraordinary or anything.

Magvel- L'arachel, Princess of Rausten, Champion of Light, Prevailer over Darkness, Maiden of Desire, Healer of the Sick, CEO of Gambling Halls, and Future Queen of the World. She's nice.

Tellius- Sothe you really watch him grow up (and he becomes a really good unit)

Awakening- Basilio I like his moxy. He's responsible, but not uptight.

Fateslandia (OT but wtf is the continent's name?)- Shiro he's a well developed character and a great unit. I wouldn't mind if the next lord is a knockoff of him, spears and all.

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Some of the units I like the most in no particular order:

Serra, had great stats and wiped out enemy forces.

Hector for being a great axe-wielder and I actually like his personality.

I always used Lethe for the high speed stat and design.

Sirius in Mystery of the Emblem was a great unit with his growth rates and I liked his masked design.

Marcus in FE7, you always have to appreciate those early game paladins they give.

Ephraim, but that's because I always took his route in FE8 and liked that he was a spear locked lord.



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FE1/3/11/12 (lumping them all together because why not): Haven't played too much of any of these games tbh

FE2/15: Either Genny for being completely adorable and being one of the best Clerics in the game or Alm for being an extremely well written and lovable Lord.

FE4/5: Still yet to play either of these games, I'll get around to it some day.

FE6: Only played the first handful of chapters of it in general, but Rutger. For no particular reason either.

FE7: Probably Hector. Not only is he an amazing unit, he's also very well written, and I like how he's a lot more blunt and abrasive than other Lords in the series.

FE8: Joshua. He's consistently turned out to be my best unit, and he's pretty interesting too, what with actually being the prince of Jehanna and all.

FE9/10: I've only played the first few chapters of Path of Radiance and have yet to play Radiant Dawn, but Titania. Not only does she have an amazing design and is a pretty good unit overall from my (lack of) experience, she's also a pretty great character, basically being the Team Mom of the Greil Mercenaries.

FE13: This was an easy choice thanks to not being too big on quite a few of the characters in Awakening, but Gregor. He's a surprisingly deep character, and is pretty interesting because of his personality and vocal patterns.

FE14: This one was an even easier pick thanks to either being neutral on or outright disliking most of Fates's cast, but Azama. I find it interesting how he's an Atheistic monk, and he's much more interesting than the rest of Fates's cast combined thanks to his generally silly and harsh personality, which is rather unfitting for a man of his status. One of the other few Fates characters I like is Arthur, but that's mostly because I tend to love hammy characters a lot in general.


One character that I have come to love a lot thanks to Heroes is definitely Reinhardt, despite the fact I have never even played his home game nor is he even playable in that game. He's basically a god on a horse but with next to no Speed.

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On 6/12/2017 at 8:45 AM, Ertrick36 said:

I forgot that I didn't really mention royals all that much in BR.  I mentioned Sakura, but not the other three.  Me forgetting Takumi is inexcusable.  I honestly forget Hinoka sometimes, but she turns out similar to Oboro in that she tends to get balanced stats, though with less defense in the end.  And Ryoma I have a vendetta against for being extremely OP.  I make it a point to not use him in BR unless I'm gonna be handing him some pathetic little sword or a Daikon Radish so that he doesn't have a cheap ass 1-2 range sword he can double and activate crits/astra with.

Speaking of vendettas, I have practically no reason to trust Ryoma to live up to the hype - and ditto for myrmidons and swordmasters in general, because to quote Cia after Volga's failure, "It's embarrassing to see you talk so big and perform so poorly". Except in this case it's the people on SF talking big about the units, but I digress (it doesn't make me any less furious when a hyped unit underdelivers, however!).

That being said:

Shadow Dragon - Norne (She's cute,... and unfortunately, that's pretty much all I have to base my decision on because SD doesn't have supports. And even more unfortunately, she's only usable on normal mode.)

Genealogy - Lana (Easiest pick evar because my thoughts on most of Genealogy's cast range from indifference to outright dislike)

Sacred Stones - Natasha, L'arachel

PoR - Mist, Marcia, Ilyana

RD - Aside from the above, Laura

Awakening - Lissa, Maribelle, Cynthia, Anna (there are others, but these four stand out)

Fates (General) - Anna, Felicia, Sophie, Midori

Fates (Birthright) - Oboro, Sakura, Caeldori, Selkie

Fates (Conquest) - Elise, Effie, Soleil, Nina, Ophelia

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Arlen: I like his defense growth lol. He is kinda extreme regarding his rivalry with Merric, but as a player, I find it rather amusing. The main reason I like him is his performance as an unit. (Arlen > Merric)

Conrad: I love his personality. He is kind and caring to Celica, and it feels fresh to have a new charscter added in for Echoes. Also, highest Res Growth bois (8 fucking percent)

Faye: She gets so much shit even though she is a really nice character imo. Faye is IS's third attempt at making a "crush-on-the-protagonist" character, and this time they've done it right. I like her peronality a lot and her base and support conversation are really nice. She can be goofy as shown in her suopports with Skilque and her base convo after A&C meet at Zofia Castle, but she seems to be a nice and honest person.

Finn: I think everyone knows why Finn is awesome.

Lukas: He's realistic. And that's what I like about him. I didn't like him as much in the main story, though he was still one of my favorites, but after playing Rise of the Deliverance he really grew on me.

Lowen: His design is super funny, and his relationship with Eliwood with Lowen being his cook is too.

Python & Forsyth: They are amazing as a team. Whether it be in their supports, their base converations where they talk about each other or their comments on the others battle perfomances, they always manage to at least make me smile. Their personalities complement each other perfectly and it's presented in such a charming and funny way. I love it.

Saleh: Like his personality, like him as a unit. I don't know why, i just like him.

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Let's go! I'm gonna split this up into favorite male and female from each cast of characters. I also have not played Thracia or the original Gaiden. A second note, I haven't played the Archanea games enough for me to really pick solid favorites

Jugdral Gen 1 Male- Levin: Holsety!!! Probably the best unit in the game and not even mounted.

Jugdral Gen 1 Female- Tiltyu: She's a sort of Est archetype, but she's super fun to use and a super fun character.


Jugdral Gen 2 Male- Ares: A badass, and he has his own sword to make it even more so.

Judgral Gen 2 Female- Teeny: Pretty much the same as her mother, and I always have her as Levin's daughter and she's awesome.

Elibe (FE6) Male- MAN OF STEEL/Dieck: A God among men. Possibly my favorite in any FE game.

Elibe (FE6) Female- Shanna: The early pegasus knight is always good, and Shanna is not only good, but just a really fun character to get to know.

Elibe (FE7) Male- Heath: Just take a look at his hair and disagree with me. You can't.

Elibe (FE7) Female- Fiora: don't really have a great reason, I've always liked her and she's always been really good.

Magvel Male- Joshua: Not only a 10/10 unit, but one of the deepest characters in SS and FE in general. There's so much there and it's really cool.

Magvel Female- L'Arachel: She's hilarious! 

Tellius Male- Gatrie: I've always loved the flirty characters, and Gatrie is the funniest of all. He's a really cool guy, a great unit, and an awesome character.

Tellius Female- Astrid: I like her a lot because of how different she is from Gatrie. It makes their interactions so real, and their supports are some of my favorite in the game.

Ylisse Male- Inigo: Pretty much what I said about Gatrie, but I also have a special connection to Inigo because he's always my son in game.

Ylisse Female- Olivia: I kinda hate saying this, but she is really cute. She's also really nice, and can be quite a force to reckon with if you train her right.

Hoshido Male- Saizo: He's a badass ninja! And he's shouty! Seriously, Saizo is pretty badass, and he's a fun character as well.

Hoshido Female- Orochi: I actually like how eccentric she is, and she's a great mage as well.

Nohr Male- Niles: He's a more anti-hero type character, and that's a cool thing in a game where the story leaves much to be desired.

Nohr Female- Flora: A tragic character for sure, but with hidden depths. I'm not a huge fan of the avatar in this game, but their supports with Flora are actually pretty nice.

Valentia Male- Saber: He's absolutely outstanding, he's ridiculously strong, has an amazing character arc, and he actually takes a role in the story! Also, he looks cool.

Valentia Female- Delthea: I originally didn't care about her, then I started training her and loved her. She's my best unit, and a delightful character to boot.

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  • FE4 1. Gen.: Sigod
  • FE4 2. Gen.: Holsety Arthur
  • FE5: Grafcalibur
  • FE6: Rutger because of Sword Emblem
  • FE7: Raven was the gamebreaker in HHM.
  • FE8: Everyone can be good.
  • FE9: Marcia because Flier Emblem
  • FE10: Jill and Haar for obvious reasons
  • FE13: Dark Wings 
  • CQ: Siegfried
  • BR: Raijinto
  • REV: Avatar
  • Echoes: Clair (flier + horseslayer = win)
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Pent because he's a fully trained sage who can heal like the best of your healers from the get go. The RNG must go horribly wrong if Pents use ever runs out.

I'm very fond of using Muarim in POR. The stats he loses from staying in his beast form all the time isn't very noticible and in return you get solid attacker who's very mobile and generally unhindered by terrain. He's not the best but his mobility ensured I loved using him.

Shanan is a unit who joins early who can and will pretty much destroy everything the game throws at him until endgame. 

Camilla has her weakness against archers but aside from that she's pretty much the perfect unit. She's very mobile, hits very hard and has solid defense. She can even use magic, even if she's not very good at it. Her skill where she weakens everyone around her is also useful. 


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