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So hey, this is going to be my first PMU.

Hard/Classic, 10 characters per route, 2 forks available. Also choose their final weapon/item/shield (if I don't have the right item for the character I'll give them non-forged iron/steel weapons, leather/iron shields, the blessed ring, or whatever is worse than their final item, but won't use the arts).


Alm's route



- Alm

- Baron!Grey, Keepsake Ring

- Gold Knight!Mathilda, Romphaia

- Bow Knight!Kliff, Killer Bow

- Dread Fighter!Tobin, Zweihander

- Falcon Knight!Faye, Gradivus

- Saint!Tatiana, Dracoshield

- Priestess!Delthea, Lady Blade




Celica's route


- Celica

- Dread Fighter!Saber, Shadow Sword

- Sage!Atlas, Angel Ring

- Baron!Nomah, Speed Ring

- Priestess!Mae, Mage Ring

- Dread Fighter!Jesse, Brave Sword

- Dread Fighter!Conrad, Hexlock Shield





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I'm gonna be the dick that gives you Nomah, and because of the video Ghast made, I'm gonna have you reclass him into a Soldier.  And he's gonna get a Speed Ring (I think it's only accessible to him via Merchant trade).

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@Enaluxeme If you're hurtin' for more units, can I give you another mediocre one?

If so, take Mage!Lukas with a Prayer Ring.  I figured with his lackluster speed, awful resistance, underwhelming attack growth (which is barely aided by promotion stats), and terrible spell list, trying to make him viable as a mage would be... special.  And I picked the Prayer Ring 'cuz it does f*** all with his terrible luck stat aside from just healing him, making it only marginally more useful than the Blessed Ring.

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Since no one is posting, I'll take it as a maybe. If someone else who hasn't posted a unit has other plans for Lukas or the pitchfork, they'll get priority.

Seriously tho, I've seen PMUs completed in a few hours, why have you forsaken me? D:

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