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[FE10] Radiant Dawn Draft, Third Times the Charm

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I'll take Kyza the greatest shove-bot the world has ever seen (I'm basically only picking him because he can shove Ike).

Almost done, last round is reversed so it's @gabethegreen's pick followed by Elincia etc.

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Part 1 - Chapter 3: A Faint Light.

Turns - 4/17

Wow, this map was hard, lots of trial and error involved to make it work. My general idea was pretty obvious, to have Sothe carry Micaiah towards the escape, but making it happen was tough to work out. Everyone except for Eddy and Laura did something useful here (although Eddy blocked Laura from being attacked and Laura recruited Aran if you count that). At the start Leonardo and Sothe rescue dropped Ilyana on turn one so she had enough move to reach certain enemies she had to kill for the team to advance (she and Micaiah actually ended up doing most of the combat, instead of Sothe), in particular she needed to kill the archer on the other side of the door on turn two, who would otherwise have blocked the way, meanwhile Nolan rescued Aimee and dumped her in front of the wall to bait the other archer. Turn three Leonardo gave Micaiah to Sothe who with a shove from Leo was just able to drop Micaiah on that specific tile which was important as it made the enemies attack in such a formation that Ilyana had a path through to kill the Armour Knight on turn four with another shove from Leo (Micaiah did have to crit one of the Soldiers though to clear a path).

As for Aran's recruitment that was pretty much just trial and error, to work out where to direct Kurth so the enemies would end up orientating themselves in such a way that Laura could reach Aran for the recruitment, I'm not even sure where I'm going to use the Sleep Staff to be honest but at least I have it, if it does end up having a use.

Not only was the strategy hard to figure out, but also to make it actually work. Ilyana is just shy of being able to ORKO enemies so she had to rely on crits, luckily she had the Elthunder for the crit bonus so that wasn't that bad. The tough bit was turn three enemy phase where Micaiah had to not only dodge all three attacks but also crit one of the two Soldiers and she couldn't even use the hedges to help her dodge, luckily her support with Sothe in particular her Bond Support giving her +10 crit was invaluable. Overall it took quite a number of resets to make the RNG align but It worked in the end.

Leo is really surprising me with how valuable he's been so far, he didn't do any combat in this map but he was invaluable for being able to rescue drop the girls with Sothe and also for shoving, I was dubious about picking him when I did but he's definitely proved his worth so far.


Edited by Sturm

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I've gotten up to 1-7, not going to start that one until Pernod Filsona and Vodka are drafted.


1-P 6/6

I know, this should be a 4, but despite being the person to ask about battle saves, I didn't rig a crit for Micaiah's first hit, so it took 1.5 times as long. Miccy proced Mag, Res, something else, and most importantly Spd. So a good first level, forgot Eddie's, but won't matter given this was his one fight.

1-1 8/14

Used Nolan as my freebie. Assuming undrafted units can't Visit, I didn't have room to visit either house. Not that I really need yet another Vulnerary or a Hand Axe (nobody save Ike can use axes on my team, so it's not like it matters). Didn't kill the boss either- why do they put him on an escape tile, but have another one right next to him?

1-2 6/20

Didn't nab any of the treasure, I was going to go for Thani or the Energy Drop, but didn't have the time (nobody on my P1 team needs an Energy Drop, and I can do without Thani). Nolan held the east, Sothe cleared the way to Laura's arrive space, and Micaiah helped Nolan when she could.

1-3 11/31

This one was difficult and hectic. Sothe had to solo the south, starting with the Myrmidon on PP Turn 1, Miccy didn't proc enough HP/Def to survive a Fighter hit (why does P1 hand out Steels so early?), so careful positioning involving rescuing Aimee and Ilyana with Nolan and Leo and having Kurth tank the east Fighter (he is very bulky) was necessary to keep Laura and Miccy safe. Recruited Aran on turn 3 or 4, I think, and while he earned some EXP- he's not very good to start- Sothe was the undisputed god of this battle. I did Battle Save a bunch and had a lucky dodge or two, albeit not after every single action. Managed to get everyone but Aran, Kurth (who was 1 turn from dead at this point), and Sothe to escape for nice BEXP. Couldn't get Discipline- but only Micaiah would ever want it.

1-4 7/38

Finally have access to the Base, yay! Micaiah got Wrath, and Sothe Cancel. Bought the Beast Killer, a Light, and two Bronze Knifes. Sothe tackled the northern half of this battlefield by himself and swiped the Angelic Robe (but not the 3000 Gold), breaking out the Beast Killer when needed (need to save some for crit rigging later- the Kard was half depleted by the battle's end). Micaiah and Aran tackled the southern half of the battlefield, with Miccy Sacrificing on Turn 2 to get into Wrath zone (some Wrath crits were rigged).

1-5 6/44

Not too hard. Just gotta hope Zihark and Jill don't get unlucky/do something stupid and take the pressure off their west flank. Sothe and free Volug did just that. Aran was still too weak to do much, and Micaiah was hopelessly OHKO able- in fact the boss ORKOed her at one point, fortunately after a Battle Save she gained a Speed and thus gained the survivability she needed. My actual holding strategy was centered on the center of this map. I climbed up the west cliff and had Aran and Volug protect Micaiah on it, with Sothe going either freelance or joining in on the defense. I tried for the Concoction, but Sothe was 1 space short on Turn 6, oh well.

1-6-1 9/53

Gave Sothe Adept- it was that or Resolve- one gave more offensive while the other helped defensively. I also forged him a +3 MT +5 Hit Iron Knife and bought an Iron Dagger; should've bought another Knife because I ran out of uses in 6-2. Given I can't have Tauro and Volug protect Micaiah, and Aran was still weak, I was originally overwhelmed by all of this. Ultimately I decided I'd have to use my Robe and Shield on Aran instead of saving them for P3. It made a massive difference- Aran was able tank things very well with the combo. He took out the northeast forces plus the turn 7 and zone triggered Pegasus Knights. Sothe destroyed everything to the west. Miccy mostly sat in a corner away from the battle. Might have been able to get the Arms Scroll, but didn't.

1-6-2 7/60

Aimed for 6, but the boss refused to move on Turn 5 despite Sothe being in range. Turn 1 was Sothe taking out the Archer on the Ballista, while Aran helped tank the Cavs. Miccy had to take 1 hit here from a Cav, and she managed to survive it without dodging. From Turn 2 on, Micaiah sat away from the battle, while Aran tanked the west and Sothe saved as many of Fiona's forces as he could and took out the boss (with a rather wasteful Adept hit plus Beast Killer double). Could've rigged for the Master Seal with Aran, but didn't. At 1-7 Base, I tossed two levels of BEXP on Aran, promoting him to Halberdier- he's on his averages barring the Robe boost. He got Resolve afterwards (and Micaiah gained Paragon- maybe I should've given it to Aran, but he'll have no problems getting EXP from now on- my concern is entirely in his Speed stat). He also has the A rank for Tauro's Silver Lance, which I might as well use since Daein P3 has Steel Greatlances available.

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ch1-5 6/42

eh nothing special happened i just had sothe and micky parked on the right side of the ledge shooting down at people for most of it while volug ran around biting people


ch1-6pt1 10/52

i hate pegs. this map was annoying with the reinforcements and the fact that even with the ch4 seraph robe miky is still a bit frail. i hate pegs. volug and tauraneo sat in the back corner but for some reason some pegs still tried to attack them which mad eme reset cause i didnt want to back track to kill them. i hate pegs. once it started working out though i did get some good lvl ups and im happy i have someone on the tam that isnt micky or sothe now

i hate pegs.

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4 hours ago, Soul~! said:

Let's make this a thing.


Good luck with that- why'd they have to get rid of magic swords, and yet give Mist a mere tier 3 Str cap of 25? Can IS try making tanky Valks?

As for myself, I was thinking Beauty is a Mad Mistress (and for some reason I can't help but imagine Oliver as a Bride with his hips swaying back and forth in rhythmic fashion as in Awakening). But instead I'll pick someone much more subdued- Gareth.

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Hmm, Fiona huh, maybe I can make her half decent by 3-12 who knows (yeah who am I kidding). I'd actually hoped for Lyre or Mist but can't win them all I guess. Good luck, have fun.

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Part 1 - Chapter 4: A Distant Voice.

Turns - 4/21

At last we reach the base, I gave Miccy Wrath and then sold my entire inventory with the exception of: stat boosters, important skills, a few Vulneraries, a Door Key, and an almighty KappaRoss.png.7370eac660cdebfb77755f5bcc21c7c1.png Hand Axe. That left me with a bit under 14,000 gold with which I bought:

  • Beast Killer
  • Murgleis: +5 might, +15 crit Iron Bow.
  • Thoron: +5 might, +10 hit, +15 crit Thunder.
  • Ivaldi: +5 might Light

Leaving me with a whopping 116 gold.

On to the chapter itself, Sothe handled the south and east by himself while Ilyana led the way north supported by Miccy and Leo. After Agony and his group were taken care of Ilyana went west to get the Beastfoe while Miccy headed east for the Seraph Robe. One unforeseen consequence (at least to me) was that I couldn't get both the 3000 gold chest and Seraph Robe chest due to not having the other chest key from chapter two, Sothe could have reached the Seraph Robe but was blocked by the last cat. Perhaps if I had looked at it in a completely different way it might have been possible but it's not like the DB is super strapped for cash (I did briefly think about sending Ilyana south but that obviously wouldn't work given she can only just take a hit). In other news Micaiah's speed is equal to her magic I can't say I'm upset about this.


Edited by Sturm

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The Rest of Part 1:


1-7 7/67

With promoted Resolve!Aran, this chapter was pretty easy. Aran lanced mostly everything, with Sothe and Micaiah getting whatever bits they could. I avoided recruiting Tormod and co., they won't self-recruit until after the battle , so they were technically fine doing things as NPCs, which didn't amount to any real contribution to my victory. Micaiah just marched as far as she could every turn without getting killed (which meant being in any moving enemy's range).

1-8 12/79 (+4 Penalty which will be added at the end)

This was a nightmare, I took two tries getting it done. On the first, Micaiah died due to being doubled. On my second I remembered non-draftees can rescue NPCs, so rather than have Aran carry the one NPC needed to keep my team from losing and gimp has combat potential, I had Nailah and Volug carry NPCs instead. Unlike the first time, where Aran unexpectedly critted the Fighter immediately south of my position, it survived the 1st turn, which ultimately led to Muarim taking a hit. I deserve a penalty for that, but, it wasn't like I intended to have him meatshield or anything, he just took a random hit b/c there wasn't any safe space I could move him to. And I made absolutely sure that nobody else saw combat save my Aran and the three frees of MSR. Sothe (and Micaiah and Rafiel- but they weren't as important) in helter-skelter fashion ran around killing things approaching alternatively from the left and right up north before ultimately clearing the boss area of threats. All Aran did was hold the southern front- which wasn't that much because the west-center enemies went north instead of south. Micaiah did consume Rafiel's Robe, which proved vital for the next fight.

1-9 17/96

I've stressed in the past that Micaiah needs to get to ~13 Speed for this fight (12 AS is needed to avoid being doubled by the fastest range 2 attacker- Steel Bow 16 AS Archers), mine unfortunately had only 9- oh woe was me! Resolve could have solved the problem, but I had left that on Aran- despite him not having benefitted from it much last chapter. As a result I needed to Battle Save frequently to make sure at least one of out of every double attack to Miccy was avoided (if she didn't use the Robe last chapter- she'd have to dodge both hits). She did get up to 11 Speed from the level ups in this chapter (a little too late), though BEXP after the battle was over failed to boost her Speed any higher, so she's 2 below average going into her promotion (she's at 20/0 now). Once all the reinforcements were gone, the Black Knight wandered in search of the few foes to kill them and get Jarod to appear, and once Jarod did, it took the BK another turn of movement before he could strike Anger Issues down.

1-F 12/108 (+4 Penalty which will be added at the end)

I loaded Ilyana with the Killing Edge and Brave Sword, plus Celerity, Pass, both the Red and Blue Gems, a Concoction. I could've brought her into the fight to have her pass the Speedwing (Volug could've carried her seeing how he's forced) but I didn't, no matter- Aran will just use it instead of Ike. I'm more concerned I forgot to pass on Savior, stupid me! Though Savior only helps in 3-4 really (if rescuing Ranulf with Ike or Mordy is permissible), and 3-11. Not going to redo the chapter just to fix this.

Blackie massacred the most and was MVP for this fight, with Sothe doing a good bit of knifing too and nabbing the Speedwing and Unlock (I'll sell this- there is hardly any use for it), I also killed both Thieves and got Parity and a coin (Parity means another character who can safely attack Auras and Degh). Aran brought up the rearguard and used Javelins + the cliffs and Paragon to soak up some EXP, he's now at 20/6 with Def and Skl one away from capped going into P3. Unfortunately I totally forgot about Beastfoe back in 1-4, so I'll be in all likelihood paying a turn price in 3-6, but if Aran is a Sentinel by 3-13, which I'm betting on, he can just plow through the Laguz and Impale Ike on that one to end it quickly (or so I hope). Volug also accidentally dodged a hit due to my own absentmindedness, so again I deserve a penalty, but it just a southern reinforcement Aran could've killed without blinking, nothing in the slightest bit necessary for my survival or completion. Micaiah saw a little combat, but largely continued walking as far as she safely could every turn.

Just curious, how much weaker are the 3-6 Laguz on Normal compared to Hard? Aran will with the Speedwing (plus maybe a dump of all my BEXP in hopes of more Spd) be at 40+ HP, 39 Atk (factoring in the Steel Greatlance), 25 Def (I can throw him on a Thicket for another point), and 18 Spd. Would Resolve or Paragon be better for him for the chapter? 

Part 2:


2-P 8/116

Nothing of importance happened here. I'm not permanently using anyone from this group and the Short Axe is obtainable only with Haar use so I didn't bother. Filler for me.

2-1 10/126

Recruited Heather with Neph after she cleared out the south and the two visited all the houses, with Heather getting a drop of EXP from Bandit combat. Brom grabbed his Steel Axe and then took turn after turn getting to and chipping away at the boss until he could finally kill it.

2-2 11/137

I wish I could prep screen away all the nondrafted units here. Heather choked the north and Mordecai (Stoned on Turn 1) and free Brom held the east. Leanne sang away and eventually the moving enemies (which included too many 2 range units) were eradicated- just in time to move out when the Turn 6 flanking reinforcements appeared. Heather, Mordy, and Heather then took the northern path and cleared the way to the arrive space, with Brom forming the rearguard to keep my non-draftees out of combat. Heather nabbed one good levelup (but no Strength) and almost a second with the bosskill. The Secret Book was not obtained. I forgot for a moment that non-draftees are forbidden from lighting torches, and Nealuchi did the one at the start on turn 1- though this ultimately contributed nothing to my success for this battle.

2-3 7/144

Geoffrey just charged ahead decked out in good Lances and a Concoction- the Allies did as they pleased. Moving at less than optimal pace due to being bogged down in the north center area where the real foes lurk, I obtained the Speedwing. At Base, I bought the Killer Bow so Rolf would have a second. Neither of Geoffrey's two levelups gave Speed- fortunately if I can rig 2 procs via BEXP and then throw the Speedwing and Crown on him, I'll be able to double the 3-9 boss.

2-F 1 (+4 Penalty which will be added now)/149

With my drafted duo, there is no way I can clear this battle quickly, so in favor of saving turns instead of loading up on EXP, I'm going to ahead and use Elincia for the 1 turn bosskill with a Stun proc. I loaded Lethe with healing items in hopes it helps her for 3-1. I'm bringing over the Wo Dao and Steel Blade for Ike, and the Killer Bow for Rolf. I'm also sending over the Ashera Icon and Talisman, but should I send over the Speedwing, or save it for Geoffrey? With three BEXP rigged Speed procs, a promotion and the Speedwing, he'll be able to double the boss of 3-9, which could save a turn.


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1-7 7/69
Meg gets the Energy Drop after BEXP to level 14 and 0 strength procs. Sothe gets 2 more Gladiuses. Sothe marches forward. Maybe a six turn is possible with rng. Tormod’s party did get in the way one turn. Sothe damages the boss, recruits the gang next turn and Maurim gets the kill. Shove Micky over and sieze

1-8 9/78
Could’ve been much worse, but with nobody to cover the left side quickly things drag on. Sothe goes west and kills the boss and everything in the area. Maurim covers the south and most enemies from the left, though some chase Volug/Nailah/Rafiel north while they avoid combat. Micky heads into the swamp to deal with incoming dracoknights rather unreliably, with roughly a 25% chance of death against the pair spawning turn 8. Meg moves north but shit mov and the swap slow her down. Maurim is mostly untransformed but with Resolve faces a rather low chance of death. Sothe rushes back after killing the boss to help with the remaining units on the left.

1-9 9/87
Micky Paragons to level 20, but since you need to rout first to spawn Jarod, BK is too far away from his spawn and Micky can’t reliably solo so we take a bit longer.

1-E 11/98
Micky gets Dracoshield. Ilyana gets Pass, Savior, and Celerity. Here’s hoping part 3 will help cover the turns I lost in part 1. Meg promotes after procing strength 0 times but has nearly capped speed and Luck so hopefully will be able to BEXP in time for 3-12 and 3-13. 3-6 may be a Sothe beastfoe cheese but we’ll see how she looks then. BK and Maurim head for the Stairs, Maurim transforms turn 2 after 2x Olvi Grassing after a dance on turn 1. The rest head up the ledges after some slightly unlikely hits from Sothe but with Micky support and a dance odds are decent. Meg stays back for the reinforcements. Both converge after stairs and head north. Sothe grabs the Speedwings and Vantage, BK kills the boss. Maurim was a point off from doubing Jarod but that exp didn’t really matter. Micky siezes. Could have saved a turn but a bit too much RNG with Micky dodges.

  Level HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance
Micaiah 20/1 32 8 21 16 16 24 7 20
Sothe 9 37 22 4 26 23 20 14 11
Meg 20/3 38 15 4 13 22 26 14 11
Maurim 21 59 19 3 15 11 14 15 10
Rafiel 13 32 1 6 1 6 32 3 13


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2 hours ago, StrykerZ said:

You know, I just realized I literally don't have a single person to wield Alondite. Wow.

Not like Ike counts.

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Part 1 - Chapter 5: The Lost Heir.

Turns - 6/27

A nice defend chapter to earn some much needed experience (although I wish Ilyana could have gotten a bit more). I bonus experienced Leo to 6.99, sold Volug's Howl for some much needed cash and forged the first of likely many Iron Knives for Sothe (+5 might). Having 5 units here meant I could make short work of the enemies at the start, after which Miccy and Leo made their way to the eastern ledge as fast as possible with a bit of help from Volug. Sothe went south towards the boss, stealing the Master Seal on his way and Ilyana went North. Sothe also stole the Shine Barrier on the last turn which might come in handy and Volug found the Concoction.

Miccy decided that getting speed every level was a bit much with a 35% growth and got two bad level ups (one did contain defence though), Ilyana followed suit getting a typical Ilyana level containing strength, but no magic (I wish I could have bought the Spirit Dust for her but you can't have everything). Leo made up for it however by getting two very good levels and one decent one. Jill arrives to carry the rest of the game :awesome:.


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17 hours ago, Interdimensional Observer said:

Would Resolve or Paragon be better for him for the chapter? 

Hmm, tough choice, forgetting Beasfoe is rough that being the obvious answer. On the one hand he probably needs Resolve to double but he might be too tanky to get into Resolve range easily, on the other Paragon will almost certainly get him to level 20 considering how much experience Laguz give and the fact he's your only unit other than Micaiah and Sothe. I think I'd err towards Paragon myself.

11 hours ago, StrykerZ said:


I was just browsing YouTube vids and your videos of this draft appeared in my reccomendations list, how ironic.

Clearly YouTube recognises high quality content :Kappa:.

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2-F wasn't as easy as I imagined it would be. Elincia's Biorhythm was at Bad on Turn 1 (and went to Worst on turn 2), reducing a 10% chance per hit of Stunning and thus ORKOing Ludveck to 5%, not good. I took a gigaton of resets to trigger what I think is supposed to be a 18% chance of happening. It never actually happened. Instead, Elincia somehow dodged everything that came at her and survived into the next turn. Thus she finished Ludveck then- I didn't feel like resetting to save a turn b/c I felt her survival was a miracle enough and didn't want to reset anymore.

My turn count for 2-F is therefore actually 2+4, bring me up to 150 (+ another sort of another 12 turns in slight accidental use penalties) going into Part 3.

3-P 11/161

Gallia tore into things- this map is overwhelming dependent on what they do (they could've ended it on Turn 10, but Skirmir was stupid). Ike and Rolf managed to get 1 okay level each. Rolf got Adept and Shinon's Killer Bow while Ike took the Wo Dao from Mia. Of course I couldn't get the Crossbow, but I would have really liked it.


Before I start 3-1, which looks nightmarish (and I dislike that I can't drop my non-draftees on the map), is Gatrie potentially free? I see the draft rules says 7 move unit is free- Gatrie is 6 Mov. Does the rule actually mean no unit with more than 7 Mov, aka Titania/Oscar stomping?

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ch1-6pt2 ?/??


ummm i screwed up i didnt check what turn it was when the ch finished because the boss attacked sothe and suicided himself which i didnt expect so do i need to reset to get a turn count?

Edited by gabethegreen

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