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Fire Emblem: Dawn of Light

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Hello everyone. Today, I bring to you an RP. Of course, its not on here, its on this Discord channel I had set up a while back. Here's the plot:

The gods once had peace, the nation of Paragon flourished with life, and everything was well... until the corruption. In the depths of the Chaos Realm, the ultimate evil slowly slipped out and poisoned some of the gods, thus throwing the land into a war zone. Death was everywhere, and the light was bound to die... but the arrival of the light heroes had arrived to stop the war between gods.

This RP is a D&D and Fire Emblem mix. You know, basic dice rolling and huge story telling. We accept One Liners and Literate people to join us.

So, we do not mind having stats from other games, as long as there is no god modding or max stats at beginning. We are looking for people who can commit to being active and can get along with folks. Of course, in this server, we have video game discussions, a general chat, and more to be added. You can be a custom or a canon character. 

https://discord.gg/JukNcuy This is the link to the server. 


NOTE: To get admin role, you must be committed, help others out, show respect, all the things that good admins would do. 

If you would like to join, you must put your character's info and stat info in the channel labeled Background. We will be starting next week. You can be multiple characters but it isn't required. We don't have a set limit of people yet, so expect spots to be limited in the future. Thank you for cooperation.


- Erren

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