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Any Touhou Players here Encounter this Problem?

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It has been awhile since I have picked up Touhou again. Anyway my Touhou fire has begun to spark back up after I started playing the demo of Touhou 16 and I have just this small probably obscure issue that came up recently with my Touhou games. While playing most of them now the music during gameplay stutters, skips and sorta keeps going back. I dunno what could trigger this odd sound problem or how to fix it. As before I didn`t have this issue the themes would play smoothly. While it isn`t a large problem it can be bothersome for me at times cause when that music starts stuttering and skipping I slip up haha when I am playing I tend to flow with the music so it`s sorta irrtating. So what should I do or what can I do to fix this? because almost all of`em from game 6 ~ 16 seem to have this little issue less of a problem for 16 though. When I played PCB it was really bad. Thanks in advance as I would really love to get my Touhou games running how they once did I am really at a loss as to why the sound would do that all of a sudden as far as I know I didn`t change anything.

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