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On 6/26/2017 at 7:53 AM, AbsoluteZer0Nova said:

I actually took issue with Clair here instead of Clive. As much as I dislike Clive as a character (especially as a unit) because of how boring he is I gotta say I actually liked him here because he was realistically done and he does take back the harmful remarks he made because he knows it wasn't right nor fair. It's just a shame his best moments imo were here in this alternate dialogue (because everyone usually ends with everyone is alive ending) or his DLC where he does the choice of using hostages which goes against his own morals as a knight both of which just are not easily seen.

Clive actually went up as a character for me, but Clair on the other hand... went down for me, I thought her statement on essentially telling Gray and Tobin to shut up and let Alm take the verbal beating was awful. They were not even being rude to him at all and were merely defending Alm in that he shouldn't be the target of blame, but she acts as if they said something like "Don't go blaming Alm when if it wasn't for him then you would still be sitting around do nothing at the Deliverance Hideout thinking but not taking action like the ineffective leader that you are!" which would have been a cold remark, but alas true. She doesn't even apologize for her outburst once the tension in the room calls down. She says let Clive have peace to grieve, but he was doing nothing peaceful what so ever and was lashing out his frustration. 


I think Tobin and Gray were being too defensive (though they have good reason for it as Alm is their friend and they think the possibility of him being demoted is real). Clive wasn't actually verbally abusing Alm all that much. He vents with the whole "You ruined everything!" line but immediately afterwards he suggests its what Alm wants to hear and says there's no pointing getting angry at Alm. If those two didn't jump in at that point Clive likely wouldn't have said anything further to Alm.

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