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Carmine Sword

[FE15] : Secret Cool Kids Club Draft

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Novis Cemetary 4/38
Boey gets +3 speed from the lion heads.

Well I have Boey. Just took a couple resets because boey/the rng sux

Zofia Seaway 1 4/42 
Almost needed to use strategy but some favorable critblicks saved me from that.

Zofia Seaway 2 5?/47
I think I did these afk so I don't remember exactly what happened or if the turncounts are correct, but I think they were all 5 turns. I'll have to double check them at endgame.

Pirates Throne 5?/52

Zofia Seaway III 5?/57

Zofia Seaway...again 5/62
Celica absolutely mauled some enemies with the steel sword with a lucky crit to help her out. 

ZOOOOOOMBIE Dragons 3/65
Tried to do Zofia V first and got spanked by Mire. Fortunately Celica's speed is good enough to double here.

Zofia Seaway the Fifth 4/69
Not too bad with everyone powered up a bit. Mostly just spammed my OP Celica with Saber and Boey chipping in for kills when needed.

Finally Saber paying dividends!

Celica total: 38 turns



Celica (Blessed Sword)
Level 11.32
HP  28
Atk 18+3
Skl 12
Spd 12
Lck 14
Def  4 
Res 10

Boey (Blessed Ring)
Level 9.65
HP  27
Atk 13
Skl  4 
Spd  8
Lck 13
Def  9
Res  7

Saber (Steel Sword)
Level 7/2.94
HP  31
Atk 11+4
Skl 13
Spd 14
Lck  8
Def  7
Res  6

Alm Peeps:

Alm (Iron Sword)
Level 8.34
HP  32
Atk 13+2
Skl 13
Spd 10
Lck  8
Def  8
Res  4

Tobin (Lightning Sword)
Level 5/7/4.77
HP  33
Atk 11 (15)
Skl 14
Spd 16-3
Lck  7
Def  9
Res  4

Faye (Leftover Bread)
Level 10.85
HP  26
Atk 14
Skl  4
Spd  8
Lck 13
Def  9
Res  7

Silque (Leather Shield)
Level 10.56
HP  21
Atk 12
Skl  7
Spd  8
Lck 12
Def  7+3
Res 12

Clair (Ridersbane)
Level 5.51
HP  20 
Atk 10+4
Skl  5
Spd  9-2
Lck 13
Def  5
Res  8

Forsythe (Steel Lance)
Level 4.67
HP  28
Atk 11+4
Skl  4
Spd  5-1
Lck  3
Def  7
Res  5



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Berkut Returns: 5/173

Gray gets warped up the right side to handle the Sniper and chip the thwomps on enemy phase. Lukas and Clive somehow manage to kill the dudes on the left side, and Killer Bow!Alm kills the Arcanists. Gray and then Alm get Warped up to deal with Berkut and his squad.

Saizo: 3/176

Warp Gray left to kill everything over there while everyone else kills the stuff north of the start.

Fear Mountain: 4/180

Gray gets Warped up to kill the thwomps/bait the boss so she doesn't spawn a million witches, then Alm gets Warped up to Twin Lion the boss and finish off the thwomps. Clive baits the Snipers over for him, Lukas, and Delthea to kill while Gray walks back down in order for Silque to Warp him over to kill the thwomps coming from the right.

Nuibaba: 5/185

Warp Gray, then Alm, then Lukas. Clive acts as Medusa bait so that none of the dudes inside will die. Gray reached level 10.99, so it's time for BOW KNIGHT stompage.

Fear Mountain:

Got Gray to level 11 since he was 1 exp short of that level up, then looped him to Bow Knight. Tried to get Delthea to promotion but she ended up about 50 exp short thanks to Gray hogging all of the exp. Speaking of Gray, if you though Atlas was thicc, Gray is on a whole other level.

Oh, and Clive learned Swap I guess.Also gave him the speed statues to double Gold Knights with the Glue Factory.

Gray Murders Literally Everyone: 1/186

Warped Gray up and everything suicided on him. He had zero chance of death even if everything hits him (he used his player phase action to kill one of the Arcanists since they actually hurt). Gray is so swole that he just flat out ORKOs every enemy on the map without crits, even Camus and the boss. Jesus.


Alm Lv. 14/8.56 Hero 39HP/26Str/22Skl/18Spd/15Lck/14Def/4Res

Lukas Lv. 7/10/4.12 Baron 42HP/22Str/13Skl/11Spd/4Lck/19Def/2Res

Gray Lv. 7/7/10/11/3/8/10/5.51 Bow Knight 52HP/37Str/27Skl/32Spd/16Lck/20Def/4Res

Silque Lv. 12/6.36 Saint 34HP/20Mgc/10Skl/11Spd/17Lck/7Def/11Res

Clive Lv. 7/10/4.96 Gold Knight 42HP/20Str/12Skl/16Spd/7Lck/14Def/1Res

Delthea Lv. 13.63 Mage 26HP/18Mgc/11Skl/18Spd/17Lck/5Def/15Res

Waterfall: 3/189

Gray and Silque up top, everyone else down south.

Gray gets warped left by Silque and murders everything while Alm + Delthea take care of the guys up north of the start and Clive + Lukas kill the dudes to the right. Lukas had exactly enough speed to double Bow Knights, it was great.

Bow Knight Fort: 4/193

I am literally 2 tiles short of 3 turning this map and I'm super salty.

Gray goes up the middle and kills everything in the two left + the middle column, while everyone else deal with the other two columns. Shout out to Lukas for exactly ORKOing Bow Knights with the Saunion forge and Alm for pulling out the Silver Bow dropped by the boss to exactly ORKO one Bow Knight.

Gray Is Swole: 1/194

Gray is so buff that he just straight up OHKOs Rudolph with 1 crit instead of needing a crit + hit or 2 crits. Jesus Christ dude.

Duma's Temple:

Uh, got Swap and Shove on Mycen and 2 points of magic on Silque, neither of which actually mattered.

Memes Save Turns: 2/196

Oh man, this was great. Gave Genny a Soma and Pegasus Cheese in the preparations menu.

Had everyone clear out eyeballs, and then Silque Warped Gray up into Duma's attack range, and Lukas and Celica shoved Genny up a few tiles. Gray then double crits Duma on enemy phase, taking him down to 26 HP. Silque then Warps Genny up and she finishes Duma off with a Nosferatu crit (she doubles so it's not too bad).


Alm Lv. 14/15.50 Hero 46HP/30Str/23Skl/23Spd/15Lck/16Def/6Res

Celica Lv. 14/9.26 Princess 35HP/19Mgc/21Skl/21Spd/15Lck/17Def/8Res

Lukas Lv. 7/10/6.89 Baron 43HP/22Str/15Skl/11Spd/6Lck/19Def/3Res

Gray Lv. 7/7/10/11/3/8/10/13.85 Bow Knight 52HP/40Str/32Skl/35Spd/21Lck/24Def/4Res

Silque Lv. 12/10.62 Saint 36HP/24Mgc/12Skl/11Spd/18Lck/7Def/11Res

Clive Lv. 7/10/7.43 Gold Knight 44HP/21Str/13Skl/16Spd/8Lck/15Def/1Res

Delthea Lv. 14/5.32 Priestess 33HP/22Mgc/13Skl/22Spd/21Lck/11Def/15Res

Mycen Lv. 7.76 Gold Knight Base

Genny Lv. 12/11.25 Saint 35HP/25Mgc/15Skl/13Spd/13Lck/5Def/14Res

Kamui Lv. 7/10/11.06 Dread Fighter 40HP/21Str/19Skl/23Spd/9Lck/15Def/2Res

Atlas Lv. 10/7/10/10.84 Bow Knight 45HP/32Str/23Skl/17Spd/14Lck/14Def/6Res

Jesse Lv. 7/10/9.85 Dread Fighter 41HP/20Str/21Skl/21Spd/18Lck/13Def/7Res

Sonya Lv. 14.70 Mage 26HP/16Mgc/14Skl/18Spd/6Lck/11Def/12Res

Conrad Lv. 10/3.33 Gold Knight 42HP/19Str/20Skl/20Spd/11Lck/14Def/12Res

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Act 3 (Celica): 33/105 Turns

Zofian Coast: 4/4
This was surprisingly annoying. Mae, Valbar, and Leon clear out the top, Celica clears out the bottom.
In practice it was a little more complicated than that, basically I had to get decent peg movement and hope at least most of my spells hit.

Mountain Graveyard: 2/6
Leon's one ATK short of bopping the BUFF ZOMBOS, so Mae has to crit the one I can't chip without them not-dying on Valbar at sth like 28% CoS, with Celica and Leon also having nontrivial failure rates.
Still, not a very rough map--I got the clear on the first attempt where I got the right strat, so NO GUILTY CONSCIENCE WOO

Desert Stronghold: 7/13
Kamui's a designated skirmisher now. +20 silver from skirmishes.
Stuffed what was left of Seabound Shrine into Leon, then used Valbar to shove Celica close enough to keep him alive and Hunter's Volleyed the shit out of that entire map. Felt pretty good to finally pull it off (took awhile to figure out the strat again)

Southern Desert: 4/17
Took awhile because Leon is a squishy boy. Turns out the shove Celica strats are handy here, too?
I will never sleep on consumables again, food's so good what the heck.
(Mae hung back and killed a couple of Warpers)

Grieth's Citadel: 8/25
+100/120 silver from skirmishes.
Had strat troubles and floundered for quite awhile, but then forged the Killer Bow to +1 (Big Gay Crutch), figured out mostly what I wanted to do, and an 8-turn fell into my lap a couple attempts later.
Leon goes up the right and destoys everything, Celica assists and maybe kills Witches. Mae and Valbar assist movement and take down the two bottom Myrms (Mae helps some clearing out chumps as I enter the right corridor too)

Valley Approach: 3/28
+40/160 silver from skirmishes.
Turns out Leon's pretty good on this map. Deen actually fights well against myrms right out the box, I'm so happy. Nobody else really did anything.

Dragon Shrine: Free/28
Got Est and Deen to L9, then fed Deen a Golden Apple and promoted him. Est can get the Mila Temple and quest levels to hit Falco by Act 4, thankfully.

Mila Temple: 5/33
+20/180 silver from skirmishes.
Easy clear. I just ran Leon and Deen up (with shuffled!Celica support) to wreck everything. Brownie points to Est for contributing (opening the door and Swapping Celica once).
Forged Big Gay Crutch to +2, sent it to Alm. Est gets the three remaining EXP plusses and promotes. Celica, duh, promotes. ENDE

Name   Class         LV HP AT SK SP LK DF RS Arts
Celica Princess       1 32 20 12 13 18 10  7 Swap, Plentitude
Mae    Mage          12 23 17  4 12  7  4 12 Swap
Leon   Bow Knight     6 41 18 16 15 12 11  3 Hunter's Volley, Swap, Curved Shot
Valbar Knight         4 32 15  7  4  2 13  0 Shove, Swap
Deen   Dread Fighter  1 36 15 18 19  8 12  4 Penetrate
Est    Falcon Knight  1 34 13 10 14 11 10 12 Swap, Shove


Act 3 (Alm): 19/124 Turns

Northern Zofia: 5/5
TBH Kliff and Python critted their way to a five-turn before I figured out a reliable way to do it, so I just took it.

Zofia Forest 1: 4/9
Made FORKSYTH my skirmish gremlin, NO REGRETS
+40 silver from skirmishes.
Python/Kliff is... pretty good here. No idea what the reliability is, but the clear came early and 3 turns is insane so I'm content.

Forest Crossroads: 1/10
The first time I attempted my two-turn strat, I got the crits for the one-turn after an EP reroll. God bless Python.

Desaix's Fortress: 3/13
+100/140 silver from skirmishes.
Had to forge a Silver for Kliff so he could ORKO the Witch on Turn 3, sadly.
Python got Warped up the side to fight the archers and maybe some thwomps, while Alm/Luthier/Silque ran straight down the middle and killed thwomps.
Brownie points to Luthier for nuking Desaix as his first combat ever. Something tells me this is why they put him there...

Zofia Forest 2: 2/15
+120/260 silver from skirmishes.
Fed Python the Speed statue so his reliability skyrockets from pretty good to fuckin' rad, then forged my Silver to +3.
Kliff gets Warped right, and either lives enough stuff to chip Lawson or crits him at 15% on EP, and Mathilda/Python combo to wipe the left.

Sylvan Shrine: Free/15
+100/360 silver from skirmishes.
Got Silque to Saint, nudged Kliff to DF, promoted Leon, and fed most of the shrine to Mathilda (who's Speed cursed), and forged Gradivus.

Forest Northside: 2/17
+40/400 silver from skirmishes.
Basically effortless clear. Python gets Warped up to fight everything, the rest of the crew plays cleanup.

Sluice Gate: 2/19
+20/420 silver from skirmishes.
*banging pots and pans together* PYTHON IS BUSTED
Had to dodge one of a Death and a Mire, and get his crits in, but... still. Jeezy Pete. Everything else was literally guaranteed reliability, nothing could go wrong.

Name     Class         LV HP AT SK SP LK DF RS Arts
Alm      Fighter       11 36 16 12  8 11 11  4 Swap, Subdue, Wrath Strike
Kliff    Dread Fighter  1 36 15 19 22 13 11  8 Thunderclap, Foudroyant
Silque   Saint          1 30 15  8 10  9  7 11 Swap
Python   Bow Knight     3 41 17 13 14  6 10  6 Hunter's Volley, Swap, Curved Shot, Heavy Draw
Luthier  Mage           9 29 12 10  7  3  6  8 Swap
Mathilda Paladin        8 28 15 16 13 18  9 11


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Act 3 Alm bay bee!

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A note on my strategy: Given that I have Python, I think that Alm won't make a great difference to my TCs... but not getting Gradivus to Est costs me a great deal, and I don't have a bow there to forge into a Killer, so... let's try doing part of Alm with a shitty, unpromoted Alm!

Berkut: 3/3
It took awhile for me to figure out how to reliably blow up the side groups, then on the first run where I figured out "use Silque" Python decided to kill all but one of the Arcanists, giving me the chance to fish for a lucky 3-turn. It worked out.
[note: the 3-turn would actually be really reliable if Mathilda had 17 SPE, but... she doesn't. She has 13. Still. Curse you, Fernand!]
No joke though, figuring out this run was awful. The thwomps DOUBLED Thunder Sword!Alm. Why does he die so much.

Xaizor: 3/6
2-turn wasn't feasible for this squad, so I just 3-turned for basically free.

Fear Mountain: 4/10
Mathilda, Silque, and Luthier take out the topside, while Python and Kliff clear out the bottom. Alm can't even reach to put in work either way!

Nuibaba: 4/14
+60/480 silver from skirmishes.
Forged a Brave+2 for Kliff so he could kill things properly.
Loooove Kliff. Warped him up turn 2 to kill an Arcanist, two DFs, and farm Gargoyles. Python killed the Bow Knight T1, then Hunters Volleys the Cantor and eats two Arcanists EP. Mathilda's warped up for cleanup for an easy PP4 win.

Dead Man's Mire: 5/19
Gave Celica the Big Gay Crutch and Gradivus.
Gradivus!Est (WORTH) lured a DF, then fought a gaggle of Gargoyles and one-rounded the Cantor. Everyone else cleaned up, with Leon's job made GREATLY easier (read: idt he, or anyone, can die), since he could finish the DF and field the Snipers before he landed.

Mire Boneyard: 1/20
What's that? Is it the sound of Gradivus!Est saving a turn? By Jove, I think it is!

Dolth Keep: 5/25
I got this TC last time, seems pretty standard? Leon gets assisted movement to fight the Dreads and Snipers, Est kills Dracos and Arcanists, Deen... kills a couple things I think? Two Arcanists? Arcanist and the boss? who knows, I played this map baked.

Lost Treescape: Free/25
Leveled Est and Celica, with some love for Mae. Est is refusing to proc ATK. Celica levels in preparation for Ragnarok, Mae's are for Seraphim, and Est was an attempt to hit 17 ATK.

Duma Gate: 5/30
Gave the Cheese to Deen and the Soma to Est. Sadly, still lost a turn to my previous run.
Strat itself was pretty straightforward. I ran everyone at the pile of enemies, the end.

Swamps of Duma: 3/33
Fed Est the Fruit of Life. 2-turn... belongs to the lucker dogs. Only did it last time with a stacked team, and even that was a little sketchy.
Strat was pretty straightforward, had to crit Jedah because Celica was a shitter.

Fear Mountain Shrine: Free/33
Celica forged Big Gay Crutch to +3, mailed it, mailed Gradivus.
Did some free training. Alm promoted and got Double Lion, Luthier promoted, Kliff went Super Saiyan with Silque and Mathilda picking up a couple of stray levels.

Rigel Plains: 3/36
That is all.

Duma Tower: Free/36
Forged a +2 Ridersbane for Alm (Mathilda can ORKO Gold Knights with that much) and whipped up a +2 Killer Bow to give him from Celica's side. Mathilda ate the speed statues, then I realized I had to do this.
I actually struggled immensely with my team, since all the good shit was either liquidated or given to Alm... so I just looped Kamui and had him solo it. Nothing in Duma Tower matters for the rest of the game anyway, right?

Rigel Falls: 4/40
Went for the three-turn, but discovered there was no way around rigging entirely too many things going right in Kliff's fights.
Kliff took topside with Luthier, Mathilda went up the stairs, the rest went right.

Last Bastion: 4/44
Pretty sure this team can't three-turn, I don't have very good thwombusting (especially on EP). Pretty boring clear overall, not much interesting went on.

Rudolf: 1/45
My Kliff has 30 ATK, this clear took about a minute.

Secret Shrine: Free/45
Worked on Shove for the Final 2-turn, gave Silque the DEF statues so she could eat more of Duma Temple.

Duma Temple: Free/45
The strat: Feed Silque as much as I can, get everyone a-Shovin'. No clue if this'll work for Final, but we'll find out soon enough.

Duma: 2/47
Seriously though. Use the last dungeons to teach people who don't have other jobs to Shove. I did it with five shovers and a 24 ATK Silque.


Not gonna lie, pretty proud of this run... mostly. Still sore about turning Zeke when my Kliff rocketed through 26 ATK in Fear Mountain (from like 16 going in), but otherwise... ggs all

Name     Class         LV HP AT SK SP LK DF RS Arts
Alm      Hero          12 41 18 21 18 16 18  4 Scendscale, Subdue, Double Lion, Swap, Wrath Strike
Kliff    Bow Knight    10 50 30 39 41 22 20  8 Hunter's Volley, Thunderclap, Foudroyant, Duelist Sword, Penetrate
Silque   Saint         13 36 24 13 13 14 13 11 Swap
Python   Bow Knight    10 43 21 14 17  7 13  8 Hunter's Volley, Shove, Swap, Curved Shot, Heavy Draw
Luthier  Sage           5 35 16 15  9  4  9  9 Shove, Swap
Mathilda Gold Knight    8 42 19 21 18 24 15 12 Shove
Mycen    Gold Knight    7 44 22 14 11  3 18  8 Shove
Celica   Princess       8 37 26 15 19 25 16  8 Swap, Plentitude
Mae      Priestess      1 32 20  8 13  9  6 12 Swap
Leon     Bow Knight     9 43 19 17 15 13 11  3 Hunter's Volley, Swap, Curved Shot
Deen     Dread Fighter  6 39 17 21 22  9 14  4 Penetrate
Est      Falcoknight    6 38 18 12 16 15 14 12 Shove, Swap
Nomah    Sage           8 28 13 16  8  1  6 14


Edited by Terrador

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