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A Generic PMU Run


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So, considering the huge cast of characters in Radiant Dawn, and that I usually end up using the same units all the time, I've decided I'm going to be the millionth person to do a PMU run to try and change things up. This'll be interesting.

The specifics about it are that:

I'm already using the 7 units required in the endgame (Micaiah, Sothe, Ike, Sanaki, a heron, Kurth and Ena).

I'll only be using one heron in the entire game since there's only one allowed in the endgame.

Besides the required units, I'm allowing 5 units to be picked per part.

If someone is picked like Illyana who switches armies, they will take up a spot in both parts they appear in, so in her case it would be 1 and 3.

The above rule doesn't apply to the Crimean Royal Knights (those who appear in part 2 but don't switch armies until late in part 3).

This level will be played on hard mode the second time through, so those secret units will be allowed to be picked.

Part 4 makes things really difficult in terms of organization, but I'd prefer that 5 units get picked that are recruited at this time too.

Obviously 20 units and the required is a bit over the 10 units you can choose to bring in to the endgame, but I'd like to keep the numbers higher than a measly 10 so the main game can be a bit easier and if someone dies then we still have plenty of units left to bring into the endgame. 

Only one character suggestion per person is allowed. If you do pick someone, then you also will be able to choose the weapon that I bless for them and which army they are put in.

That's about it for rules. So thanks for bearing through all that reading if you did, and hopefully you'll choose a unit for me to use!

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