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FE Fates Randomizer help

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So recently I have been checking out and trying to get the FE Fates Randomizer. Everything was going smoothly until I tried to randomize the game and it didn't work. Now I read the explanation of how to get it to work and how I'm supposed to create some folders and insert files into those folders, but I simply don't have the files it tells me to put into the folders.

Does anyone know what might be happening and if they can help.

BTW I'm also playing this on a emulator on my Mac so I don't have to hack my 3DS.

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I'm not familiar with what 3DS hacking tools are available on OSX. If you have access to a Windows machine, I'd suggest using that to randomize your game since there are better tools available for unpacking and rebuilding your game ROM.

Do you have the romfs for your copy of Fates? If not, you'll need to obtain that first. Once you have the romfs, just extract the files from it using a tool. I think that ctrtool is available for Mac, but its command line only.

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