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Khrene Cleaver

Too Many Colors in Battle Sprite FEditor Error

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So I wanna make Lyn Black, and the portrait was easy enough, but the battle sprite...


I dumped all her animations like so:



Editted them in paint.net



Usenti  says its 16 colors



I even resaved it using usenti and the pallete did get wonky?



Heres the error I'm getting



Where am I going wrong? I am working off like 4 or 5 years old hacking knowledge.... Is Paint.net messing thing up? SHould I only work in Usenti?

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Yeah figured that, shouldn't have tried this at like midnight. I wasn't making smart moves. I'm in the middle of looking into APE editing now.

Regardless I'mma still need to remove the white blotch on her face, which is the real reason I decided to actually edit the sprites directly.

Still find it weird, the dump file and extension-less file must contain palette data...

Oh so all I need to do to use what I got is edit the palette data. I figured it would act like inserting any other animation and replace the palette data automatically.

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