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Hello everyone! 

I've been lurking on the various forums here for a while, decided to make an account last winter, took a break from FE, forgot all about said account, and just now rediscovered it. I got introduced to Fire Emblem through (surprise, surprise) Super Smash Bros. because I really liked playing Ike and I decided to finally give his games a shot. I picked up Awakening, and quickly found out that Ike wasn't in it but I loved the game regardless. Since then, I have started every single FE game including TRS and multiple ROMHacks like Midnight Sun and Bloodlines, put I've only finished FE6-10, 12, 13, and Conquest. I might have a slight problem. Anyway, I'm pleased to be here and I hope to be able to make friends with people with whom I can talk about something that I am passionate about!

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