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Walrein, Jav, and Jiac's EIMMstravaganza [Signups close 7/14 11 PM CDT]

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I'm getting antsy to run a mafia game and interest for this seems pretty high so FUCK IT WE'RE DOING IT LIVE. feat. Javelinlover and Jiac as my lovely co-hosts

If you don't know, EIMM (or Everyone Is Mafia Mafia) is a free-for-all social strategy game loosely based off the mechanics of Mafia. Players each have 2 BPVs, a shot each night, and a role they can use. Day phases are for chumps so we ain't using them.



Welcome to yet ANOTHER stupid EIMM! These rules have been passed down in the Serene's Forest Mafia family for GENERATIONS!

1. Don't edit in-thread posts.

2. You can either post in thread or communicate via OC (please send all OC logs to me via your Role PM, thanks), just don't spam the thread.

3. Don't be a jerk outside of the usual confines of the game. If anyone is being overly in violation of this rule, find one of the hosts and we'll talk to the offending party.

4. Nights 1 is 48 hours, Night 2 and onwards are 24 hours. This is negotiable before the game starts but not after.

5. Once phase ends and I publicly declare that, actions are considered locked and the phase ends. If you don't submit any actions or announce your intent to idle, consequences may be dire.

6. Everyone will have two Bullet Proof Vests (BPVs) to start. All users have a base factional kill. You will be notified if your BPV has been hit. A BPV will only protect against one hit. If you are targeted by more killing actions than vests that you have during a night, you will still die.

7. You can't target yourself unless your role specifically states that you can.

8. You cannot target dead players unless your role specifically states that you can.

9. Should your action fail for any reason, it will count as never having been done. Please ask me for clarification if you're not sure about this.

10. Every player begins the game on the playerlist.

11. This game uses aliases.

12. The standard wincon reads as follows: "You are allied with yourself. You win if you are one of the last three players alive." Alternate win cons may or may not exist.

13: Rehash of #2 but please send me and Jav logs, it allows the hosts/spectators to have a good time, see where the game is, and most importantly, make memes

14. No pregaming.

15. If these rules contradict your role PM in any way, your role PM takes precedence.

This game will start on July 15 at 11 PM CDT. The signup deadline, however, is earlier: July 14 at 11 PM CDT. By this date, all players who wish to play will need to do 3 things:

  1. Sign up below
  2. Send me (and Jav/Jiac) an alias to hide behind
  3. Send me (and Jav/Jiac) a character, real or fictional, to base your role off of.

There's a Discord for this: https://discord.gg/VYTFQj9

CURRENT SIGN-UPS (bold indicates a player who has sent the relevant information):

  1. Blitz
  2. Lord Gaius
  3. Da Letter El
  4. chen
  5. fak_ename
  6. GAYreenHamster
  7. General Ciraxis
  8. Einto
  9. Kunclord Snype
  10. Paperblade
  11. Makaze
  12. Clarinets
  13. Monde
  14. Lil Bean
  15. Kirsche
  16. sylveonzoroark
  17. Toren
  18. coy
  19. Ullar
  20. Shubaka
  21. Zeonth
  22. Secondhand Revenant
  23. acidphoenix
  24. rssp1
  25. Juliette
  26. Kaoz
  27. Prims
  28. A Random Player
  29. SeaLoss
  30. Izuhark
  31. Elieson
  32. SB
  33. TheChamp
  34. Magnificence Incarnate
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20 minutes ago, Jalmont said:

not in just wanted to say that 

walrein sux

you'll be hearing from my lawyers within four (4) business days

also play you hoe

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1 hour ago, sylveonzoroark said:

omg lil bean in an eimm it's been years

U see, I read this as no outside contact and i, lil bean, decided to pay for my mistake

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note: pls let us know what your discord tag is if you have one and want to be in the official EiMM gamechat (and aren't already in, ofc)

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