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D.K. Durand

Who's This Dude?

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I'm baaaack! Remember me?

You... you don't? Oh, well. Suppose I'll tell you a little about myself, then!

Way back in the day when I was a young lad with pimples on my cheek and a spring in my step, I started browsing Fire Emblem forms like FEU, Shrine of seals, etc. Back then, I went by the name "DarkDurandal". I was small time, mostly doing some splices and very minor hacks, with the assistance of existing editing tools, of course. I was on Arch's FE4A project team (RIP) in a VERY limited capacity for a short time (only providing a couple of support conversations for the characters) and didn't really do much else in the community.

Flash forward through college and well into a career, and I suddenly feel a strange draw toward an idea I never fully explored. I realized that I wanted to take up FE hacking again. So, in my spare time, I've been working on a project hack for FE6 which has gotten as far as having chapter 2 completed, but has run into... a bit of a snag. But I'll post a help topic for that in the proper forum.

Now, I have no idea what the hacking community is like in this day and age, or how many of the old crew are even still around. Nevertheless, I thought I'd come back to see if I could rustle up some hacking advice or, heck, maybe even shoot the breeze with a few people who love Fire Emblem as much as I do! I've always considered myself more of a storyteller than a hacker, so... this'll be a learning experience, I'm sure. 

So, uh... Nice to meet you all! Again.

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