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Tips for FE4

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Save often. Use the automatic save every turn and save manually after conquering every castle.
Give Jamka's bow to Midir. Jamka still kills everything with a steel or silver bow anyway.
Try to let every one of the three paladins survive.
Pick the Brave Axe, the Pursuit Ring, the Wind Sword and the Defense Sword.

As for pairings, sometimes it's debatable which are best, but I'll give you some choices for every mother.

  • For Edain: Midir is the best since he gives bows and Pursuit. Jamka is very good, he doesn't pass down Pursuit but the Hero Bow will suffice. Finn is more or less like Midir, but the daughter will get a bonus +5 Magic. He won't pass down bows, though.
  • For Ayra: Holyn is pretty good and pretty standard. People also consider Dew. However, Sol, Astra and Luna can't activate at the same time. While Astra and Luna are both offensive and basically interchangeable, Astra+Sol may not be ideal, altough Dew gives very good drowths all around, even in Magic (this, coupled with the Forrest class high base Magic can make his son pretty good with that Wind Sword). A very good alternative is Noish, as his skills are perfect for Swordmasters and Forrests, and his growths, while not very good, compliment Ayra's nicely. Lex is similar to Noish, but gives better growths for worse skills.
  • For Raquesis: Beowulf is half-canon and very good for both children, but will impair their Magic. Alec is similar to Beowulf, but gives standard Magic, higher Luck and Nihil instead of Charge, which is more situational but can't backfire. Azel is interesting: he only gives the Pursuit skill, but will grant bot children a very good Magic, which both can use with magic swords and staves. Their Strenght will still be enough thans to the mother.
  • For Sylvia: Her son can use staves, so Claude is an option. He doesn't pass down skills, but neither of the children needs them. With Lewyn or Azel as his father, he will instead turn into a competent fighter after promotion. Dew will make the daughter harder to kill by passing down Sol, and both children will appreciate Bargain. Some people advice to leave her unpaired (or dead), as the replacement for her children are quite good.
  • For Fury: Her son also gets to use staves, so Claude is good. The daughter also uses staves and can become quite useful with them. Claude also passes good growths to both children. Lewyn is extremely good, and is also Fury's canon pairing. Noish gives good skills to both, but while his daughter will appreciate the growths, his son won't find the strenght useful.
  • For Tiltyu: Lewyn will make a very good father to both children. Azel is the simplest, and you can't go wrong with it. Lex is interesting, as Vantage is a very good skill for this pairing, and the children's growth will be quite odd but still effective.
  • For Briggid: Holyn is a very good pick for his swords, his Luna skill and his stats. Jamke gives good skills and good-ish growths (the Skill will be pretty low for the son, and that's not ideal). Dew will pass down good growths and useful skills. Similar to AyraxDew, the Wind Sword will be put to good use, as both Briggid and Dew have an high Magic growth for physical fighters, and this will make the sword-using daughter quite good with magic swords. Noish is pretty good too, like when paired with Ayra.

Keep in mind that the Pursuit Band and the stat rings (In particular the Magic Ring) exist. Have fun!

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