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FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)


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I didn't even think about forging, mmh... I may add something like Path of Radiance through Awakening, but it will probably be much lore limited.

I'm definitely going to add the other characters, as soon as they appear in-game.

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Well I am glad to have asked my question about forging then! By more lore limited do you mean foraging would be more rare and only be able to be used once in a while? Or like the extent of it is more smaller than Awakenings way?



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So here's a mug for Radle.


Nothing special, just a recolored Raven with a happier tone, but I figured it would be better than nothing.

I'll add it to my original post along with a few more details.

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  • Name: Alche
  • Class; Monk -> Bishop
  • Physical description (images and sprites are welcome); Alche is a man with pale skin and blue eyes that have a bored sort of look to them. He has light brown hair that he keeps in a neat, tidy bun with one strand of hair hanging out near his right ear. He wears oval-shaped glasses and bears a small scar below his lower lip. He has a small patch of facial hair growing on his chin. For clothes, Alche prefers to wear white, lightweight robes and a white cape, along with silver rings on his fingers. Finally, he wears comfortable brown leather shoes. He stands at 5'7 and weights in at about 135 lbs.. He prefers to keep himself clean and takes baths very often.
  • Character description (will determine Affinity); Alche is a peace-loving man who holds a strong belief that all life can be cherished and saved, unless they commit a horrible crime that even he can't view as forgivable. He is a man of compassion and helpfulness who follows his own set of standards - No killing (Unless the person is a true monster) No hurting the innocent. No marriage. He believes that by following these rules he will reach enlightenment once his time comes.
  • Background; Alche's early life is a blur to him. All he can remember is that he grew up in poverty on a failing farm in some random village, where his father was severely ill and his mother had to tend the farm full-time. After that? He was sent away to the Church of Sotria, because his parents couldn't care for them. He was mentored by a peace-loving monk, not unlike himself. The monk taught Alche what he needed to know about light magic, and encouraged peace and prosperity. Upon finishing his teachings, Alche took up the man's code so he could be just like him - No needless murder. No hurting innocents. No marriage. Even though that man is long gone, Alche strives to make a world of peace in his honor.
  • Starting level; 1
  • Base stats (with growths in parenthesis);
  • HP - 18 + 2 = 20 (50%)
  • Strength - 1 + 2 = 3 (20%)
  • Magic - 2 + 2 = 4 ( 30%)
  • Skill - 1 (35%)
  • Speed - 2 (35%)
  • Defense - 1 + 2 = 3 (10%)
  • Res. - 5 (50%)
  • Mov. - 5
  • Con - 6
  • Weapon ranks; D Anima
  • Inventory. - Lightning Tome

Each unit starts with:

  • A weapon they can use;
  • An usable E rank weapon of another type if they can use more than a single weapon type;
  • A lockpick if in the Thief or Assassin class;
  • 1 between another usable E rank weapon, a Vulnerary, or a Red Gem (only 1).

I'm new to Fire Emblem + Fire Emblem RPing so I hope I'm not too late.



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I already have quite the list but I'll see what I can do. You have yet to allocate a good amount of bases and growths, please read the first post carefully. My advice is to either put some base points in Con or some growths in Str, as some tomes may slow you down too much later on.

For everyone, a general rule: if nobody posts for 2 days I'll stop waiting and keep moving things forward, this means that if someone is directly needed to make something (the one guy with the key opening a door, someone responding to the question of an NPC, ecc.) I will take control of the character for that post. Also, if someone disappears their character will eventually do the same.

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@DialgaMatthews You still have two more points to put in for your bases and about 95% to add into your growths. Also where is your charatcer's Lck stat in general? Also side note for applying in more to bases and Growths. Specifically your charatcer's HP,Str,and Lck stats cost half the amount of points. Meaning if you place two points in any of the above mentioned stats, it will only cost one in terms of bases. While if you were to put 50% in growths it would only cost 25%.


Also just a tad suggestion since you are new to fire emblem! You should try out some of the games to get a better idea how they work! Two I would suggest is Sacred Stones and Fire emblem 7.

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You also have yet to choose between a Lightning Tome and a Vulnerary.

You should probably avoid taking 2 Lightning Tomes, but you can get a Shine Tome instead.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Is it alright if I could ask why some weapons weigh so much? Like the iron Lance for example weighs 12 which seems odd when compared to other entries in the games like in tearing saga it's 7, path of radiance 8, radiant Dawn being 9, Binding blade being 7 and so on and so forth.

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18 minutes ago, ThicreanPhoenix said:

How many people do we have waiting to be introduced at this point?

We have Kingstaragna,possibly DialgaMatthews (they didn't update their characte info so idk about them), Sully Mcgully (I think), and I

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5 hours ago, Serkat said:

We have Kingstaragna,possibly DialgaMatthews (they didn't update their characte info so idk about them), Sully Mcgully (I think), and I

KingStaragna has already been introduced. I'm still on board, if there's an opening.

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Wait I tought there were two more and I was about to introduce them together I must have forgotten someone.

Uhm, not just about to, the two travelers are indeed Abeloth and Ahava.

Alright then, instead of a couple people you'll eventually find a small group. Everyone is welcome to join, but I'd prefer if you noticed me of your absence instead of disappearing if you want to stop or have to leave for some time. Makes us not waste some days waiting for a post.

This reminds me, I have to put Rekia in the doc.

About the weapons, it's because the weight is mitigated by con+str/2 rather than just con.

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Hi, I'd like to join up if that's alright.


s-wfKLMnpJpu0L6BgRoEsLhQcst4cEvlkQ--aXxvdO3HJ_vI9OMfAtw_tHvYzhoWN9Wa7S-13zmWtXt3TftfU63qPTPKEyxkyqX7eQTDbgpvoPk88imPX-K-eljMRrFiNELynq9v Name: Lowe Striga
Age; 20
Physical description; With his father’s blood coming from Gastalla and his mother’s coming from Palmyra, Lowe is an odd configuration of pale skin, red eyes, and green hair. His thin and lanky face and physique is again contrasted by his wild hair that looks like an explosion frozen in time. His mop of hair falls to the bottom of his shoulder-blades and is so messy it often catches any comb that runs through it. His height of 5’10 is more often than not lessened by his usual slouch. His typical attire is a simple cloak with no shirt on underneath, baggy pants, and his favorite pair of black boots.
Character description: Lowe is often surrounded by an aura of disinterest of his surroundings, leaving him very absent-minded in most social situations. He treats most non-violent interactions very similarly with a calm, albeit inattentive, demeanor. Exceptions to his strange-yet-friendly type of confrontation are interactions with members of the Church of Sotria, which Lowe often treats with cold and harsh disdain. Through use of peculiar mannerisms and actions, Lowe is often times written off as socially awkward by most. This calm, albeit strange, personality is contrasted by his loud and confrontational personality while on a battlefield. While not exactly chaotic, this side of Lowe is capitalized by a violent and aggressive disposition accompanied with a wide smile 
Background; Lowe Striga is the product of a Palmyran village woman named Lista Striga and a traveling Gastallan holy man named Gaston Altiras. Gaston typically delivered rations and living supplies to the desert village that was home to Lista, often luring her into codling his less than holy desires through use of his silver tongue. Not surprisingly, upon learning that Lista became pregnant, Gaston stopped visiting and providing for the village entirely. This brewed a distaste for the Church of Sotria within Lista, which she passed down to her bastard son Lowe. Growing up as one of the only males in his village left Lowe to care for many of its inhabitants along with his sickened mother. Rough labor during the day was contrasted with his study of magic at night after he found tomes left behind by his father. After his mother’s recent passing, Lowe abandoned his village to pursue a life outside of the wastes of Palmyra. Lowe seeks a life of pleasure to contrast his childhood of manual labor and poor living conditions. Lowe now follows tides of battles, cutting his previously responsible persona loose to reveal a debauchery hungry young man.
Starting level; 1
Base stats;
HP: 16 (25 pts=50%)
STR: 1+2(1pt)=3 (10 pts=20%)
MAG: 2+2=4 (50%)
SKL: 2 (40%)
SPD: 3+2=5 (40%)
LCK: 0+1=2 (15 pts=30%)
DEF: 3 (20%)
RES: 3+2=5 (40%)
MOV: 5 
CON: 6
Weapon ranks; Anima (D)
Inventory; Fire, red gem

I fully believe I have messed up somewhere along the way so I ask for forgiveness in advance 

Edited by Iota Irondust
Adjusted stuff for clarification
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