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6th Holy Grail War: Act 01

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Saber looked at the surprised individuals before her, both shocked at her arrival through the gateway that temporarily shone with a white light in the darkness as she walked through. Her blue combat dress was still slightly illuminated as some side effect of the now closed portal, which became especially noticeable as it was almost pitch black outside, minus a few street lamps lighting up the street here and there. Her eyes first looked at the strange man with spiky blue hair, and red tinted sunglasses, as he jumped back yelling out in shock. 'This guy is probably not a mage. Michael is sure gonna be mad at me for sure for exposing ourselves publicly.' Saber thought to herself. She then looked at the blond girl with glasses and a blue tracksuit, who also jumped back, her green sneakers skidding across the ground slightly, causing her to be a bit unbalanced. The girl didn't seem as surprised as the man, although Saber did note in her head the man's reaction was quite bombastic. 'I suppose it's a realistic response to seeing a girl walk through a mystical portal.'

However, her real concern was what was quite a distance away to the left of Saber, a brute of a man with a beard and with chain-mail, staring intently at Saber with his eyes screaming with ferocity. Saber could feel that he is indeed a servant, and judging from his stature, was most likely of the Berserker class. Saber held onto the hilt of her sword, still placed within her scabbard on her waist, before asking her initial questions. Saber then waited a small moment until the two both gave answers that seemed to imply that the two knew nothing of went on, despite both of them standing fairly close to a servant. "One of them is lying, but who?" Saber thought, before giving her response. She could leave the two alone, pretending that they were indeed innocent civilians, but that would be foolish considering Berserker is out in the open, and right next to them. Plus, she isn't sure if its common for people to jog in the middle of the night, and it is even more odd that neither haven't come across any of the animals ravaging the city. This is because the animals have indeed traveled quite a far distance from the zoo, reaching the dojo to attack it. Hence, it wouldn't be a surprise to see some actually arrive at this location.

Looking to her left to see Berserker a slight distance away, while remembering her master is on a rooftop to her right of the giant red mansion with a view on the three of them below, Saber spoke, trying to confirm her suspicions right away. "Sorry, I would love to tell you who I am, but I feel kinda irked out by you, I mean who wears Sunglasses in the middle of the night?" she addressed towards the blue haired individual. Saber then looked at the blond girl, feeling pretty confident she was the master. "I'll ask something else, do any of you know who that big guy there is?" she point with her left thumb in the direction of Berserker.

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"Uhhhh...excuse me! I still don't think wearing shades at night is weirder than a woman stepping out of a portal! But fair point. I'm Joseph, a cosplay enthusiast and geek. I happened to run into this lady while looking for rare 5* creatures on my app, see?" Mark showed his screen facing Saber almost like a toddler showing off a toy. 

"The shades, were part of the cosplay, I clearly lost track of time after the event and just started looking for creatures, so don't shame me!" He said indignantly, but then smiled. "Calm and laidback, that's the image I wanna portray. A kinda, well dumb civilian" mused Mark, and then turned his head in the direction Saber indicated. 

"Old man's with her. Don't know what the deal is." He then turned to Svanhild almost worriedly. "Ya know I didn't ask this before, but does he have like, dementia? Sorry to assume! My aunt is similar you see. She's a good heart though" Mark resumed cheerfully. 

This is so odd...why are we casually chatting with a Servant while another Servant stands right nearby. Is this some unholy trinity of an alliance? Is there a Master laying in wait...A trap to spring?  Mark was puzzled but, nevertheless, awaited the response from either lady. 

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Well, thanks Joseph. I can't talk my way out of this anymore.
Svanhild looked directly at Saber and spoke. "I hate to state the obvious, but you haven't attacked me yet. Does this mean that you and your Master are willing to negotiate?"
Berserker was poking the unconscious elephant with his foot. It was quite astounding that no one had spotted the elephant up until now. Admittedly, it might be possible to confuse it with a car in the dark, and it didn't have any magical energy anymore which might have led to no one giving it a second glance. However, now that Berserker was right next to it, it seemed a fair bit more important.
"Oh, was that what you meant when you asked about a zoo? No idea where they showed up from." Svanhild shrugged momentarily before removing her glasses to apparently polish some dirt off them. "Will your Master be joining us or are you here by yourself?"

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'Well Caster, I've been an Enforcer for well over a decade now and this is still in the top 3 most bizarre situations I've ever been in.' Alastor mused over their mental link. 'We've got a Master that looks so out of place in this war it's not even funny and what has to be either an abomination to human evolution or a decent actor.' 'Still' Caster responds back, 'We can't take that risk incase that man is just a civilian.' 'Hm, wait they're  asking about her Master shit! Michael is too far hope you got an idea lass.' 

Saber of course, figured that one of the two had to have been the master of the servant several feet away, of whom she suspects is Berserker. The man with the blue hair, and red tinted glasses of course gave it away, his reasoning being that he wanted to capture monsters. Saber had no idea what kinda monsters he would capture. She assumed it was a phone game, since the modern age shouldn't have evil spirits become so prominent like the guǐ pó or the jiangshi in her age.

Nonetheless, Saber had to address the woman in front of her, who was of course the Master. It seemed that she wanted to meet her own master, so Saber thought of a strange idea. "Oh yes, my master, he is around, give me one moment." Saber walked back a bit, and took the phone clipped on the collar of her robe. She talked into it, hoping the other three will listen.  

"Hey Alastor dear, could you come down here? The girl wants to talk to my master." Saber spoke into the phone, awaiting a response.

"Wait, what?" Michael asked back. "What are you doing?" Saber quickly responded "I told you, she wants to talk to you Alastor, my Master." 

'My god, I don't know if I want to ring her neck or shake her hand. Caster looks like the plan is FUBAR go make a bounded field incase anymore Masters come near. I'd rather we not get caught with our pants down. When thats done go help Michael keep watch, and send these Elementals to guard the kid looks like I have my chance to get close after all.' Alastor relays to the Servant of Spells. 'Of course, but do be careful Master I've got a bad feeling about this.' Caster  warns. "Oh so she wants to meet face to face eh? Well I've never been one to keep a lady waiting. I'll be right over." Alastor says, hoping Michael takes the hint.

"I don't know about this Saber." Michael says to the phone. Saber answers back "Don't worry about it Alastor. It will turn out just fine." She then reclips the phone on her robe and walks back to woman in front of her. "Well, he is coming. Before he arrives, we should do something about him." Saber looks at the blue haired man. "Any way we can make him forget about all this, and get him far away from here?" Saber asks the blonde haired girl.

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East Shinto City, Fuyuki - 4:54 AM JST

The old man scuttles under the cover of the fleeting dawn, recessing into his den whilst the night still covered his tracks.

He braces his arms around his shivering, sore body. "Great, whoever that man was, they know I'm a straggler now. Its a matter of time until they find me out."
Our's concatenates one's parameters for anxiety stipulate the exaction of cautious directives. One's prana signature should be considered surrendered with utmost heed to this dwelling.
"How have I been so aimless!? My life's worth was spent to moment I hauled you away, I'll spend my death keeping them away from the Grail."

Our's merely extends the sapient qualities from one's Master.

"Sapient qualities? For a concept that claims to know about human minds, you don't seem to know much about feelings."

Our's remains to facilitate the quantification of on'e spirit beyond natural predications. Likened to a vector, one's Master is but a series of data that serves the search to the perfect world. Pushed past your expected parameters, postulates the chance of returning data that exceeds what humans are defaulted.

"There you keep going on, about 'data'. As if you understand life through the lens of a computer."

Collecting schematics is our's fixture upon nature. Emotions, synapses, impulses - these were encoded to their absolute depths inside our's form. One is fallacious to suggest contrary.

"Well, I know you do have an identity under the surface. Remember the man who wrote about you?"

"Hmmm, as in Plato's Republica?"

Like any other men, he served trivial - a futility operating in one's permeable microcosm, much like one's Master. Although, his epistemic aptitudes imparted us onto the human conscious. Recall which's tome you extracted from one's library.

"E-Extracted now, is that it," he sighed. "You have to remember something about yourself then! No, I'm not talking about what you are or what your creator was. You lived through his fiction, surely you recall the shadows, or the cave, something!"

For a moment, the man felt a familiar emptiness gone from Jumper's summoning.

Correct, our's contains the sum of truth within the Republica. Does one request 'bedtime reading'?

"Forget I said anything!"

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