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Rate my marriage chart


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I just want to see if I did an OK job of making a chart. One thing I want to do is maximize the amount of dragon blood in kids. That's why I don't have two royals together. Let me know how I did and if you have any suggestions.

I mostly play normal mode so not really looking for a hard or lunatic mode build.

Fates Parents Male exp.jpg

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Assuming I'm taking the lazy route and not taking a "it's normal mode, everyone is good," 


Gameplay wise? It's kinda lackluster in some areas. 

Orochi x Odin is kind of dubious in this regard. Getting hit by -2 speed on a child is pretty lame. And neither has growths that really augment her speed growths passed 30 naturally. I'd honestly try to avoid it at all costs. Instead swap Nyx and Orochi. 

Beruka x Laslow is the same ordeal here. Solei already has speed problems at base, and with a slower mother like Beruka, you'll have a slower Solei. 

Hana kills Dwyer's magical potential, but he'll have killer strength and speed. So you'll want to switch to physical. Otherwise good. 

Elise x Benny makes Iggy not very good on the offense ends, and he doesn't have any hybrid classes outside of Troubadour to make use of that or magical weapons.  Personally, I'd flop Azura and Elise around which results in Nina being more hybrid like, and you could make her a decent dark mage, as opposed to Iggy who will never be a good mage. You could make him a butler though I guess. 

And let's be honest, those base results from any of the Corrinsexuals are great. And Flora is cool I guess. No pun intended there. The rest of them are fine in my eyes. 

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Hmmmm... I'm not sure of your past pairings and if you care about repeating couples.

However, I'd say this fine for the most part. The only ones that I'd recommend switching is Saizo x Setsuna and Azama x Sakura. Asugi is more effective as a magic unit (he's a lot like Awakening Owain) and Midori is like her father; although you can make her magical, she's a surprisingly passable physical unit. But magic Midori is still good, but you may not get as much use out of Asugi. At least he may crit a lot.

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Well, it depends on what you're aiming for. Optimization for pvp? Or do you want to use the children effectively in the game? Or do you aim to mainly make the parents better? I'm gonna try to rate them based on how much the parents benefit from their spouse in the main game since that's where I can give you the most useful advice. Later. As soon as I can. Writing from phone is tedious as hell. I can already tell you that MozuxKaze is pretty lackluster for the main game (though I hear it's indeed amazing for postgame pvp)

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