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FE (Female Emblem)


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So I still have lots of time with no school and i'm running out of stuff to do already :(:. After a few nights of playing fire emblem hacks with friends we had an idea, why not try our best and make a shit totally amazing, balls to the wall hack! After spending 5 seconds hours trying to think of a plot, we had an idea after rereading our group chat, we came up with Female Emblem. Most people reading this, if any, will probably have heard of FE Girls a Japanese hack, we aim to create something like that but with more cool stuff.

Edit: We now have the first glimpse of a story!... Feminism's revolution of oppressive males! The main character will be a princess of one of the amazonian kingdoms who are being invaded by the newly formed male kingdom.

Stuff Hopefully included:

  • All-ish Female Characters and enemies (duh)
  • new animations
  • new weapons
  • Circleseverywhere's skill system (if i can figure out the makehack stuff)
  • story loosely following fe8 events (less loosely if we can learn eventing)
  • Edited maps
  • more stuff I've forgotten

Please tell us what you think and if you have any improvements we could make any help would be very useful.

Also if there is anyone you would like to see in the game include a female character we could add in and if they are player, npc or enemy and weapons and stats for them.



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2 hours ago, Kirb1337 said:

Pro tip: dont post a concept before you at leadt have a bit of work done with the hack

Ok thanks for the tip, will have some progress soon.

38 minutes ago, Flee Fleet! said:

also will all the playable females be from GBA Fire Emblem (sorry if this was an unnecessary question)

No, however if there is not an existing GBA portrait that we are given permission to use then portaits will most likely be splices/semi-custom but all of us are pretty terrible pixel artists:(:. So if you do have a non-GBA suggestion and artwork help would be nice.

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