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If you are planning to reclass Rinkah as a fighter, then promotes  as a Berserker her class growth rates would be

/50% hp / 55% str/ 15%mag / 65% skl / 55% spd/ 35 %def / 45% def / 20 res/ 

In short she would be a fighter with a high critical rate to make up for the moderate strength that way have some difficulties doubling enemies if not paired up. Be careful about mages, she explodes easily.

Corrin as a Oni Savage would be underwhelming considering you have Fighter as a secondary. Would recommend picking up  Death blow for very high crit numbers.

As a bonus, your Kana would be hard hitting with strong defense, and moderate skill. Happy to help.  

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On 06/08/2017 at 5:02 PM, BlueBloodEmblazer said:

Rinkah is good as a General from my experience. Her high def turns her into a tank and she can re-use the axe rank. Especially in Birthright where you don't get a natural general.

If you turn her into a general, she'll lose out on her good base speed growth. I mean it's a trade off between offense and defense with her between possibly going knight for the high hp/atk/def or berserker for the high hp/atk/skl/spd at the cost of average defense.

also, the growths for Rinkah as a fighter are 40%/45%/15%/65%/60%/40%/50%/20%.

As a berserker, she has 50%/50%/15%/65%/60%/35%/45%/20%.

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