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I am working on a Pick My Edits for Shadows of Valentia! Right now, it's getting crazy, with a bunch of changes already suggested from Reddit, but I'd like your input as well! But first some things to keep in mind:

You can edit anything you want: Base Stats, Growths (and apparently you can have the Movement stat have a growth), Skills, Spells and Spell lists, etc. You can even edit some of the dialogue if you want to, just be aware that there'll be no voice.

Characters can only have 6 spells total in their spell lists.

Please look at the Valentia PME Google Doc for all the planned changes, and make suggestions based on what's already there.



The following spoiler has a demo for Act 1. It also tells you what has changed.


Kliff has his Gaiden Spell List: Thunder at Lvl 4, Excalibur at Lvl 7, Sagittae at Lvl 11, Aura at Lvl 20. He now has 5 Base Speed and the following Growth Rates:

50% HP, 40% ATK, 45% SKL, 60% SPD, 20% LCK, 40% DEF, 35% RES

Clive now has Duma’s Gift. He also has the following Growth Rates:

110% HP, 80% ATK, 70% SKL, 50% SPD, 50% LCK, 60% DEF, 4% RES

Forsyth now starts at Lvl 6 and has the following Base Stats:

31 HP, 14 ATK, 7 SKL, 8 SPD, 6 LCK, 10 DEF, 8 RES

Python now starts at Lvl 5 and has the following Base Stats:

27 HP, 13 ATK, 6 SKL, 7 SPD, 5 LCK, 8 DEF, 7 RES


Here's the download link!


To install the patch, simply drag and merge the luma folder in the zip file with the luma folder on your 3DS. Then enjoy the changes!

I want this to become as ridiculous as possible, so please suggest anything you want!

Thank you,


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ALright I got two!

  • Lukas starts out as a Cleric now with the following spell list:Recover and Nosferatu to start off as a Cleric, Seraphim at lv. 7, Physic at Lv.11, Warp at Lv.15, and Invoke Dread as a Lv 10 Saint! He also gains the following Growths: 50% HP, 90% ATK, 80% SKL, 50% SPD, 50% LCK, 20% DEF, 30% RES! To add on his bases are 15 HP, 8 ATK, 3 SKL, 6 SPD, 4 LCK, 4 DEF, 8 RES


  • Slique now starts out as a lv 10 Mercenary with the following Growths: 90% HP, 40% ATK, 80% SKL, 25% SPD, 25% LCK, 70% DEF, 5% RES. She comes with a Steel Sword! With her Bases being 26 HP, 3 ATK, 7 SKL, 4 SPD, 6 LCK, 12 DEF, 6 RES
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I got some

-Miasma has 5 MT and inflicts poison.

-Knights and Barons gain 1 mov

-Priestesses gain 1 mov and the Discipline skill

-Sages gain 1 mov and Swords.

-Villagers and the mercenary line gain Axes.

-All weapons, spells and shields lose 2 WT

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