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Golgotha of the hills sprite(s)

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I always loved the battle sprites in the old GBA FE so I thought I'd try making my own, I haven't made any "new" ones yet but for my first;

Edit: I think I screwed up with the links is it making you guys download them? cause thats not supposed to happen (sorry new to this forum)

I started with modifying the female sage basic battle animation to remove the cape:

FE Female Sage animation without a cape.-20170807-142956.piskel

And then I did my best to make it look like princess zelda from legend of zelda,

FE Female Sage Princess Zelda-20170807-142640.piskel

I'm sure someone has done this before but I thought i'd try it. Any constructive criticism would be awesome! Thanks!

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If you're making them using piskel (like I do), try clicking Export and saving them as .png files and then attaching them to the post.

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