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P33RL355 Portraits (Taking Requests!)

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Hey! Just got my account here. Anyways, what do you think of my splices?

I think my skill level is at the point where I can't do customs at all, but the splices are very well done that they look like customs



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Welcome to the forums! Good luck with your art.

Maybe it's just me, but their necks seem a little bit long. Do you think you would be able to shorten them by a few pixels? They would look fine if this were another art style, but GBA FE necks are all notably... unnotable.


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That's some admirable and remarkable confidence you have.

Your sprites have some clear issues in terms of anatomy, shading, creativity, etc.

The first guy's eyes are overshaded and too far apart.


There's a bit too much shading to the right of this eye. It's an odd dark spot.

As for his armor, well, it's a recolored version of Sain's. Try customizing the armor more. You can get some interesting results.

The second guy's face seems off; his eyes are entirely dark and his head is very small/round. On top of that, his neck is entirely too long.

The girl's shoulders seem uneven to me, like her right goes out too far.

Edited by DuwaShuwana
there were like seven extra empty lines

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