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Processing error glitch or something

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I don't post here much anymore, but I ran into a problem in my copy of Sacred Stones. But I assume this problem can also occur in the other GBA titles as well, hence why this is in the overall GBA topic and not the Sacred Stones one. As I was playing the game, I went to move Seth. However, upon highlighting him, the cursor froze and Seth's "highlight" animation froze partway as well. Everything else was working fine, the other characters were animating, the music was still playing. But the buttons were no longer responding and Seth stopped moving.

I turned off my game, and when I turned it back on, I found it has saved my progress from that point (thanks, autosave!) , so I was able to continue where I left off. Then Erikia died a few turns later and I had to restart anyway :P

Wondering if anyone else had encountered this glitch and if there's a way to fix/avoid it. Is it some kind of processing or overflow error?

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