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Fire emblem 7 randomized logs

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(This is for those who have finished or are doing a randomized run of Fe7)

This is the first forum I started, so it might be kind of rough, but stick with me. So anyways, the way you do the logs is you say the chapter your on (please State if your on Hector or Eliwood mode. It might get kinda confusing other wise), the units your using and there classes and growth rates. For the units your not using, State there class and why your not using them wether it be you just dislike them, they have a bad growth rate, or something else.



I'll do a log of my progress as an example:

Current Chapter: Chapter 3

Units I'm using:

Lyn (Mage): Growth rates are 10% Hp, 80% mag, 30% skl, 90% spd, 115% luck, 5% def and res

Kent (Hector Lord): Growth rates are 65% Hp, 75% str, 40% skl, 30% spd, 10% luck, 70% def,5% res

Sain (Thief): Growths are 5% hp, 60% str, 45% skl, 20% spd, 100% luck, 30% def, 35% res

Florina (Dancer): Growths are 75% hp, 5% str/mag, 20% skl, 80% spd, 20% luck, 45% def, 65% res

Units I'm not using: 

Wil: Everyone of his growths except spd, def and res are 15% and under

Dorcas: Has a 5% in every growth rate except for str, skl, spd, and luck.


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I did do a partial run of FE7 randomized until the data got corrupted. But I also did a character randomizer on top of that, so lyn's prologue played the same mostly, but with a few alterations. Also I didn't check growths at all because I just went with it. Also I did this long ago so can't remember some of it.

So Lyn (who later became Heath) was a Dark Mage

Kent (forgot who he turned into) was a Mage

Sain (also forgot who he turned into) was a Cleric

Will (again forgot) was a Wyvern Rider

Florina was a Lord (Lyn) (and was later Sain)

Dorcas was a dancer

Serra (who was Lucius I think) was a archer

Erk (who was immediately Geitz) was a General (yeah, I had a general in Lyn's prologue)

Matthew (who was Rebecca) was a thief

Nils was Nils and a Mercenary

Wallace (think he was himself?) and was a great lord (hector, but he sucked)

Now when I started Eliwoods tale, Eliwood was a cavalier, I forget most everyone else except Canas who replaced Jaffar was a promoted Cleric, Hawkeye joined his normal time but was a lord (lyn) Sain later override Florina and was A Lyn Lord, Geitz was still in the same spot, Vaida replaced Isadora (I think) and was still a Paladin, I know I had 2-3 other dancers/bards, but most everyone I didn't use as animations didn't work or they were not so good. I should probably go retry it one day but after getting to Jaffar/Nino's chapter I gave up and when I went back it was corrupted.

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That happen to me a few times. After Battle Before Dawn, my save often deleted itself and forced me back to Lyn's story.

I would refresh the rom, to play it normally and once beaten, randomize it for the second playthrough.

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