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THE story

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THE Story


???: Shuuda....

Shuuda: Yes, my lord?

???: Do you have anything to report?

Shuuda: No, my lord.

???: Alright...Go to the gate.

Shuuda: ..Why?

???: You'll find out once you get there...

Shuuda: Ok...(Shuuda leaves the room)

???: Luxord...Come to me.

(A man rises out of the ground)

Luxord: What?

???: Go find the boy..I believe his name is Emil. Bring him to me.

Luxord: Yes sir.

???: And take this. You'll need it. Emil...he has special powers..

Luxord: Yes sir. (Luxord picks up a sparkling stone)

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Chapter 1


A small town called Ur


Emil: GEENIIISSSS!!!! (Emil is standing in front of a fairly large house)

Genis: I'm coming, I'm coming! (Genis runs out the door)

Emil: You're way to slow.

Genis: Without me, you would be dead by now...<_<

Emil: Hmph...

Genis: Let's go. (They head to a small arena in the center of town)

Man: Whaaat now?!

Genis: We'd like to sign up for a battle.

Man: Team, I assume?

Emil: Yep.

Man: Alright...Sit down while I get you registered...(The man points to a pair of comfy looking seats. Genis and Emil sit down)

About 5 minutes later...

Man: Alright, your all set. Get in the arena...

Emil: Anything to get away from you...

Genis: ... (They step through a door and enter the arena*



Announcer: RELEASE THE CHIMERA!! (A gate opens and a chimera runs out into the arena)

Genis: That doesn't look like it's gonna be easy to beat.

Emil: Ha. It's no problem for me.

Genis: Riiight....

Chimera: ROOARRR!

Announcer: FIGHT!

Genis: STALAGMITE! (Stalagmite shoots up from the ground, but the chimera dodges just in time.)

Genis: So that's not gonna work huh...

Emil: Heh. Let's see if it can stand up to THIS! (Emil charges at the chimera. The chimera bites Emil's arm before he can attack)

Emil: AARGHH!!

Genis: EMIL!

Emil: I..I'm fine...

Genis: Ok...LIGHTING BLADE! (A giant sword made out of lighting stabs the chimera)

Chimera: GROOOO!!!

Emil: Heh. Nothin' to it.

Genis: That was PATHETIC!

Luxord: ...Hmm.....What did he mean by powers...?

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Chapter 2


Outside the arena


Emil: Well that was a suckish fight.

Genis: Tell me about it.

Luxord: Hey! (A man dressed in a black cloak runs behind Genis and Emil)

Emil: Who are you?

Luxord: My name isn't important. I wanted to say congratulations on that match. And I wanted to have a little practice fight with you, just to see how strong you are.

Emil: Alright! I'll go for it!

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnGcyhyv64M )

Luxord: Great. (He takes out a small, blood red sword.)

Emil: Sweet weapon. Like mine? (He takes out a long sword)

Luxord: Not really. (Luxord charges at Emil)

Emil: Gah! He's really fast!

Genis: That'll teach you not to underestimate people!

Emil: Hmph. (Emil tries to hit Luxord, but Luxord dodges the attack and hits Emil)

Emil: Ugh...

Genis: Emil! Are you ok?!

Emil: This guy's gonna kill me...

Luxord: Hey, it looks like your finally catching on. I AM trying to kill you.

Emil: Urgh....aa...aaaahhhhh...AAAAH!!! (Emil suddenly becomes surrounded by blue light)

Luxord: *whispering* So...this is his "power"...(Luxord takes out the sparkling stone and holds it up)



Emil: Aah..aahh...aah....

Luxord: Perfect. (Luxord grabs Emil)

???: HEY!

Luxord: Oh great, now what the hell is this?

???: Get your hands off him!

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Chapter 3


Outside the arena




Luxord: Who the hell are you?!

???: Some call me Troy. Others, Bianchi. (She puts on leather gloves)

Emil: Cool, I'm not gonna die! :)

Genis: Be careful..We don't know what side she's on...

Luxord: I'll show you what I do when people interfere with my fights! (He charges at Troy)

Troy: Hmph. (She jumps over Luxord and lands behind him. She turns around and grabs him by the neck)

Troy: Heheh. I'll show YOU what I do when people underestimate me!

Luxord: Gah....(He turns into a shadow and falls into the ground)

Troy: What the hell?!

Genis: Good, he's gone.

Emil: What did he just do?

Troy: Who cares?

Emil: I'd say she's on our side.




???: Luxord...You're back...

(Luxord rises out of the ground and materializes)

Luxord: Yes sir.

???: Did you bring me the boy?

Luxord: No, sir. A very powerful woman came...

???: Ah, yes. Bianchi, no doubt.

Luxord: Yes, that was her name.

???: Hmm...What should we do about her? She probably knows about the boy's "power"

Luxord: My lord...What "power" do you mean?


The Gate





Angel: ....(The angel takes out a lightning bolt shaped sword and a small shield)

Shuuda: Hahaha...That puny thing won't protect you...Can you even CALL it a shield?

Angel: ...

Shuuda: Oh yeah. I forgot, angels don't talk. NOSFERATU!

Angel: AAAH! (The angel collapses)

Shuuda: Oh, I see you've gone and called the whole army. Well, this should, at least, pose a small threat.


Shuuda: Hah. That won't happen. You see, it's my duty to destroy all you angels. SO BURN IN HELL!


Shuuda: HELLFIRE!!!




Emil: So, Troy, why'd you help us?

Troy: I can't stand seeing one of Banjo's servants beat up someone.

Genis: Banjo?

Troy: Yes. He's that guy's master.

Emil: I see...

Genis: So, I guess you really ARE on our side.

Troy: You bet.

Emil: Tell us a little more about this...Banjo.

Troy: Well, he used to be a member of the Irana army. No one is really sure what happened, but one day he just went berserk and killed half of the army with his bare hands.

Emil: Oh crap.

Troy: Yeah.

Genis: But why is he after Emil?

Troy: Well...It may have to do with what happened with him when he was about to be killed.

Emil: Oh yeah...That...

Troy: That's exactly what happened to Banjo.

Emil: Ughhh...I have something in common with someone who's trying to kill me?!

Troy: Well, he's not trying to kill you. He wants to capture you.

Emil: Why?

Troy: He has the power to open a special gate....He thinks that since you go berserk just like him, you might have the same power.

Emil: I see...

Genis: We'd better watch out from now on...

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Thanks, guys.

Chapter 4


the gate




Shuuda: Hmm...That attack really didn't take them all out...?


Shuuda: Yeah, I know. But I have to stop you. Let's try this again. BLIZZARD!!!

Angels: GRAAA!!

Shuuda: Hah. That should do it...Yep...No angels. Heheh. Let's do this before more come...




Emil: What are we gonna do to avoid them?

Troy: Well, I suggest we just get out of here. Like, really fast.

Genis: Sounds good to me.

Emil: But where are we going to go?

Troy: Not here.

Emil: Ah. I see.

Troy: We'll spend one more night here. Say bye to your families and get your stuff ready, because I don't think we'll be coming back anytime soon.

Emil: Ok.




Banjo: Luxord.... (Luxord rises out of the ground and materializes)

Luxord: Yes...?

Banjo: Emil...I believe he is going to try to escape me...

Luxord: So let me guess...You want ME to go after him?

Banjo: Yes...You are the only one powerful enough...Shuuda...He is not strong enough...I still don't know where the others have gone...

Luxord: Fine...I'll do it...I have to I guess...

Banjo: yes...You do.

Luxord: *sigh*




Emil: GENIS!!!

Genis: Blargh...

Emil: Do I have to do this every morning?


Emil: No way. You have to get up. Now. We're leaving soon.

Genis: Fine. (Genis comes out of his house)

Troy: Ok..I guess you're all ready?

Emil: Yeah.

Genis: As ready as I'll ever be.

Emil: Genis is a little...cranky in the morning

Genis: Shut up.

Troy: Right...

Luxord: Ah, good. The gang's all here. (Luxord rises out of the ground and materializes)

Troy: Damn...Not you again.

Luxord: You bet it's me again. Banjo's not letting Emil get away.

Troy: Hmph. (Troy puts on her gloves)

Luxord: Ha. You won't beat me this time. (Luxord takes out his Killing Edge)



Troy: Alright then. Let's do this.

Emil: Wait, Troy. I'll take care of him.

Troy: Emil, no! You're not strong enough!

Luxord: So, the boy wants to have a go?

Emil: Troy...You said I have a special power, right?

Troy: Yeah...

Emil: So calm down. Trust me on this.

Troy: Fine...

Luxord: Ha! Your power can't stop me!

Emil: We'll see. (He takes out his sword and charges at Luxord at an amazingly fast speed)


Emil: The power, of course.

Luxord: Grr...(He charges at Emil. Emil dodges the attack and lands behind Luxord. Luxord spins around and hits Emil)

Emil: Grah!

Troy: Emil! Your arm!

(There is a wound on his arm that's bleeding)

Emil: Damn...That's a lot of blood.

Luxord: Ha. I win.

Emil: I'm not done yet. (He tries to stab Luxord, but Luxord side jumps out of the way and runs)

Emil: Aw, what's wrong? Scared?

Luxord: No. Heheh.....

Troy: Oh no...Is he doing what I think...?

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I felt like doing two chapters today.

Chapter 5


The Gate




Shuuda: Yes...Now..I can do it. "It" won't have as much power as it could, for I need the boy...But this will do for now. Hahaha....Lord of Death and Destruction. Break down the gates preventing you from destroying everything. Break them down, and be revived. Come...I summon you...DIABLO!!!! (The gate slowly opens up and allows a purple light to shine out)

???: Uuurgh...Do you have...A sacrifice...?

Shuuda: Yes, my lord. Take all these dead angels..Use them as you please. I killed them for you.

???: Yesss...They will do nicely...for now anyway. I shall take the form...of an angel...(The angel's bodies float inside the gate. An angel wearing a green hat and clothes appears in front of the gate)

Remiel: In this world...I shall be known...As Remiel.

Shuuda: Yes, my lord...Remiel.

Remiel: Take me to your leader. I shall decide if he is worthy....

Shuuda: Yes, Remiel.




Banjo: Where is Shuuda? He should be back by now...

Shuuda: Oh, but I am, my lord.

Banjo: Good. Have you brought-

Remiel: So..You are Banjo?

Banjo: Yes. Who are you?

Remiel: I am the God of Death and Destruction. I am otherwise known as Diablo. In this form, I shall be known as Remiel.

Banjo: My lord...Remiel. I am sorry, I didn't realize-

Remiel: Shut up. Show me your ability in battle.

Banjo: As you wish...Remiel. (Banjo's nails grow uber long and become uber pointy)

Remiel: Woah..Pointy. ^_^

Banjo: I know! ^_^

Remiel: Anyway...Let's get going with this battle.

Banjo: Right.

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnGcyhyv64M )

Banjo: BLARGH! (He charges at Remiel with his claws facing towards him)

Remiel: ...(He easily flies out of the way)

Remiel: JUDGEMENT! (Rays of light shine on the ground)

Banjo: Glargh!


Remiel: You're weak...

Banjo: I'm not done yet....AAAAAAAAH! (A blue light surrounds him)

Remiel: Could this be...The ancient power...?

Banjo: That's right..I am one of the 3 Oracles.

Remiel: Well then..Let's quit this battle. There is no need.

Banjo: Cool.

Yeah, I know, short chapter.

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Chapter 6






Emil: What do you mean?

Troy: He's going to....no...

Genis: What?

Luxord: Haha...That's right, Bianchi...You're about to see what destroyed a whole city....Demon of Death and Destruction...Help me defeat these fools...lend me your strength....ULTIMA!!!!!!!!!!

Emil: Oh no..Not this again...aa..aaaaa...AAAH!!! (Blue light surrounds Emil) BARRIER!! (A barrier of light surrounds Emil, Genis, and Troy)

Troy: Damn...




Banjo: Yogurt...Why haven't you come back...?

Remiel: We should hurry. We don't need them to carry out my plan...

???: Thinking of leaving without us, were you?

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VXe-fgJO-M...feature=related )

Banjo: YOGURT!

Yogurt: Yeah, it's me.

Banjo: Where were you?!

Yogurt: I guess I'll have to tell you the whole story...

Banjo: Yes.

Yogurt: Well you see...


Mercenary Compound (1 year ago)



Yogurt: Jeez....Let up a little...

Matt: What's a matter, Yogurt? Never been in a war?

Yogurt: No...I..Haven't....

General: That's it...You two...For slacking off, you're going to have to go through the 7 Trials of Death.

Yogurt: Oh no......

Edited by Hello Again

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Chapter 7


7 Trials of Death ( 1 year ago)


Yogurt: Oh god I don't want to do this.

Matt: Well neither do I.

General: Well, you're going too.

Yogurt: Hmph.

General: No one has come out of this cave alive.

Yogurt: Oh boy.

General: I doubt you'll be coming out.

Matt: Ha. Yeah right.

General: Get in there. (Matt and Yogurt walk into the cave)

Yogurt: Hey, it's dark in here.

Matt: Yeah.

???: Grrr...

Yogurt: Oh god. (A giant lion jumps out from the darkness)

Matt: Crap! (Matt takes out a large spear)

Yogurt: Heh. (yogurt takes out a staff)

Matt: You just keep me healthy, Yogurt! I'll take care of the lion!

Yogurt: Ok!

Lion: GRAA!! (The lion lunges at Matt. Matt jumps out of the way and stabs the lions leg)

Lion: AAR!

Matt: Oh yeah. (The lion tackles Yogurt)

Yogurt: AAAH! MATT!

Matt: Damn! (Matt jumps on the lion's back and stabs it)

Yogurt: Well..Its dead now. (Yogurt moves the body off of him)

Matt: The 1st trail wasn't so bad...


Ur (ruined)


Troy:...Uh....(Troy wakes up and gets off of the ground)

Troy: Damn..He destroyed the whole town...I'd better find the others...(Troy looks around the ruins of the town and sees Emil)

Troy: EMIL!

Emil: Ah...(Emil gets up)

Emil: W-What happened?

Troy: Luxord destroyed the town...

Emil: That's right...

Genis: Well, I guess we're all alive.

Troy: Oh, there you are.

Genis: Yeah. But the town...

Emil: No....Ur...

Luxord: Hahahaha....No one but you is alive, huh?

Emil: Oh no...Luxord...You...You killed them all?

Luxord: Yeah. And oh boy, was it fun...

Emil: You're...You're sick...

Luxord: Maybe. But it feels so good to murder..I love it...

Troy: I have no idea why I ever worked with you fools...

Genis: *whispering* W-What...?

Luxord: Oh...I should be leaving. Good bye. (He turns into a shadow and goes into the ground)

Genis: ...




Banjo: Luxord...Look who's here.

Luxord: Yogurt..Matt....You're here....

Matt: Yeah. I want to continue with the story.

Luxord: ...

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