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[Answered] FE7 Map Custom Sprite Insert

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I'm having a bit of trouble inserting custom map sprites into FE 7. So first off I am able to replace the standing Lyn map sprite, with no errors to the sprite animation and palette, but whenever I try to replace the misc/other map sprites it breaks the game.


Issues that I have run into:

I've been successful in importing them but Lyn's health is gone, selecting and hovering over Lyn stays on the first frame, moving doesn't do anything.

Loading up my rom just stays on a white screen.


Any help would be great! If you need more details then I can gladly do so.

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11 hours ago, flingleforp said:

Where are you importing the map sprites? Animations and graphics tend to go nuts when you put them in weird places

I'm using GBA Graphics Editor, offset "3B97C8", to replace Lyn's movement/animation map sprites.

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Writing map sprites directly on top of the old ones can get funky, try inserting onto some free space and using Nightmare to replace the pointers

http://feuniverse.us/t/map-sprite-insertion-mania/107 is a good tutorial, though I assume you're already following it


-Check your custom sprite's palette in Usenti

-Make sure your custom sprite is formatted correctly

-Try the animation pointer from another sprite if things still look weird

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