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Pick my Units!


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This is long overdue, but I'm gonna play a Hard Casual (yes, I'm dirty) of this game and want you guys to pick who I'm gonna use! The team will be a max of 10 units first and second gen and who parents who in the second gen. Avatar and Chrom are exceptions. A child does not immediately mean their parent will be used, just supporting the other in free battles.

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First Gen:

1: Lon'qu

2:Lissa, @Levant Mir Celestia

3:Anna, @eclipse

4:Tharja, @Knight Adam

5:Miriel, @NinjaMonkey

6:Donny, @MadJak91

7:Sully, @Tuvy

8:Olivia, @kaiban

9:Kellam, @Xanaxian

10:Cordelia, @SoulWeaver

Second Gen:

1:Severa, father: Lon'qu

2:Owain, father: Vaike @NinjaMonkey

3:Yarne, father: Donnel @darkblade2814

4:Morgan, Mother: Olivia @Levant Mir Celestia

5:Noire, father: Virion @Rex Glacies






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