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[FE7] Fire Emblem: Chaos in Sitlanta

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Fire Emblem: Chaos in Sitlanta

A year ago I posted the FE:Nova Concept and while I am still working on it, I decided to take a spin on it and make smaller project on a prequel?/backstory on it. The story is about Sitlanta's fall into chaos after the successor of the late King Benjamin fails to keep the country united. Several bandit gangs form and take advantage of the current state, each fighting for full control. The people get tired of the King's inactions and form their own militas but each one of them falls due to the bandit leaders forming momentary alliances with each other. All of the militia groups fade away except one, The Swanguard, whose leader is one of the protagonists Stuart and his cousin Gareth (yes it's a reference :P:). The main leader, Stuart, divides the group to avoid getting decimated and each of his assigned leaders look for a way to eliminate each and every bandit gang and restore peace to Sitlanta. Nova is involved in this story but it plays a minor, but important role.




The goals of this project:

  • Simple, Small, but fun (7 chapters long, two are complete as of now)
  • There will be a route split 
  • This project uses a lot of the free stuff (Mugs, Maps, Weapon Icons, the Halberdier map thingy)
  • There's no fliers or magic, but that will be explained why in the story (originally the aim was to be a "realistic" but I felt that was too hard so there will be a healer (from Nova) and a dancer)

Credits to <3:
Arch for the video Tutorials, otherwise I wouldn't understand 
Blazer for the tutorials
Primefuison [maps]
Aura Wolf [maps]
Celice [maps]
Lissandra [icons]
The Blind Archer [Halberdier]
NickT [Mugs <3]
Sqawl [Mugs]
Matt Custov [Mugs]
Toa [Mugs]
Letsgoforit [Mugs]
MattSnow [Mugs]
Lenh [Camellia's Mug]
Gryz [staff vision]
Nintenlord <3
I'm probably forgetting a lot of people aren't I?

Things I need help with?

  • Probably the supports, and the fortunes I haven't written them. There's only 17 characters but each supports 2 different characters except the final 3 who support 3.
  • There's one map I'd like to remake (chapter 4) because it's kind of small so it feels cluttered, unless I put less enemies and I don't want that :v
  • Just feedback in general, I want to polish this as much as possible before FEE3.

  • Also there's this, idk how to change them.

Demo: (I suggest you play with animations off because I'm still working on the palettes :v) 
2 Chapter Patch

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the prep screen you change in the chapter data editor 

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