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hi friends

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I finally decided to make an account after lurking for a long time. I'm Cubert, I go by some form of ladyCubert on Discord and Reddit. I like fire emblem I think.
I've played almost all of the NA released games, barring Radiant dawn because I haven't finished POR yet and I can't be arsed to pirate it just yet, and shadow dragon just because I don't feel like playing Shadow dragon.

If any of y'all are interested in cosplay, boom, my instagram is ladycubert as well. how convenient. I do other artsy fartsy stuff on occasion too, wow

idk what else to say so have a nice day

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Welcome I hope you enjoy PoR and play RD since I really like both of them.  I want to get in to cosplay myself, I keep meaning to make a Konzen Douji (he is in Saiyuki Gaiden) costume one of these days, but can never get motivated.

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