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Your Favorite Character From Each Game You've Played

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FE2: Mathilda - There is only one god in Sofia and her name is Mathilda. She is such a blast to use with her crazy stats in every area.

FE3: Sirius - Pretty much the same as above, really.

FE4: Leaf - It's just so very satisfying to build this guy up from a hotheaded scup to an amazing Master Knight able to keep up with those who use the holy weapons.

FE5: Mareeta - While she isn't all that great as a unit, one can't deny that she always delivers a great show with her ridiculous offensive power. Of course it doesn't hurt that that there is some good drama surrounding her.

TRS: Raquel - As a prepromote Archer who joins very early, she avoids the usual pitfalls for archers. The downside is her inability to deal lethal blows to human enemies, which makes her a pretty interesting prepromote to use.

FE6: Echidna - It's actually kinda amazing how bad her supports are. They are all exclusively about other people. So honestly, she is just here because she is a fun unit with a cool design.

FE7: Pent - Same as the above I suppose. But of course he is far better as a unit.

FE8: Lyon - He is a very compelling villain.

FE9: Jill - I suppose this is fairly self-explanatory for everyone who played this game.

FE10: Yune - To be honest, I find it really hard to articulate why I like her so much. Especially without writing an entire essay. So let's just say that she is just a really engaging character in what little time she is around.

FE11: Wendel - It's great having a competent Sage so early into the game.

FE12: Sirius again, I suppose.

FE13: Sumia - I suppose the term "favorite" is a bit misleading here. She is all kinds of annoying but it's just hard to come up with an Awakening character who is not utterly loathsome. So she kinda wins this one by default.

FE Fates Conquest: Niles - Oh hey, it's mister "Even if you cry or scream, I won't stop." *sigh* Yeah, the friendly neighborhood rapist wins this one, the bar is really that low. Although it helps that most of the time he is fairly likeable, coming across more like a well-meaning prankster rather then a sex offender. He is also refreshingly down to earth compared to the rest of the cast. It was also rather interesting to use a magical archer.

FE SoV: May - Behold the power of having actual voiced dialog. Every time May opens her mouth fun is to be had. Not like there is much else to look forward to on Celica's side of the story. It also helps that she is a very capable offensive mage. I'd say she is a lot better then in the original Gaiden.

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FE5- Dagda

FE9- Reyson

FE12- Minerva

Last time


FE1- Sheeda- gets hilarious stat boost when you class change. Given how low difficulty the game is her high move distinguishes her from other units you can make into tanky beaters. Has some comedic story presence.

Gaiden Catria- Made the game slightly less awful to play through alongside Palla.

Mystery of Emblem Alan - I still contend that well-designed Jeigans SHOULD fall off (and far earlier than marcus/tatiania)

Genealogy Shannan- I despise Genealogy's gameplay. Mostly picked because of ability to kill final boss at base. I like to see the humor in the game design..

Thracia 776 Pahn- I think the the thieve mechanics are one of the most unique and fun parts of gaiden. Pahn can actually fight a little as well (while the unique weapon lasts) and you can probbably raise his build more than the other two. Also you really want to field someone  vision range to deal with fog in the latter half of the game..

Blazing Sword Marcus - A vital player in the uphill battle of attrition before the game  relents and gives you other good units after chapter 8.

Binding Blade Hector- Fun unit. shame so few people can rescue him. 

Sacred Stones Saleh- I love gangbusting with 3 paladins as much as everyone, but for some reason Saleh stands out to me. 

Path of Radiance Titania? Reyson? Oscar? Calil? I'm really not sure. leaning Calil.

Radiant Dawn Nolan= can take a hit on Hard, unlike most other charathers in his group. Can use crossbow after promotion to ensure he doesn't really fall off for Dawn Brigade purposes- not coming to endgame, but imo the gameplay of Part4 is not that interesting anyway....

Shadow Dragon Wendel-If you like the reclass mechaic as much as I do, that high base speed will be put to good use.

New Mysterey Arran- for being the only starting pre-promote to actually fall off and thus function properly gameplaywise. 

Awakening Kellam , just because he featured in my most memorable play through.

Fates Jakob= staff utility, easy to get heart sealed, really interesting part of LTCs.

Shadows of Valentia- Genny- for cheesing the awful post game maps so I at least didn't have to put up with grinding.

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FE 4 - Shannan and Finn

FE 6 - Zephiel and Lilina 

FE 7 - Jaffar and Nino

FE 8 - Colm and Joshua 

FE 9 - Soren and Jill

FE 10 - Black Knight and Naesala 

FE 11- Caeda and Marth

FE 12 - Katarina and Palla

FE 13 - Tiki and Anna

FE 14 (All paths) - Leo and Kaze

FE 15 - Celica and Alm

FE Heroes: Sharena 

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On 9/12/2017 at 11:59 PM, saisymbolic said:

Blazing Sword - Rath, Legault

Sacred Stones - Cormag, Saleh

Path of Radiance - Naesala, Nasir

Radiant Dawn - Aran, Pelleas

Awakening - Virion, Maribelle

Fates: Conquest - Xander, Arthur

Fates: Birthright - Hinata, Shiro

Fates: General - Mozu, Shura, Flora

these are all like at least my 5th or 6th favorites

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FE4: Lex

FE5: Mareeta

FE6: Percival

FE7: Hector (Lyn)

FE8: Marissa

FE9: Ike

FE10: Ike

FE11: Camus

FE12: Sirius (Catria)

FE13: Cordelia (Gregor)

FE14: Saizo (Selena)

FE15: Delthea


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FE1/11: Xane (Marth)

FE2/15: Lukas (Zeke and Kamui)

FE3/12: Sirius (Minerva)

Archenea overall: Xane, Camus/Zeke/Sirius, Minerva, Marth

FE4: Finn (Lewyn)

FE5: Leif (Carion)

FE6: Karel, Elffin without considering FE7 (Percival)

FE7: Hector (Jaffar)

FE8: Larachel (Joshua)

FE9: Ike (Stefan)

FE13: Lon'qu (Morgan)

FE14: Gunther (Kaze)

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4 hours ago, Glaceon Mage said:

...Shanna is in FE4?  Could have sworn she was from FE6.

Shannan forget to put the extra n... actually now that I think about it the reason I do this is because I've been pronouncing his name the same way as I've been pronouncing Shanna’s rather as than Shannon like I should, I think the a just of threw me off.

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Gonna list playable non-lords (and Fates non royals)...

4: Lewyn, Lachesis

6: Raigh, Dieck

7: Jaffar, Nino

8: L'Arachel, Ross

9: Jill, Soren

10: Haar, Nephenee 

11: Caeda, Minerva

13: Maribelle, Cherche

14: Oboro, Hinata

15: Saber, Grey

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From the games I've played.

Fe 6: Raigh, Percival, Lilina, Roy (yes, I do like Roy) and Ziess.

Fe 7: Hector, Raven, Erk and Heath.

Fe 8: Ephraim and Joshua 

Tellius series: Ike, Soren, Zihark, Zelgius, Haar and Shinon. 

This was hard because I like almost every character from this game.

Fe 11 & 12: Merric and Minerva

Fe 13: Robin....just Robin

Fe 14: Takumi, Birthrights Elise and Leo.

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FE7: Hector (Pent)

FE8: Joshua (Cormag)

FE11: Marth (Barst)

FE13: Gregor (Chrom)

FE14: Kaze (Takumi)

FE15: Valbar (Boey)



FE7: Nino (Lyn)

FE8: Tana (Eirika)

FE11: Caeda (Palla)

FE13: Sumia (Cherche)

FE14: Hinoka (Nyx)

FE15: Celica (Mae)

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FE6 (still in progress of doing): 1st: Lilina

FE7: 1st: Florina 2nd: Pent

FE8: 1st: Lute 2nd: Myrrh

FE13: 1st: Tiki 2nd: Henry

FE14 Birthright: 1st: Kaden 2nd: Ryoma 3rd: Hana

FE14 Conquest: 1st: Charlotte 2nd: Elise

FE14 Revelation: 1st: Charlotte 2nd: Kaden

FE15: 1st: Mathilda 2nd: Delthea 


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I always run into issues trying to pick single favorites.

Based on largely on appearance, personality, and history (because I'll always use good gameplay units)

FE7: Bramimond. Doesn't count? Then Hector. Pent ranks highly too.

FE8: Ephraim Mode Lyon is good if he counts. If not I'll say L'Arachel. 

FE9: Soren, easy. Jill and Shinon rank very highly as well.

FE10: If Sephiran counts given his much bigger role in RD, then him. If not, Skrimir is great.

FE11: Merric. 

FE13: I don't really know. Tiki or Stahl probably.

FE14: I don't know them personality-wise, but I'll say Takumi.


Random Berwick Saga comment (I haven't actually played it)- Kramer, I like that you look like Ogma Jr.  Slivia combines confidence, pride, maturity, and a bit of sexiness in her artwork. And Czene- you look like someone I would want to sit down with at a Parisian cafe on warm Spring day and have some polite conversation with.

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SD: uh...Caeda? (Marth?)

Blazing Blade: Eliwood. I feel kinda bad for him (Hector)

Sacred Stones: Seth (Innes probably)

Awakening: Lucina (Male Robin)

Echoes: hmm, it might actually be Tobin, but I generally am not sure.

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Awakening - Lon'Qu/Cordelia

Fates (Birthright) - Saizo/Kagero//Takumi

Fates (Conquest) - Xander/Leo(Sorcerer)/Ophelia

Fates (Revelations) - Ophelia/Shigure

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FE4-Cety (Levyn as father of course for Forseti)

FE5-Finn (yeah, I know both he and Cety are in both 4 and 5, but Finn's just awesome here)

FE6-Tate (Thea I believe her official name is?)




FE14-I legitimately can't think of anyone, they're much too gimmicky for my taste.


Haven't played 1,2,3,11,12 but I did like Palla in echoes, so her I guess

Haven't played 9,10 but the Black Knight seems cool from what I've heard/seen

EDIT: I valued both gameplay and character

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I'm gonna put in the no repeat rule here, so I can't choose the same character again that have been playable in multiple games.

  • FE 1 - Tiki
  • FE 2 - Sonya
  • FE 3 - Linde
  • FE 4 - Tailtiu (Haven't finished Genealogy)
  • FE 5 - Leif (Haven't finished 776..)
  • FE 6 - Dieck
  • FE 7 - Lyn
  • FE 8 - Cormag
  • FE 9 - Ike
  • FE 10 - Elincia
  • FE 11 - Cain
  • FE 12 - Palla
  • FE 13 - Cordelia
  • FE 14 Birthright - Kagero
  • FE 14 Conquest - Benny
  • FE 14 Revelation - Shiro
  • FE 15 - Python
  • TMS (If it counts) - Kiria
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Based on the playable cast and of all the ones that I've completed. Split by gender + runner ups:

Shadow Dragon: Navarre (Marth), Minerva (Caeda)

New Mystery: Michalis (Sirius), Sheena

Awakening: Lon'qu (Chrom/Vaike), Cherche (Tiki)

Fates BR: Ryoma (Takumi/Shiro), Rinkah (Kagero/Oboro/Orochi),

Fates CQ: Leo (Xander/Laslow), Nyx (Severa)

Fates shared: Azura, Kaze

Echoes (A): Alm (Gray/Tobin), Mathilda

Echoes (C): Conrad (Saber/Boey), Celica (Mae)  

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clarity + forgot someone

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FE6: Lilina (Cecilia)

FE7: Lyn (Ninian)

FE8: Tana (Ephraim)

FE9: Ike (Soren)

FE10: Sothe (Titania)

FE11: Marth (Caeda)

FE12 Ogma (Linde)

FE13: Lucina (Tharja)

FE14(C): Camilla (Niles)

FE14(B): Ryoma (Kagero)

FE14(R): Azura (Leo)

FE15: Celica (Sonya)

FEH: Anna (Sharena)

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