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Your unit wishlist (Current pool)

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It would be nice to finally get a Minerva and Ike, although I've given up on rolling for Ike since every time I do I waste a lot of orbs and end up with trash.

Genny because she's cute.

Effie to start an Armor team.

More Cains because I have a 40+4 5* with LaD3 and I want him to be even stronger

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I've been pretty lucky being a F2P user. Still, I would like to have a few units to add to my roster.

High Priority

  • Dancer Inigo
  • Celica
  • Julia
  • Leo
  • Minerva
  • Elincia

Medium Priority

  • Soren
  • Fae
  • Nowi
  • Azura
  • Gray - Sword Valor

Low Priority

  • Olwen
  • Titania
  • Sanaki
  • Elise
  • Genny

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Inigo, Olivia (dagger), Alm, Eldigan, Lucius, Nephenee and Gray are all that's left for me I think.

Not that I dislike Hector, but I'd also really like some DC fodder.

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Time to update the wishlist, I suppose.  After being lucky enough to pull Inigo, PA!Azura, and 5* Catria, I am still hurting for:

High priority: Ryoma, Hector, Takumi, Brave Lyn, Kagero, Jakob, Innes, 

Medium priority: Leo, Ike, Karel, Sonya, Eldigan, Oscar, Roderick, Jaffar

Low priority: 5* versions of Chrom, Marth, Jeorge, Seliph, and Camilla.  If I happen to stumble across 5* versions of Hawkeye and Raven, I'll be glad to have them, too.  I've already got 4* versions of all these units, but an upgrade would be most welcome.

Aside from these peeps, I'm planning to promote my Navarre, Valter, and Female Robin to 5* in that order.  Then I'll be done with any GHB characters (not interested in using Legion, Clarisse, Lloyd, Tobin, or Zephiel).  I'm giving up on a 5* Black Knight, I just can't stand the 1 movement of armor units.  It drives me crazy.

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Units I don't have at all:

Units I want in order to improve my roster:
- Amelia (for Armor Emblem)
- Tana (for Flier Emblem)
- Elincia (for Flier Emblem)
(yeah I didn't roll for their banners since I had no $$ to spend after Brave banner and needed all my orbs for Halloween banner...)
- P. Azura (which I'm still hoping to get by month's end)
- Celica, Sanaki, Sonya, Linde (because I really need some extra mages of all colors)
- Brave Lucina (only one I was unable to pull from the Brave banner despite sniping only blues and getting to 5% chance... the salt was real when that 5* Catria appeared)
- Leo (for my 3rd Horse Emblem team)

Units I missed and I want to get next year hopefully:
- Spring Camilla (for Flier Emblem)
- Summer Corrin (for Flier Emblem)
- Bride Cordelia (for sheer power level)

Units I want because I like them:
- Lyn, Y!Tiki, Ephraim


Units I have but want more of:

Units I want for better IVs (only including 5* exclusives that I WANT to use, not every unit I have with bad IVs):
- Ike (my current one is +RES -DEF... and he is at +3!! I've pulled 4 Ikes and that was the best IV I could get!)
- Brave Roy (my current one is +RES -SPD)
- Spring Lucina (my current one is +RES -ATK)
- Minerva (my current one is +HP -SPD)

4* Units I want for SI:
- Klein (for DB3)
- Roy (for TA3)
- Hinata (for Fury 3)


Overall I can't complain too much, game has been relatively generous to me (more like, I have been very generous to the game though...), currently I've got 50 decently set-up 5* units and 120k feathers that I plan on using for fixing some IVs and stuff, but there aren't too many gaping holes in my collection atm.

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As for now I really want:


Alm, Eldigan, Seliph, Marth


Reinhardt, Linde, Tana, Oscar


Hector, Minerva, Julia


Klein, Innes, Takumi


I have more but I'd count these as high priority

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RED: Leo and Saber (max priority)

BLUE: More Gwendolyns, Maes, Reinhardts... to merge :D

GREEN: Hector (max priority for armor emblem), more Sheenas to merge, and Amelia for skill inheritance (Slaying Axe for Sheena).

COLORLESS: Takumi and Jaffar (max priority) and Klein for skill inheritance.

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On 09/15/2017 at 7:43 PM, shadowofchaos said:

What units are on your wishlist to pull from the current pool of units?

For me it's:


Brave Ike




I mean other 5* unit pulls would be welcome... But I think I'm content already.

Just got Brave Ike and regular Ike on a free pull before.

I guess only Diedre, Saber, and Amelia left.

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The ones I still want the most on my wishlist are:

1. Saber 

2. Delthea

3. Ninian (unfortunate to get her on that last banner because Fae got in the way twice)

4. Amelia

5. Lucina (regular)

That’s all I can think about right now.

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I'm a collector, so my top priority is getting the units I'm missing (30 or so). But if I were to list my top 10 it would be:

  • Ryoma
  • Amelia
  • Innes
  • Young Tiki
  • Linde
  • Sigurd
  • Jaffar
  • Faye
  • Leo
  • Elincia

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On 9/15/2017 at 7:04 PM, DarkLordIvy said:

At the moment I would most love to get:

Jaffar(he has eluded me for so long!), Roy(normal or brave), Hector, Lyn (normal or brave), Lukas, Sonya, and no less than 10 more Sorens. 

Well, I got Roy and Lyn so that’s pretty great even with crappy banes. 

Unfortunabtly the rest of my list eluded me still and now Sigurd and Deirdre join the list. 

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My number 1, the one I've been regretting ever since her banner, is Celica.

So, prior to celica, I grabbed Alm off my first pull from his banner.

Alm, of course, is terrible. So I decided right then and there that I wouldn't pull any more Shadows of Valentia banners ever. Celica rolled around and I skipped her.

Thing is, I didn't have any red mages, either four or five stars. For months. It began to actually be a problem.

Even now, with Arvis and a 5 star Tharja, I still want a Celica. She's just so much better...

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On 26.9.2017 at 11:04 PM, Dengres said:
  • Y!Tiki
  • Lukas (for Greg Chun Emblem)
  • Gray
  • Mathilda
  • Lyn/B!lyn
  • Hector
  • Innes
  • Amelia (for Sheena)
  • Sanaki
  • Lucina
  • and finally a Kagero

Got Tiki and Kagero. Deirdre and Tailtiu now take their place though

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This ended up being longer than I thought it would be. 


High Priority-


Azura (Performing)




Lyn (Brave)

Roy (Brave)




Medium Priority-









Low Priority-






Skill Inheritance Only- 





Ike (Brave)





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Here's my list. And brace yourself, because it's a long one.



Units to actually use:

Red units wanted:

Sigurd (Cavalry, Swords)
Eldigan (Cavalry, Swords)
Xander (Cavalry, Swords)
Lyn (Infantry, Swords)
Ike (Infantry, Swords)
Ayra (Infantry, Swords)
Gray (Infantry, Swords)
Roy (Infantry, Swords)
Marth (Infantry, Swords)
Saber (Infantry, Swords)
Celica (Infantry, Tomes)
Katarina (Infantry, Tomes)
Tharja (Infantry, Tomes)
Lilina (Infantry, Tomes)
Tiki (both ages) (Infantry, Dragonstones)

Blue units wanted:

Ninian (Infantry, Blue Dragonstones)
Azura (Infantry, Lances)
Camus (Cavalry, Lances)
Ursula (Cavalry, Tomes)
Olwen (Cavalry, Tomes)
Ephraim (Infantry, Lances)
Delthea (Infantry, Lances)
Linde (Infantry, Lances)

Green units wanted:

Performing Azura (Infantry, Axes)
Performing Inigo (Infantry, Tomes)
Amelia (Armored, Axes)
Minerva (Flier, Axes)
Michalis (Flier, Axes)

Colorless units wanted:

Leon (Infantry, Bows)
Klein (Infantry, Bows)
Takumi (Infantry, Bows)
Genny (Infantry, Staves)
Maria (Infantry, Staves)
Elise (Cavalry, Staves)

Units with skills to inherit to others

Kagero (Poison Dagger+, will inherit to Performing Olivia)
Clair (Hit And Run, will inherit to Cherche)



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- Brave Roy (Roy's best form and I want a more offensive-oriented cavalier)
- Saber (best man in SoV)
- Hinata (like a dozen of him; I need Fury for too many units, it's sickening)
- Athena (need to complete my 4* collection)

- Nephenee (I already got a good one in +ATK/-RES but I need another one for Wrath fodder)
- Nowi (another missing 4*)

- Brave Ike (Kita Senri does the best Ike)

- Takumi (the last Fates Royal I do not have)
- Lachesis (also missing 4*)
- Kagero (the last missing 4*)

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-Hinoka for hone fliers.
-Ninian to complete my dancer collection? 
-TOBIN. I just really want him for some reason, and I missed his TT. Mini TT when

When she's eventually released: Micaiah

edit: and how could I forget INNES, dude has been eluding me since the SS banner

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A collector.

Elise <3

Favorite FE Character.


Because she's so busted and outbalances the game right now.


Need good Red Mage. Though Sophia with Quick Ripstole, Triangle Adapt and a Blaraven tome can do wonders on Brave Lyn's.

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My Top 20 Units That I Want

1. Luke - I need Fire Boost for Arden. Also wouldn't mind building him.

2. Celica

3. Sigurd

4. Tana

5. Jaffar


7. Sonya

8. Delthea

9. Ogma

10. Minerva

11. Gray

12. Mae

13. Saber

14. Tailtiu

15. Olwen

16. Lyn

17. Elincia

18. Nephenee

19. Linde

20. Ayra

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On 9/15/2017 at 10:17 PM, DLNarshen said:

High Priority:

-Athena/Karel: My most wanted units right now, but only because I need their Wo Dao to give to Caeda.  Armorslayer is nice for the Hector/Amelia/Sheena matchups, but I'd like something with a little more of an edge to it for everything else.

-Gordin: I only have my trained one left, and I'd like a Brave Bow+ for Setsuna.  I would not fodder off a Klein for this purpose.  Hell, I've never summoned him at all.

-Hinoka: Better nature/merge copies.

Mid Priority:

-Ryoma: A month ago I would have had him in high priority, but the BK's addition will give me three DC swords to work with, four if I count the DC I gave to Caeda.  One can never really have enough of course, but I like Ryoma, and if they put him on another banner I'd feel tempted to spend if the 5* red pool wasn't so crowded. 

-Saizo: Been playing since day 1, and I have yet to pull him.  Since pulling Clarine last month, he is the last 3-4* character I'm missing, and I'd actually like to 5* him some day. 

Low Priority:

-Shanna/Caeda: More merge fodder.

-Sakura: I like her, and I've never pulled her before.

Since last month I was able to pull both an Athena and a Gordin, and have since been foddered away for the above stated purposes.  With the new flier banner, Hinoka has been moved to high priority since I'd like to have her in my arena core and thus would really like some merges.  I only have enough Caeda to do a +3, but I'm not worried about her right now.  Somehow, I still have not been able to pull Saizo. 

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Basically just Ayra for me right now X| Unless SI fodder counts in which case BIke and Hector would be nice. 

I've gotten pretty lucky in terms of the units I actually want to use overall, though the optimal skill inheritance options have been... a different story ;;; Still only pulled 1 Klein and 2 Hinatas since the game's launch...

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Unobtained: Summer!Robin, Lyn, Ephraim, Spring!Camilla, Bride!Cordelia, Elise, Bride!Lyn, Kagero, Amelia, Faye, Nephenee, Ryoma, Summer!Tiki, Zephiel.

Used: Axe!Ike, Ike, Camus, Genny.

More of: Hinoka, Niles, Alm, Athena, Hector, Robin (F and M), Summer!Elise, Tailtiu.

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Mostly want Soren (I don't care if it's a 4-star one, pls just come home already), and then Ephraim and Leo. Elincia, Sanaki, and Nephenee are lower priority, but would also be fantastic. I've got PA!Azura and CYL Ike so I'm not too bothered about not having their regular versions anymore, but it'd still be nice if I could get them at some point. Hector I'd really like so I could give Distant Counter to my Titania.

I'm gonna be pulling hard for that Halloween Sakura once the banner drops, and I'm very interested in the Henry and Nowi as well.

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