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I want to do a Corrinquest run for Revelations (EU)

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Like the title says, I want to do a Corrinquest playthrough for Revelations and I want YOU to help (cheesy, I know).

Sadly I can only accept EU Corrins as I live in Europe.


  1. All base Corrins must be at most level 10
  2. You can be any un-promoted class as long as they aren't an exclusive or an enemy-only class. This means that you can't be a:
    • Nohr Prince(ss) 
    • Songstress
    •  Faceless
    •  Stoneborn
    • Automaton
    • Astral Dragon
    • Nohrian King
    • Blight Dragon
    • Empty Vessel
    • Silent Dragon
  3. You get to choose 1 special skill to have as your "personal skill".
  4. You also cannot use a single stat-boosting item on your Corrin beforehand.



Castle Adress:




Personal Skill:


  • I will only recruit 15 Corrins and I want this team to be as diverse as possible so I will try to avoid characters with the same class.
  • You can use any DLC-only class. This includes:
    • Dread Fighter
    • Dark Falcon
    • Ballistician
    • Witch
  • I will not use amiibo classes. This includes:
    • Lodestar
    • Vanguard
    • Grandmaster
    • Great Lord
  • Remember that your castle has to be entirely safe (No enemies and easy to seize)

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I wanted to do a Corrin-only run, too, so maybe I'll take some Corrins from here as well.

Anyway, introducing my Corrin for you:

Name: Yume
Castle Adress: 18446-11515-47270-30172
Boon: Speed
Bane: Magic
Class: Samurai
Personal Skill: Rend Heaven

Have fun with her! :)

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