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Splice Competition 158 Voting

Best in Theme  

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So...to investigate a little further there's a couple of issues with that splice:

- Eliwood's eyes: There are no eyes of that shape in the set but Eliwood's seems a close match. If it's true, it violates the "only use the given set of mugs" rule. 

- The belts appear to be a made from scratch portion or borrowed from a mug outside the set. Since it's a whole new item on the mug it's a fairly significant addition and violates the spirit and rules of the competition ("no large made from scratch areas"). 

- Nose is questionable. While it looks a lot like either Harken's or Noah's, it doesn't look like either of them. Adds to suspicion it's from elsewhere or an edit went in.

I'll PM and hopefully resolve these issues with the submitter, until they are consider the entry unable to win. Thanks Blue Druid for bringing it up.

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Aaand the winner by a close race is Lt. Smirks'


edging out Errant Shepherd's merc mug by one vote!

Also, crcs sprite meido's


takes Popular Choice with 79% popularity! Runners up (based on vote total) are Blue Druid and Errant Shepherd. Lt. Smirks will get to choose next theme and a mug, while Meido, Blue Druid, and Errant will each get to choose a mug for the next round. Great turnout this round, and thanks to all who participated!

Edited by Lenh

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Hah, cool... not a bad result for not having spliced in ages! 

Ironically I think that was a very close result to my first splice comp. Narrowly beaten by that same Smirks. ;)

Gratz to Smirks, and thanks to everybody else for the votes and great competition!



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