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Fire Emblem 7 ~ GBA Team 1.1

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First of all, sorry for my bad english ( I'm french, duh)

I've made this hack during the last winter, I made it as a crossover between the three GBA games.
I've planned a story too but due to lack of motivation and language difficulty, I've decided to put my motivation
only on editing the gameplay while I'm learning how to hack and edit events.

In the final we got this :
*3/4 of original cast changes into other GBA FE characters.
*Growth,base and max stats of all classes and characters have changed.
*Changed bosses/enemies places.
*Added a few more bosses.
*More characters than before.
*Edited Items and added a few new weapons.
*Lyn and Eliwood normal story redone. (Don't try hector or hard mode, nothing have changed)
*A slighlty more difficult gameplay than the normal mode.
*Changed a few icons made by me or by the Internet. (Thank you very much Lord Glenn for your amazing ressources)

And now here is what i didn't implement in the Hack:
*Custom animations (I understood how to add them yesterday..)
*Custom story (Like I said before, i planed a big story but im keeping it for something else)
*Custom event (The 5 bonus characters I put come automaticly in your team)2cyljde.jpg


I won't edit this game anymore, it is like a "test" for me, a way to learn more how to hack FE7. 
I'm starting to work on either the remake or a totally new hack soon.
I'm sharing it to know what you think about it, know good/bad ideas i've put in it. (other than the obvious things I've written up there).

Thanks for your constructive critics !



fafa 1.11.ups

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Hello ! I tried your hack. I like the idea but I can't get past chapter 15.

Here are the issues I encountered :

Patching :

I had to select "ignore" on NUPS to patch the rom. I used "Fire Emblem 7 (U)(Venom)".

Chapter 3 :


Igrene death quote after killing a bandit

Chapter 7 :


Can't end turn

Gilliam :



Gilliam mug doesn't work and this mess shows up instead when I try to open his character sheet or trade an item

Natasha :



Same with Natasha

Chapter 13 :


Chapter 13 boss has a similar issue but with his chibi-mug (his normal one works fine)

Chapter 15 :


Erik has this with both his mug AND chibi-mug


Same thing with the boss


Aaaaaand I'm stuck here because it freezes everytime I try to move my cursor near the boss


I hope you can fix it because I had a blast playing it. The chapters are hard without being TOO hard, the cast is interesting (I would love to see something similar with FE9/10 characters) and it's fun to try new strategies.

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Honestly other than the Igrene cutscene bug, i have never got these kind of error.

I think it's because the base rom i used the game weren't the original Venom (U) version.

I have upload a new patch and I think it can resolve theses bug, exept for thing like Igrene. Tell me if it work ! Thanks.


EDIT: Reupload, now I think everything work fine. (... I hope... )


fafa 1.11.ups

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It seems to work now. Thanks !

EDIT : I finished chapter 22x and Igrene just... left. I can't find her anywhere and I'm pretty sure she didn't die.

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Done !

Issues encountered :



Igrene vanished from the team after 22x. She didn't show up in the credits either.


Lack of Echidna/Ekhidna.


Batta can only promote with an Earth Crest.


Brunya portrait is too high.


"Defeat Caellach" when the boss is actually Narshen.


I think Caellach and Narshen names may have simply been reversed.

Things I liked :


1506477659-promoted-units-1.png 1506477661-promoted-units-2.png

Great difficulty curve with promoted units early without them being too OP. No cheap boss with insane critical hit either. I hate it when savestats are nearly mandatory to win so I'm glad it wasn't the case here !


Getting the S rank weapons BEFORE the final chapter was so satisfying !

1506477651-ocean-seal.png 1506477627-convenient.png

Geese coming with an Ocean Seal is very convenient. Same with Legault and the member card.


Wasn't expecting Ursula to show up again. Nice surprise !


Seeing new bosses charging without anyone being near them.


The max stats.

1506477622-bishop-black-magic.png 1506477664-sage-whit-magic.png

Bishops being able to use black magic is cool !


I can buy multiple Light Brands ?! AND FIMBULVETR ?! (I also like that weapons have more uses.)


Even if they're not "really" integrated, the bonus characters (like Batta and Brendan) are a nice touch.

Final Team :
















I really, REALLY like this hack. I already shared it with some friends and I will probably replay it in the future. Thank you for your work and good luck with your next project !

EDIT : It seems to work fine with the randomizer. Neat !

Edited by LaurentLacroix

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Thank you for your critics !

I kinda like to have a nice challenge without having OP enemies and absolute use of savestats.

To be honest, I have abandon this project during last spring and I just rescently decide to make it done and fix the major bugs. That's why some things a rushed (a.k.a narshen and caellach name or Batta promotion.) But I have no idea where your Igrene go.

Anyways thanks a lot for you review of this game (and sorry for my bad english), I am happy that u like this hack ! 

Edited by Jayko04

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On 9/24/2017 at 7:22 PM, LaurentLacroix said:

Here are the issues I encountered :

Patching :

I had to select "ignore" on NUPS to patch the rom. I used "Fire Emblem 7 (U)(Venom)".

This isn't an issue. This is something that every forum post/patching tutorial says to do. Some people use different roms, and as long as the general makeup is the same, ignore should patch any rom.

First patch you've ever downloaded?

Kinda hyped to check this out tonight since I have nothing better to do lmao

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On 16/01/2018 at 12:23 PM, crisbr said:

Ohhh man dont abandon this hack its soo good!!

Thanks, but I am actually not working on it since its release. I have currently working on another similar project with FE8. The editing is far more easy since FEBuilder was release. I will maybe after that remake or just redone this one if I have the motivation for it, but I think I will. 

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