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FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

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Liao punishes the blob of gelatin.


Liao (Civilian) vs Chuchu

Bronze Lance | 64% HIT | 2 DMG | 0% CRT
Body Blow | 76% HIT | 3 DMG | 1% CRT

Liao gets in the first hit.
-2 (Chuchu: 0/16)
The struggle is over.

Liao gained 4 Lance EXP.
Liao gained 51 EXP.

Lim strikes the dangerous beast rider.


Lim (Mage) vs Wyvern Rider

Thunder | 68% HIT | 8 DMG | 0% CRT ↓
The Rotted Fork | —% HIT | — DMG | —% CRT ↑

The Wyvern Rider gets thunderstruck.
-8 (Wyvern Rider: 13/21 HP)
A bit strong for a weapon disadvantage.

And Lim’s target can’t counter.

Lim gained 2 Thunder EXP.
Lim gained 10 EXP.

Vanessa attacks a vicious bat.


Vanessa (Pegasus Knight) vs Keese

Iron Lance | 78% HIT | 5 DMG | 0% CRT
Bat Leech | 82% HIT  | 0 DMG | 0% CRT

Vanessa rushes in.

The Keese retaliates.
Those defense tiles.

Vanessa gained no Lance EXP.
Vanessa gained 1 EXP

Katarina casts some flames.


Katarina (Mage) vs Keese

Elfire | 69% HIT | 7 DMG | 0% CRT
Bat Leech | —% HIT | — DMG | —% CRT

Reese fries a Keese.
-7 (Keese: 4/17 HP)
Quite a strong attack.

The Keese can’t attack without moving away from the defense tile.

Katarina gained 1 Fire EXP.
Katarina gained 10 EXP.

Matt attacks the Wyvern Rider with his Bronze Bow, shifting right 1 tile to do so.


Matt (Civilian) vs Wyvern Rider

Bronze Bow | 87% HIT | 5 DMG | 0% CRT ↑!
The Rotted Fork | —% HIT | — DMG | —% CRT ↓

Matt tries to make the Wyvern Rider stay away from him.
-5 (Wyvern Rider: 8/21 HP)
Rough hit.

Matt gained 2 Bow EXP.
Matt gained 32 EXP.

Gimli takes action on the Wyvern Rider.


Gimli (Barbarian) vs Wyvern Rider

Hand Axe | 73% HIT | 10 DMG | 0% CRT ↑
The Rotted Fork | —% HIT | — DMG | —% CRT

Gimli throws some deadly lines.
-10 (Wyvern Rider: 0/21 HP)
The beast rider is no more.

Gimli gained 2 Axe EXP.
Gimli gained 31 EXP.

Gimli grew to Lv4.
HP rose by 1.
STR rose by 1.
DEF rose by 1.
RES rose by 1.

Gimli got a Ruby.
Gimli’s inventory is full. Make room for a Ruby or discard it?

Chapter 3 Enemy Phase Turn 6

The Keese stays put, as attacking Katarina would get it roasted to a crisp.

The Stalfos moves straight towards J7.
The Wizzrobe moves towards L7, aiming to hunt down Kujura.
The Darknut keeps guard of the throne.

Chapter 3 Other Phase Turn 6

Adol moves towards E13.

Chapter 3 Player Phase Turn 7



Jeanne lost 1 HP from poison.
Vanessa lost 3 HP from poison.


Blue Units:
Liao - Lv2 - Bronze Lance - 7 HP - E21
Matt - Lv1 - Bronze Bow - 12 HP - O16
Katarina - Lv1 - Wind - 19 HP - O12
Jeanne - Lv1 - Javelin - 20 HP - R12
Raven - Lv3 - Iron Sword - 22 HP - K16
Gimli - Lv3 - Walking Axe - 28 HP - Q18
Simon - Lv1 - Heal - 25 HP - J13
Lim - Lv1 - Thunder - 13 HP - M18
Vanessa - Lv3 - Iron Lance - 9 HP - L12
Kujura - Lv3 - Uchigatana - 20 HP - K10

(OOC Notes: Had to move Matt, but I'm sure the result was favorable. Though Simon had a move limit error, so I just shifted him up 5 tiles. Worth the wait, I guess. The Wyvern Rider did nothing of note.)

Edited by NoahStratos
Formatting tweaks

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The defeated Chuchu expands before explodes like an over-inflated balloon that was popped with a pointy needle, and its remains begin to dissipate in the air and erase themselves from existence, disappearing from the view of history from now on. As Liao stops to take a breath, putting himself in a squat-like position with one of his hands on his thigh while the other holds the Bronze Lance vertically, he notices that his companions are already dozens of meters ahead of him when he was still struggling with the Chuchu.

"Dammit, wait for me!" He said in a low tone but nobody can hear him... since they're too far away. He starts to catch up with the rest of the group by moving to H19.

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The incoming wyvern-riding enemy is defeated. Those who were slowed by the river, quickly and successfully intercepted the surprise attack. The conclusion puts her at ease, but knowing that the fight isn't yet finished, it's too early to get lax.

"...Have my ability grown rust over time? To have missed an attack this close, I must train more." Unable to give a proper finish toward the bat creature, Vanessa draws herself back from where she remained still to briefly observe the vicinity once more in wait for the priest's aid in circumventing poison.

Once done, the Pegasus Knight heads off inside the red-floored interior, encountering three different figures; one is a man she's seen but unsure of identity, the other two are otherworldly beings at the opposing side who made their advance. Instinctively, Vanessa holds her Iron Lance tight, dashing in toward L8 for a clear strike at the white-bearded spellcaster.


The distinct steps of the two sends an audible intent for the Shogun who had prepared a forthcoming stance. But it's certainly not the only sound he's hearing, for a winged maiden have made a breakthrough to join the fray, things are taking a fair side for the day.

Brandishing the sword on two arms, Kujura decided to give the weapon a try. Granted, with a preference primarily of anything light and swift, adapting to these weapons will take him a while. Though, if the blade he's been used to can't cut through skin, then it's as good as useless for anything dire.

"This is nothing new... Just a sword with an odd design." He murmured, before charging in toward the skeleton at J8 with a heavy, horizontal swing.


"Right, I think we're done here." The Singaporean man speaks up, having delivered a bolt of thunder at the clutch of seconds, he takes his move to N16 in order to resume his previous attempt in crossing the river. Being close to somebody he's reluctant to help, he grunts as he averts his sight.

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Simon fixes Vanessa up.


Simon (Priest) & Vanessa (Pegasus Knight)

Heal | —% HIT | — DMG | —% CRT
Iron Lance | —% HIT | — DMG | —% CRT

Simon begins his prayers.
+10 (Vanessa: 19/19 HP)
Almost forgot.

Simon gained 2 Staff EXP.
Simon gained 36 EXP.

Vanessa assaults the old senile.


Vanessa (Pegasus Knight) vs Wizzrobe

Iron Lance | 96% HIT | 8 DMG | 0% CRT ↑
Fire | 77% HIT | 0 DMG | 0% CRT ↓

Vanessa opens up with an attack.
-8 (Wizzrobe: 13/21 HP)
Quite the rough one.

The Wizzrobe retaliates.
Go pick on someone else your own size.

Vanessa gained 1 Lance EXP.
Vanessa gained 10 EXP.

Kujura breaks some armor.


Kujura (Myrmidon) vs Stalfos

Armorslayer | 93% HIT | 10 DMG | 3% CRT x2
Bronze Sword | 86% HIT | 3 DMG | 0% CRT

The shogun attacks.
-10 (Stalfos: 9/19 HP)

The pile of bones gets a counterattack.

The follow-up attack begins.
-10 (Stalfos: 0/19 HP)

Kujura gained 2 Sword EXP.
Kujura gained 31 EXP.

Kujura got a Chest Key.

Reese just keeps on cooking the bat meat.


Katarina (Mage) vs Keese

Elfire | 69% HIT | 7 DMG | 0% CRT
Bat Leech | —% HIT | — DMG | —% CRT

The first attack.
-7 (Keese: 0/17 HP)
All that’s left of the little scamp is a flaming corpse.

Katarina gained 2 Fire EXP.
Katarina gained 30 EXP.

Chapter 3 Enemy Phase Turn 7
The Wizzrobe switches to Thunder and diverts its attention to Kujura, moving towards I7 to do so.


Kujura (Myrmidon) vs Wizzrobe

Armorslayer | —% HIT | — DMG | —% CRT
Thunder | 63% HIT | 7 DMG | 3% CRT

Kujura is shuddering as lightning strikes.
-7 (Kujura: 13/20 HP)
Damn, that hurt.

Kujura gained no Sword EXP.
Kujura gained 1 EXP.

The Darknut, predictably, stays still.

Chapter 3 Other Phase Turn 7
Adol moves to I12. He bats an eye at Raven but decides not to say a single word.

Chapter 3 Player Phase Turn 8



Jeanne lost 2 HP from poison.
Jeanne’s poison wore off.
Vanessa lost 4 HP from poison.


Blue Units:
Liao - Lv2 - Bronze Lance - 13 HP - H19
Matt - Lv1 - Bronze Bow - 12 HP - O15
Katarina - Lv1 - Wind - 19 HP - O12
Jeanne - Lv1 - Javelin - 20 HP - N12
Raven - Lv3 - Iron Sword - 22 HP - J12
Gimli - Lv3 - Walking Axe - 28 HP - Q13
Simon - Lv1 - Heal - 25 HP - M13
Lim - Lv1 - Thunder - 13 HP - N16
Vanessa - Lv3 - Iron Lance - 15 HP - L8
Kujura - Lv3 - Uchigatana - 13 HP - J8

(OOC Note: Simon got tweaked... in more ways than one.)

Edited by NoahStratos
Formatting tweaks

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The Shogun remains steadfast for the moment he was struck by an elemental projectile. He clenches a stronger grip, insisting to pay the bearded creature a decisive blow that could spell its demise...

"Hold it right there, sir. Let me handle that one." A rather calm voice came nearby, appearing to have halted Kujura in preparing a proper counterattack. He turns to answer the flight maiden, "You sound confident for somebody I barely knew. Tell me, is that an offer out of sincerity or pity?"

"...None of the latter. I said so only because these indeed do nothing to me." Vanessa responds with a flat expression throughout, "But that's only if you wish to seek aid for your wound. So, how about it?"

"...Alright, I trust you've some cards up in your sleeves." It didn't take long for him to make a choice as he saunters to K8, tossing out a key in which Vanessa caught, barely. "Also, here, I found this from breaking some bones just now. Take the point ahead and go wild for me."

"Ah...! It's a key- I mean, it's an honor." It was unexpected of her to get caught off guard by a certain object she's been looking for in a shop she visited recently. But on the brighter side, this should let her open up what was inside these treasure chests that nagged her for too long. Now that they've come to a quick agreement, Vanessa maneuvers about to I6 to perform a backstab upon the Wizzrobe.

...And just beyond the river, Lim tries to cross the river once more at N15.

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Simon heals the martyr.


Simon (Priest) & Jeanne (Soldier)

Heal | —% HIT | — DMG | —% CRT
Javelin | —% HIT | — DMG | —% CRT

Jeanne gets healed by a command.
+6 (Jeanne: 24/24 HP)
Enough that it counts.

Simon gained 2 Staff EXP.
Simon gained 34 EXP.

Raven goes face to face with a wizarding foe.


Raven (Mercenary) vs Wizzrobe

Iron Sword | 100% HIT | 7 DMG | 0% CRT
Thunder | 73% HIT | 5 DMG | 2% CRT

Raven gets the first strike.
-7 (Wizzrobe: 6/21 HP)
Strong hit.

The Wizzrobe counters.
-5 (Raven: 17/22 HP)

Raven gained 1 Sword EXP.
Raven gained 10 EXP.

Vanessa goes for the rogue backstab.


Vanessa (Pegasus Knight) vs Wizzrobe

Iron Lance | 96% HIT | 8 DMG | 0% CRT
Thunder | 57% HIT | 0 DMG | 0% CRT

Vanessa gets in the hit.
-7 (Wizzrobe: 0/21 HP)
The Gandalf poser is nothing but a pile of cloth.

Vanessa gained 2 Lance EXP.
Vanessa gained 31 EXP.

Chapter 3 Enemy Phase Turn 8

The Darknut stays still.

An enemy Shaman from another world appeared at B2.

Chapter 3 Other Phase Turn 8

Adol moves to I7. Perhaps Raven is a strange fellow for him…

Chapter 3 Player Phase Turn 9



Vanessa lost 1 HP from the poison.
Vanessa’s poison wore off.


Blue Units:
Liao - Lv2 - Bronze Lance - 13 HP - H18
Matt - Lv1 - Bronze Bow - 12 HP - M12
Katarina - Lv1 - Wind - 19 HP - M10
Jeanne - Lv1 - Javelin - 20 HP - L10
Raven - Lv3 - Iron Sword - 17 HP - J7
Gimli - Lv3 - Walking Axe - 28 HP - O14
Simon - Lv1 - Heal - 25 HP - N13
Lim - Lv1 - Thunder - 13 HP - N16
Vanessa - Lv3 - Iron Lance - 14 HP - I6
Kujura - Lv3 - Uchigatana - 13 HP - K8


Edited by NoahStratos
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Having decided to spectate, the Shogun glanced around, seeing more people gaining their entry -- presumably part of a mercenary sort, and a somewhat unorganized for one. In said occasion, two redheaded men came, both carrying a sword, and they don't bear much of difference in appearance. The thing that comes in mind...

"Hm? Is it just me, or am I seeing two Ravens?" He asked, but the voice wasn't his. It came from the knight who immediately took notice after the disintegrating figure exposed the oddity. As Vanessa never recalled seeing anyone else with a distinct hair color, she repeated herself, "Who might you be?" as she points her weapon toward the similar other.

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Adol Christin spoke up as he is visibly threatened the the spearwoman. “I don't think that’s how you greet someone. If you’re wondering, I’m Adol Christin, an adventurer. I’ve been throw here from a botched boat trip and I have no idea where I came to. I might be able to finish some of your last errands here, but I’m not sure if you would mind, miss.”

He looks directly at the suit of armor sitting smugly on the throne. “This is a very suspicious beast… do you know anything about it?”

(OOC Comment: Adol has the same VA as Henry: don't know what to make of this, as he's not that familiar to me.)

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A castaway? In here? Despite being uninformed for the most part, Kujura ended up developing a thought alike to Vanessa's. Further supported with stacking discrepancies, he can't be sure if what this Adol person said was anything convincing.

But it simply isn't enough to be wary of. With a majority of people wielding their own weapons, if he were to be an enemy, why did he go through the trouble following from the rear, still unarmed? That reason alone is enough to digress the idea as he speaks up, "Hail, sir Adol. You call yourself an adventurer, do you not?"

"Oh? Were you two acquaintances?" The Pegasus Knight slightly lowers her weapon in response, but not yet convinced of his explanation.

"No, I don't believe so." He shakes his head, "But it's not out of place to say we're all strangers who, stripped of cause and reason, happened to stumble upon an occasion. What I can assure you is, this man and I are similar in a way, for I've heard the word 'adventurer' countless times, it goes without saying that we'll never point our weapon toward one of us. Besides, I think he's disproved his similarity with the other whom you might know. So, will you loosen up for this matter?"

"I see, this was all a misunderstanding in my part..." She holds the lance high as she turns toward Adol, "I must apologize for my brash manner. It isn't rare for me to jump into conclusions, especially in a battlefield."

"Right, it appears we're congruent now." The Shogun pulls out the big sword, dragging it across the red floor. "Now that you're here, we'll be needing your help in taking down the one over there. You did ask if we know anything about it, and I can confidently say that it's the leader of the monsters we've wiped out before. Its armor is definitely impervious with what we have now, but who knows, I can probably more than whittle it if I try bashing it down with this."

Forward and onward to K3, Kujura comes face to face with the Darknut as he prepares the Armorslayer. But instead of going frontal, he skips his turn, taunting Darknut to make its move first.

At the same time, Vanessa swaps into Javelin as she flies past toward D6 for some discovery time with the treasure chest to the left.

Not further from where they are, Lim quickly takes his wet soles into M11. He can finally say goodbye with crossing the river twice for today.

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Matt, Jeanne, and Katarina all move up 5 spaces

Jeanne and Katarina had been having a conversation, seeming to be talking about who they loved. Katarina seemed to be dodging the question, while Jeanne was pushing to have Katarina answer. Jeanne had already answered, saying she had not any true love. Matt was behind them, feeling left out

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Liao moves to H13, running at a fast pace hoping that his clothes will dry off, since he didn't feel uncomfortable staying in wet clothes. "Yuck, my pants are covered with muddy... mud."

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Vanessa used the Chest Key.
Vanessa got a Sapphire.

Raven moves to J3.

Gimli moves to L12.

Simon moves to M12 to treat Lim’s wounds.


Simon (Priest) & Lim (Mage)

Heal | —% HIT | — DMG | —% CRT
Thunder | —% HIT | — DMG | —% CRT

Let your prayers be heard.
+4 (Lim: 17/17 HP)
Back to full.

Simon gained 2 Staff EXP.
Simon gained 32 EXP.

Simon grew to Lv2.
HP rose by 1.
MAG rose by 1.
SKL rose by 1.

Chapter 3 Enemy Phase Turn 9

The Shaman sneaks up to C6 to fire a strange shadow-borne arrow at Vanessa.


Vanessa (Pegasus Knight) vs Shaman

Javelin | 93% HIT | 4 DMG | 0% CRT x2↑
Dark Arrow | 70% HIT | 13 DMG | 0% CRT !↓

The Shaman attacks.
-13 (Vanessa: 1/19 HP)
Oh gods.

Vanessa’s vain counter.
-4 (Shaman: 13/17 HP)
Not enough.

A follow-up attack begins.
-4 (Shaman: 9/17 HP)
So much for a doubling act...

Vanessa gained 1 Lance EXP.
Vanessa gained 10 EXP.

The Darknut swings down its blade.


Kujura (Myrmidon) vs Darknut

Armorslayer | 94% HIT | 20 DMG | 1% CRT x2!
Iron Sword | 81% HIT | 8 DMG | 0% CRT

The Darknut attempts to bash Kujura’s skull in.
-8 (Kujura: 5/20 HP)
Take some, lose some…

Kujura slays some armor.
-20 (Darknut: 3/23 HP)
Massive damage!

Kujura finishes the duel.
-20 (Darknut: 0/23 HP)
Get rekt son.

Kujura gained 2 Sword EXP.
Kujura gained 34 EXP.

Chapter 3 Other Phase Turn 9

Adol rushes towards D7 to console Vanessa.

“You’re not looking good right now, are you? Let me handle this warlock. You should retreat at all costs!” he told the pegasus knight.

Chapter 3 Player Phase Turn 10





Blue Units:
Liao - Lv2 - Bronze Lance - 13 HP - H13
Matt - Lv1 - Bronze Bow - 12 HP - M7
Katarina - Lv1 - Wind - 19 HP - M5
Jeanne - Lv1 - Javelin - 20 HP - L5
Raven - Lv3 - Iron Sword - 17 HP - J3
Gimli - Lv3 - Walking Axe - 28 HP - L12
Simon - Lv2 - Heal - 25 HP - M12
Lim - Lv1 - Thunder - 17 HP - M11
Vanessa - Lv3 - Iron Lance - 1 HP - E6
Kujura - Lv3 - Uchigatana - 5 HP - K3

(OOC Comment: 2 weeks worth the wait. Problems have been addressed in the Discord server.)

Edited by NoahStratos
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Emerging victorious, the Shogun moves the crushed figure to the side, letting it descend down the stairs by itself. The Darknut still lives, albeit barely, due to how the plate armor he dons now suffocating instead of protecting him. It won't be long enough until he runs out of air, or somebody is willing enough to hear his dying wishes.

"I expected more, but I've grown weary of this mess." Kujura slowly climbs, before spinning himself to occupy the vacant throne. He certainly has seen these a lot while serving under Armoroad, but never the chance to sit on it. This is merely an occasional comfort.

"We've wiped most of the malcontent, and I shall ask any of you questions that has been piquing my mind the whole time." He leaned on one hand, the other holding the sword planted on the red carpet. "I find some of you dressing funnier than some others. It makes no sense to me that every of you are any ordinary sort of a mercenary group. Pray tell, just who are you people, what goal does this group have, and why are we fighting? Answer these questions, so I can conclude what I'll do from here and out."

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Final Results



Chapter 3 cleared.

Second Fire Emblem character slot for Simon’s group has been unlocked.

Lana rushed towards the scene in where Kujura had already claimed the throne. “Sorry to bother you all, but we’ve got a headline that a green pipe sprouted in the town’s outskirts. Call everyone back to see it if you can.”

Malcom and company were also in search for the castle that they missed the raid on. They probably missed the news that Pokémon were being slain and green pipes were sticking out like a sore thumb. When they got to the castle’s entrance, they noticed a swarm of flying foes flocking towards what may have been that same green pipe Lana mentioned to all the others.

(OOC Comment: Just in case, I've done some early slot unlocks.)

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"Shoot! We missed the fun!" Henry shouted. "If we had gotten here earlier, we could've fried some monsters to bits!"

"To be honest, I'm kinda upset we were late too." Malcolm replied. "But those enemies over there are probably gonna towards that pipe and-"

Before he finished his sentence, the monsters were most of the way there.

"-surround our friends. Dammit."

"Relax, Malcom. We could just follow them!" Henry ran after the enemies.

Malcolm sighed at his ally's brashness. "Wait up Henry!"

"This just keeps getting better and better." Weiss said to herself sarcastically before begrudgingly running after the duo.

(OOC: What'd I miss?)


Edited by GreatKnightEcho

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"... ... ...Right." Kujura wasn't exactly the first to ask, yet this time interrupted by the barging blue-haired maiden, who brought in urgent, preposterous news. He raises an eyebrow of disbelief, unsure if he should take her seriously for what that could possibly mean.


He finally made his entry, shoes still wet, clueless of the situation. "Oi, where are they at? I'm ready to get brawling with my magical potency." His words expressing confidence, but his weary voice shows exhaustion than anything positive.

"We've sorted that out already." Kujura twirls his yellow strand as he speaks from a distance. "It was neither troubling nor exciting, for the better and worse."

Of course, being dragged into rescuing the blond archer stalled him well enough. But what's there to lose from being late where the others can still make do? None other than unspent time of rest, and incoming hunger.

"M'kay, I think...I'll lounge around before going anywhere else." Lim is aware that he can't go on like this forever -- he just doesn't want to say it. There's not much to imply from his tone, more so when he can't bring himself to tell what he's currently feeling.


Unlike most combatants that are still standing today, Vanessa doesn't look very good. Ending up face down; lance on her side, a light blue jewelry in her grasp, and a pegasus beside her. The last attack was comparable with her initial fall to an unknown continent, a frequent, hurtful experience any flier is in risk for flying carelessly.

Anything she heard became ramblings, she couldn't tell whose voice is speaking to whom. The strain was too much for bracing an attack she's confident to take, but unaware of what property made Titania to shriek loudly. It's not going to be any better if she can't move either, so what can she do?

"Oh? What's she doing there?" Lim points at Vanessa, downed to the floor and devoid of response. Kujura takes notice immediately, as if he's almost forgotten of her presence, stands up from the throne and the two quickly approaches her. While Lim isn't very concerned, Kujura can't really grin at her current condition.

The Shogun turns to Lim, "I remember you got hit in the left arm, but now I couldn't see your wound anywhere. Lim, I'm certain there's somebody in here that could, now will you fetch them here?"

"You mean that Simon person? Yeah, he's like, right there." Lim brandishes his finger at a priest looking man on the outer palace, then beckons him to come with aid.

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Kujura’s nonchalant expression to Lana’s report gave a clue that there wasn’t enough information. “However it may be, a pipe must end its course somewhere. What’s at the other end may be conquered by evil if it is left open to exploitation,” Lana continued.


Meanwhile, the red-haired warrior stabbed the Shaman in the chest. “That should do it.” Nothing but a corpse wrapped in black was left of the hooded malefactor.

Vanessa next to him had already passed out from exhaustion and injury. “Maybe there’s more trouble afoot that I expected...” Adol thought.

Adol is trying to figure out whether or not his cohorts needed some help from the pioneer of exploration himself. However, he does not realize Simon may be well on his way to aid the needy.

(OOC Reply: Just 1 chapter. Only things worth mentioning were the enemies encountered, a Wyvern Knight with a deadly weapon, and the looting of a sapphire that led to Vanessa almost pushing up daisies.)

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