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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta Stream

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So yeah, I get early access to the Beta for the game and I plan on streaming it in my free time. Most notably tomorrow and Thursday Night. I am not the best at shooters however so please no judgement if I die a lot. But overall I'm looking to having a good time streaming the game and I can answer a few questions about it from the perspective of a casual Battlefront player after I get to experience it some.

Stream Info:

I'll probably try every class but don't be surprised if I stick with Heavy or Specialist.

I also don't plan on using starfighter so I'm wrong guy to watch if you want to see that.

Also I don't have any mic set up so this will just be gameplay with me talking to you guys in chat between rounds.

Link: https://go.twitch.tv/lucariogamer812


Wednesday: 5 pm EST - probably 8 pm EST

Thursday: 5 pm EST - probably 8 pm EST

The reasons the streams start so late is that I don't get home from school until 4 pm and this gives me a little time to get settled. It also ends early due to school as well as other commitments. Also these are rough times, I may start slightly earlier (or later, of which I'll update when it'll be) depending on how fast I get set up and I may go a little over the end time to finish the match.

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I'll probably tune in to check it out.  Been a fan of the series since Battlefront 2 on the PS2/PC, and was pretty hardcore into it.  I won't backseat game, though.

It'd be around 3 PM start for me, but I don't get too busy in the afternoons/early evenings of either Wednesdays or Thursdays usually.  I'll probably catch it at some point.

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