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Serenes Forest: The Sitcom

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NOTE: Topic title has been fixed and is appreciated. :)

..the special season premiere...

As the group returned from a mission one fateful day, a brihgt flash of light engulfed the entire world, spreading fire

across the land. In the chaos, the members of the group were seperated from each other.

*Coolguyvaters and Fourth Fox return to the base one year later*

Coolguyvaters: *sighs*...The base looks like it hasn't been cleaned in 5 years. Wonder how it survived the fire...

Fourth Fox: We've only been gone for 1 year.

Coolguyvaters: Oh...

Fourth Fox: ...

Coolguyvaters: ...

Fourth Fox: ...

Coolguyvaters: Okay...Awkward silence. Speaking of silence, is there some sort of staff that could clean up bases?

Fourth Fox: There is the Torch staff.

Coolguyvaters: I said clean, not burn.

Fourth Fox: What's the difference?

Coolguyvaters: Good point.

Fourth Fox: ...

Coolguyvaters: ...

Fourth Fox: ...

Coolguyvaters: ...

Fourth Fox: ...

Coolguyvaters: Okay...More awkward silence.

Fourth Fox: ...

Coolguyvaters: ...

Fourth Fox: ...

Coolguyvaters: ...This place brings back painful memories.

Fourth Fox: You're still bitter about Zephrion hitting you with a Tornado, aren't you?

Coolguyvaters: After that day, I swore to kill Zephrion. Then Fireman killed him, then it turned out Zephrion was still alive. I swore again to kill Zephrion, but couldn't keep that promise because of that fateful day.

Fourth Fox: ...

Coolguyvaters: Hey, I bet Metal Rabbit's old "magazines" are still here. I'm gonna go..."read" them to get my mind distracted.

Fourth Fox: ...

-Mainal Cathedral-

Kiryn: All bow down to your Apostle/Empress/Chosen one!

Begnion citizens: yeahrulekdflkjewiokjrewdsfasktone

Kiryn: These people are always so loud... I can never tell what they're saying... I kinda miss the group.

DragonBlader: Just smile and wave, Apostle Kiryn.

Kiryn: So you're tellling me that I'm the Apostle?

DragonBlader: Yes.

Kiryn: And I'm the empress, too?

DragonBlader: Yes.

Kiryn: I'm also the chosen one?

DragonBlader: Yes.

Kiryn: Wow. My life rocks.

DragonBlader: To think I go through this everyday...

Guard: My lady, someone is here to see you. He claims to know you.

Kiryn: Let him in.

*Fireman walks in*

Fireman: Hello, Kiryn.

Kiryn: Who are you?

Fireman: Bye-bye, Kiryn.

Kiryn: What?

DragonBlader: Ha!

*DragonBlader hits Fireman with a Silver Axe, but Fireman criticals DragonBlader*

DragonBlader: Damn. *falls unconscious*

*Fireman kidnaps Kiryn*

(Sounds familiar, doesn't it?)

-at a hideout in the Hatari desert-

Ilyana: Did you get her?

Fireman: Yes.

3-13 Archer(who was previosuly Ilyana): Were you followed?

Fireman: Yes.

Fomortiis(who was previously 3-13 Archer): WHAT?!

Fireman: Don't worry, it's only Metal Rabbit.

Naesala(who was previously Fomortiis): They're alive?!

Fireman: Yes.

Tibarn(who was previously Naesala): Kill him.

Fireman: That will cost you 10,000.

Leanne(who was previously Tibarn): Fine. Make sure to bring him in barely alive after being tortured.

*pays Fireman 10,000 gold*

Fireman: Alive and tortured will cost you extra.

Bolting(who was previously Leanne): How much?

Fireman: 11,000.

Meteor(who was previously Bolting): What? Why?

Fireman: It's hard keeping people alive.

Jaffar(who was previously Meteor): Fine

*pays Fireman 11,000 gold*

(Sorry Metal Rabbit. The fans demand it.)

-somewhere in the Hatari desert-

Metal Rabbit: How did Fireman get this far?

Fireman: I used Comcast Power Boost.

Metal Rabbit: Can I try some?

Fireman: Sure. Make sure to get it in your eyes.

Metal Rabbit: Okay. *spreads it in his eyes* AHHHHHHH!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!

Fireman: Lemon juice. *gets out a whip and starts whipping MR*

Metal Rabbit: What's your problem!?

*Fireman throws Peshkatz at Metal Rabbit's eyes*

Fireman: Business as usual.

Metal Rabbit: Oh, then I understand. Would you like to apply jumper cables to my ears and electrocute me while you drag me across the desert floor?

Fireman: ...Fine.

*Metal Rabbit gets hit by a Tornado*

Zephrion: Uhh...I was aiming for Fireman.

Metal Rabbit: What is this fading feeling?

Coolguyvaters: Ugh...

Metal Rabbit: I feel like I'm dying.

Fourth Fox: Nice aim, Zephrion.

Zephrion: Thank you, o' queen of the forest.

Metal Rabbit: Omg! Kool-aid! Oh, wait. It's blood...

Fourth Fox: I was being sarcastic.

Zephrion: My apologies for my misinterpretation o' queen of the forest.

Metal Rabbit: And I thought my metal exterior was impenetrable...

Fourth Fox: Anyway, shall we rescue Metal Rabbit and Kiryn?

Coolguyvaters: Isn't that what we came here to do, o' queen of the forest?

Fourth Fox: Just say Fox. Formalities aren't needed.

Metal Rabbit: A light shines intensely in the distance...

Zephrion: Shall we kill Fireman, Fox?

Fourth Fox: You will adress me as queen or so help me, I shall throw you onto the chocolate pudding chair! The stains would never come out!!!

Zephrion: Yes, o' queen of the forest.

Metal Rabbit: Good-bye cruel messed-up world...

*Zephrion attacks with Tornado and he luckily criticals Fireman with it*

Fireman: I'll be back... This job isn't worth it...

*Fireman retreats*

*Zephrion heals Metal Rabbit with a Mend*

Fourth Fox: Wow, Zephrion. A critical, a successful heal, and you used a mend this time!

Zephrion: Oh yeah! I'm on a role!

*accidentally fires a Tornado at CGV*

Coolguyvaters: Damn it, Zephrion!

Zephrion: I can fix it!

*heals Coolguyvaters with a Torch*

Coolguyvaters: The wounds!!! They burn!

Zephrion: I can fix that too!

Fourth Fox: Maybe I should try.

Zephrion: Yes, o' queen of the forest.

*Fourth Fox heals Zephrion with a heal*

Zephrion: And I was on a role too...

Coolguyvaters: Now let's go kick some costume changing ass!

Metal Rabbit: Who?

Fourth Fox: Ilyana.

Metal Rabbit: Oh.

-somewhere far from the forest-

Bianchi: So did the plan go well?

Fireman: It went exactly as planned. Every last, strange detail...

Bianchi: Wow. I thought my plan would fail at first.

Fireman: So did I...

Bianchi: Soon... The world shall realize that I am there one true goddess!!!

Fireman: Well, the world has bowed down to crazier people...

Bianchi:(Insert maniacal laughter here).

Fireman: Then again...

-back in the desert hideout 1 day later-

Kiryn: So... You gonna let me go?

Ilyana: No.

Kiryn: Can you at least untie my hands?

3-13 Archer(who was previously Ilyana): Sure. I don't see why not.

Kiryn: Can you hand me by bow?

Fomortiis(who was previously 3-13 Archer): Okay. Here you go.

*Kiryn shoots Naesala(who was previously Fomortiis) and it does bonus damage because Naesla=flying unit*

Tibarn(who was previously Naesala): Damn. I should have seen that coming.

*CGV, Metal Rabbit, Fourth Fox, and Zephrion break into the base*

Coolguyvaters: We're here to save you Kiryn!

Kiryn: You guys are late!

Metal Rabbit: Sorry. We stopped for tacos, then for karaoke, then for "magazines", then for tacos again.

Fourth Fox: Why did you do it, Tibarn? Or should I say Leanne?

Leanne(who was previously Tibarn): Ask Bianchi. But only Fireman knows where she is.

Zephrion: I know the perfect way to summon Fireman...

*sets Serenes Forest on fire again*

Zephrion: I never get tired of this.

...wow this was long...

Edited by Fireman
Title fixed

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Awesome, Second Season is go. I have to admit, that made me lol a few times... I'll write a chapter after Kiryn, if that's okay.

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Serens Forest: The Sitcom. Must be fixed.

Good job. Season one was not very long.

season one of The Office wasn't very long, but that show is still on, so I think we have a chance

i'll write and episode when I have time. So probably later on today if nothing else comes up

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Zephrion write the next one. I haven't got time.

Wow, I feel so much better now.

If you say so... I'll write one after CGV, if he's planning on doing so.

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Ok here goes...

This is PART 1 because I need to know what skills everyone wants so I can assign them. And nothing too insane like 4 skills or anything like that. We are pretty much all 2nd tier, so no occult scroll skills yet. What skill(s) do you want to start out with like in RD. Two at most or one good one

I don't know what class Dragonblader is, so someone tell me

What skills do we have... and don't have

Coolguyvaters: Ok everyone, we got lucky in the past fighting the enemy, especially with Zephrion goofing up the healing process...

Zephrion:*shrugs shoulders in embarassment*

Coolguyvaters: ...Ilyana's constant outfit change, which I almost killed her once because I thought she was an enemy...

Ilyana: You WHAT?!

Coolguyvaters: ...nothing Ilyana. And also because of Fireman's disappearing acts. *looks around* Damn it! Where is he?!

Fireman: *out of nowhere* right here

Coolguyvaters: AH! Damn it Fireman, that's exactly what I'm talking about! You can't keep doing that. I need to know roughly where you are so if we need you, I can call you for help

Fireman: But it's so much fun sneaking up and scaring people

Fourth Fox: Yeah we know...

Dragondblader: We ALL know... *shivers*

Coolguyvaters: I thought we should see what skills we've acquired so I know how I can stratagize our next attack so we don't get royally screwed. Ok everyone, what do you got?


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I'll make him the 2nd tier class... which i can't even remember off the top of my head.... godammit

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cool. Now what is eveyone's damn skills? I'll assign them if people don't tell me

Mine are Imbue and Resolve

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Kiryn's skills:



-Logic (like I said, argues with enemy and makes them retreat) (effectiveness is based on how low the enemy's HP is)

Since I'm 2nd-tier (Falcon Ranger), I don't have a mastery skill yet, but when I do it'll be Stun.

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Kiryn's skills:



-Logic (like I said, argues with enemy and makes them retreat) (effectiveness is based on how low the enemy's HP is)

Since I'm 2nd-tier (Falcon Ranger), I don't have a mastery skill yet, but when I do it'll be Stun.

ok FINALLY someone put their skills

and btw, everyone will have shove or canto, so there's no need to put it. Thanks for reminding me Kiryn

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Imbue: I have no magic :o

Miracle: duh

Adept: duh

Wrath: duh

damn it MR, that's too many. I'll give you Adept and Wrath

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Adept and Vantage. I can attack first, and attack twice! Bodies will be flying everywhere! :P

Our boides, mostly.

Coolguyvaters: Hey, Zephrion!

*Vantage and Adept activate, so CGV gets hit by 2 Tornados*

Cooguyvaters: Damn, it Zephrion!

Zephrion: Don't worry! I'm also a healer... I'll go get Fourth Fox...

Coolguyvaters: Ugh... Can you bring me back a bagel?

As for my skills...

Lethality(I know it's a master skill, but i wouldn't be the Fireman without it)

Shade: (duh)

That's it.

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ok cool. Yeah I can understand Fireman's skills cuz he's only an assassin in RD. I will make part 2 tomorrow after I come back from work, so get your skills in b4 then

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My skills are...



What? Who cares if Zephrion already has these both, it's a really good set.

Also I'm a DragonLord.

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