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Favorite gaming series

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1. Shin Megami Tensei - The perfect series for my dystopian society and clash of moral alignment fetishes. Though Persona 4 was my gateway into Atlus in general, I vastly prefer the games of SMT. Favorite game of the series has to be Nocturne with the Devil Summoner series being a close second. Also gotta mention Innocent Sin because it exists dammit it reminds me more of SMT despite being a part of the Persona series.

2. Shadow Hearts - This is kind of an obscure series but, dammit, I love these games. Really hate the company went out of business because these games were awesome. Especially the second game, Covenant. Really loved the characters, the music, the bosses and the locales - it was a very unique experience that very few games have since given me. The battle system as well was unique in a way I haven't seen since The Legend of Dragoon.

3. Pokémon - Oh, Pokémon. So many years of trying to catch 'em all and I still have not gotten close. What I like about Pokémon the most is the inspiration behind it: connecting everyone together through a common hobby. Kinda sappy, I admit, but it's something I think about each time a new game debuts.

4. Dynasty Warriors - I was in deep when I played 4: Xtreme Legends at the age of 9. From the hammy English dubs of old to the volley of archers that could slay a fully powered character, each game brings something new for me to enjoy and look forward to.

5. Fatal Frame - The only game series to truly give me goosebumps when playing. Could be a combination of atmosphere, tortured souls, Downer Endings or girls moving in a light jog despite being in imminent danger - or maybe all of them at once. Must give a special mention to The Tormented for being a complete angst fest and being one of few games to make me legitimately cry tears of complete anguish.

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Honorable mentions - Tactics Ogre, Shining Force, Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest.

5. Chrono Trigger - This game is one of the reasons I was interested in JRPG series so it is special to me. The only reason it is not in a higher place is because it took me almost 3 years to finally beat it.

4. Fire Emblem / Advance Wars - Earlier FE games were very interesting but the 3ds ones didn't interest me as much. AW series is more focused on gameplay and is more challenging.

3. Final Fantasy - I liked the Tactics series much more than the main series and it is the reason it is in 3rd place.

2. Pokemon - The mystery dungeon series alone takes Pokemon from 5th place to 3rd, add in unique post games from the main series, rangers series and conquest and it makes to the 2nd place.

1. Inazuma Eleven - One of the less known series as far as I know. It is a soccer RPG game series with unique gameplay and story. I am not very good at explaining, so I will copy what a guide from GameFAQs says about it,

"This game is a soccer RPG, i.e., it has both the element of soccer (you have to play matches) and RPG (roam around, collect best stuff and so on...)"

I would recommend this series to anyone who likes RPGs and Football like me.

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Etrian Odyssey
Summon Night
7th Dragon
Samurai Shodown

Arcana Heart
Metal Slug
Senran Kagura
Orange Juice
The Legend of Dark Witch
Super Mario
The Legend of Zelda
Fire Emblem

In no order what so ever.

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1. Harvest Moon/ Story of Seasons

2. Legend of Zelda

3. Fire Emblem

4. Rune Factory

5. Animal Crossing

Honorable Mention- Ys, Pokemon

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1. The Legend of Zelda

2. Final Fantasy

3. Super Smash Bros.

4. Fire Emblem

5. Star Fox

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Monster Hunter

Super Robot Wars (preferable the OG series but the main series is fun too)

Long long ago, the Tales of Series (though my love for it has died out significantly since Xillia 1)

The Xeno series (XC1 is my favorite)

The .Hack series

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Top 10 in no particular order

1) Shenmue 

2) Final Fantasy

3) Persona

4) Pokemon

5) dynasty warriors

6) Dragon ball series of games

7) Fire Emblem

8) The Sims

9) Shining Force

10) Soul Caliber

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1. Animal Crossing

2. Zelda

3. Mario Party (this one is more so only up to 8 cause of the car thing hoping top 100 is good)

4. Tales Of

5. Mario particularly the 3d ones

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This is hard.

1. Ace Attorney

2. Fire Emblem

3. Zelda

4. Danganronpa

5. Zero Escape

6. Devil Survivor

7. Golden Sun

8. Etrian Odyssey

9. Metroid

10. Tales of


Note that Tales of Symphonia and Virtue's Last Reward are my favorite game and graphic adventure ever respectively, but for franchises overall there are others I feel I've enjoyed more.

Some runner-up franchises would be Xenoblade Chronicles, mainline Shin Megami Tensei, Pikmin, Osu Tatakae Ouendan and Smash Bros.

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Listed in no particular order except for number 1

1. Fire Emblem

2. Pokemon

3. God Eater

4. Namco x Capcom series (aka Project X Zone series)

5. Smash

6. Valkyria Chronicles

7. Xenoblade Chronicles

8. Golden Sun

9. Tales of

10. Bravely series

Shout out to Dead or Alive I guess, I enjoy it and have played 1-2 games. Also shout out to the Super Robot Wars series, I've only ever played OG saga; Endless Frontier but I really like music from several other games and do plan on getting 1-2 more games in the future.

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On 10/20/2017 at 9:11 PM, Lord Chrom of Ylisse said:
  • Fire Emblem
  • Pokemon
  • Xenoblade
  • Zelda

Of these Fire Emblem is probably my favorite. 

I want to start playing non-Nintendo games.

If you want to play non Nintendo games I'd recommend Tales of Berseria, Megadimension Neptunia VII or Digimon Story Cybersleuth.

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I'm pretty sure I've posted on a similar forum before, but I'll do this anyway because why not? The following is in no particular order.

Super Mario Bros.- Both main series and spin-offs are always quality games, or at least fun to play.

Guilty Gear- IT'S SO FREAKIN' METAL!!! Easily my favorite fighting game series.

Xenoblade Chronicles- Xenoblade Chronicles X is my favorite game of all time so it gets a spot automatically.

Fire Emblem- This is a Fire Emblem website is it not? Why else would I be here?

Marvel Vs. Capcom- The king of tag-team fighting games, although it might get dethroned soon...

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1. Persona (4 and 5 we're beautiful. I never finished 3.)

2. Final Fantasy ( Overall good series but there were a few blemishes here and there.)

3. Zero Escape (I love the VN style of this game. I'm a natural bookworm.)

4. Fire Emblem (Obviously since I'm here)

5. Pokemon (would have rated this higher but recently it just doesn't hold the same magic anymore)

6. Mario (especially great when playing with friends)

7. Bravely (Great combat and job system, decent story, good art, sometimes questionable execution)

8. Professor Layton (I really enjoyed the first 3 games. But it's been going downhill since then)

I...don't play too many series games. So while I like most games on this list, my favorites is probably quite different. Though going through the responses on this thread, I might start Xenoblade and the Tales of series. 

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5. Kirby

4. Super Smash bros

3. Mario

2.Fire Emblem 

1. Zelda


Honerable mention goes to Shantae, In case you don’t count smash Bros as a series.

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5. Fire Emblem

4. CoD, the MW games specifically



1.The Elder Scrolls

Very all over the place, honestly.

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If I have to pick five...

5: Fire Emblem - Though it's still the most *important* to me, there are games I like better.

4: Suikoden - Only dropped down a spot or two because holy hell did IV and Tierkreis suck.

3: Zelda - I can't describe what it was like to play that game 30 years ago, before walkthroughs became ubiquitous. I don't know if it's different for little kids playing, oh, BotW. But this game was so far ahead of its time it wasn't funny, and the others expanded upon it perfectly. 

2: NHL - Don't laugh. This game has been there for me every year since the early 90s.

1: Final Fantasy - Just so many hits, so many life-changing games. I beat VII again for the first time since it was new, and... yeah, it is still great. Apologies to the haters.

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My top five series (in no order in particular):

  • Etrian Odyssey (only played the 3DS titles, though)
  • Tales of (haven't played the ones before Symphonia)
  • Bravely (anxiously waiting for a third one)
  • Fire Emblem (haven't played the ones before 6)
  • Digimon (though I don't really like the Digimon fighting games that much)

I would list Persona and Shin Megami Tensei, but I only played Persona 4 Golden, 5 and SMT IV and Apocalypse, so I don't think I'm qualified to list the entire series' as my favourites, same with The Legend of Heroes, of which I have only played the two Cold Steel games that got released in the west and a bit of Sky SC.

Other honorable mentions to games that have a series, but I don't feel qualified to list the entire one, since I only played some games from them:

  • Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (need to get back to this one eventually, may seek out older titles since it's a fun game)
  • Stella Glow (though this one doesn't have a series attached to it, I'll still list it as it is one of my all-time favourite games)
  • Okami
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • 7th Dragon III Code: VFD (a game I will circlejerk to hell and back. It's hard getting your hands on the older games, though, so I can't list the entire series as a favourite)
  • Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars (apparently had a prequel. Who would have thunk?)

I play way too many JRPGs, but I can't help if it's my favourite genre.

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