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Yet another overblown outrage, Just like the petting controversy.

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People aren't mad that she's included, they are mad at the power creep and the way she was added.

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20 minutes ago, Dragoncat said:

Wait, people are mad?

People are made about this and this.

For more on the latter, you can read this.

For the former, people are mad that NPCs are being made out to be paid DLC.  Some have even pointed to assets indicating that work on making them playable had already begun, while others refute that they weren't complete enough to justify the outrage.

For the latter, they're mad that a newcomer character is mixed in with older characters that apparently are kind of trash, and not with the three other newcomers like most newcomers usually are.  EDIT: Also 'cuz power creep.  Because we don't have enough of those in FE Gacha...

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Just be like me and stay content with your plus HP minus Def Lyn as your Sword user

I think it really is over blown

I play a lot of gacha games.... so I know there will be some units that are straight up better than another

Even so, Ayra can't run brave sword like some other units, so it's not as if EVERY sword is inferior. Ryoma still has his DC, Xander too, who takes 0 from Hectors

And she still dies to Rein right? :P



Now being added to the game on a banner with 2 old characters.... seems odd


IS wants your money, so we should expect them to release an OP sword on a banner by herself, 3 new units on the Holy War banner, AND still run the Performing Arts banner at the same time

here comes the monayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

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I don't really get the "power creep" argument in FEH.  It's not like the game has PVP or anything.  Sure you have the Arena and everything, but it's honestly not that hard to get into at least the range where you're getting 3 free orbs per week (which is pretty damn good honestly). 

And honestly IS would be stupid to give a character as popular as Ayra away for free.  I mean, it's definitely frustrating that we have to decide whether we want Ayra or Sigurd/Deirdre/Tailtiu more and can't build up a pity rate as easily, but that's how this kind of game is.

As for the things with Warriors, I'm gonna give IS and KT the benefit of the doubt and guess that all the DLC characters were in development but couldn't be entirely finished before the game released.  Not to mention that the Warriors DLC also adds tons of additional gameplay content.

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Here's a little more bad news in the world of gaming I randomly found today:


What does it mean? Well according to the article, the patent is for technology which would cause PvP games to pair Pay to Play players with Free to Pay players. The idea being that it'd force FtP players to become PtP if they wanted to win. Of course, as soon as they pay enough, they'll probably start being paired with FtPs, so of course they'll win. And, this is my speculation, but is there to stop them from pairing whales with those who only dabble in PtP for a similar curbstomp?


Let's take a moment, and remember there are bigger worries in life, like politics, natural disasters, having a job, your health, having good and happy friends and family, and trying to figure out how best to live your one life. Let us not worry ourselves too much about crises in the video game industry, keep everything in perspective.


Also, there is room for a little hope. Just today I learned Etrian Odyssey 5 has DLC. How is that a good thing? Well I was afraid it'd be like EOU2 again, which had many $2 DLC bosses (and one retro boss gauntlet), on top of an extra labyrinth floor (with a mega superboss), and a $1 DLC-only class (Highlander). It was overall questionable DLC, though you could get EOU art for all the old classes for free, that was good.

EO5? Its DLC is just a bunch of $2 costume packs (cosmetics are unsubstantial and acceptable as paid DLC we can all agree), some grinding DLC (typical, and for better or worse acceptable). But this is it, barring one little thing right below. No bosses, no classes, no new labyrinth floors. A game that is totally complete without DLC, a beautiful thing nowadays. Atlus could have simply followed in the path of EOU2 and done the same pricey objectionable DLC or worse, but they took the moral high ground and didn't.

There is a $5 FM Synth version of the soundtrack, which you can set as the game's music instead of the orchestrated version at any time outside of battle. This I will be buying since I liked the dual soundtrack options of EOU and U2, and I think there is enough effort put into that to justify the price. The Untolds were remakes of the original EOs, so it's justifiable why they had the dual soundtracks from the start- they had to update the synth as per remake enhancement rules, and it cost nothing to add the FM to the Untolds. With EO5 though, they had to take the time and effort to deconstruct an originally orchestrated soundtrack.


If you're still feeling down, drown your worries in a little music. I recommend this:


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Guess I'll type it all out for those who don't know the whole story.

Explanation of why Ayra's inclusion was a bad thing:



Power creep and inclusion with Eldigan aside (which, by the way, offers a higher chance to pull Ayra than if she was shoved onto the Sigurd banner), two things that honestly aren't terrible in alone by itself, the real outrage is because they didn't tell us Ayra was coming.

So far, every single new Hero banner has been teased a newcomer introduction video AT LEAST one full day before the banner dropped, giving people the heads up if they want to save their orbs. Also, new Heroes are always released together in one banner, most often in a banner of four Heroes, instead of being mingled with old ones. Heroes that show up in the game, but aren't on the current banner, have, in the seven months of this game's life, ALWAYS been released for free, either through Grand Hero Battles or as Tempest Trial rewards.

Ayra breaks all three of these patterns all at once. A highly desirable unit (most popular Jugdral female) came on a separate banner absolutely unannounced one week after Sigurd's banner dropped, when there was an obvious and dubious empty slot on Sigurd's banner (three people instead of four), despite having appeared in the Paralogue levels associated with Sigurd's banner, Tempest Trial being around the corner, and Ayra fitting the criterion as a Grand Hero Battle reward.

Many people spent their orbs AND money on Sigurd, Deirdre and Tailtyu, and essentially got "baited" out of their resources as IS drops this surprise on us with no warning.

As for the powercreep thing, Ayra is powercreep incarnate. Not only is her skillset out of the box insanely good (one of the best legendary Swords in the game, along with a personal Special skill that goes beyond normal parameters), she sets a new precedent stat-wise as well. Two months ago, Ike, the winner of the Choose Your Legends poll, had a special version of himself (Brave Ike) released. Brave Ike had higher than usual stats to celebrate his status as the most popular character in Fire Emblem. While he was powercreep, it could be considered acceptable because of the special occasion. Now, Ayra, for really no actual reason, not only has Brave Ike's stat modifier, but she also has an additional stat point added to her level 1 total compared to average, which leaves her with a stat total even higher than Brave Ike's. Overall, Ayra has 5 more stat points than the average unit of her class.

5 points doesn't sound like much, but in reality, combined with her skillset, actually makes her insanely broken. She currently dominates an entire category of offense in her color, and is also extremely proficient in roles she was not designed for (to the point of arguable dominance again). This actually matters, especially in the upper echelons of the Arena, because Ayra is also worth an unusually high amount of Arena points, outclassing pretty much every other Sword infantry in the department. She simply does it all.

Her powercreep combined with the fact that she was released at such an odd timing makes it very obvious that this is a shameless cash grab, something that IS has been doing well at avoiding so far.


I don't think this is unnecessary drama @Dragoncat @The Geek because of the money that is being spent on this game (FEH reaches top grossing app on days every now and then). You cannot even argue that there was no obvious intent to create this money trap, because gacha games don't tend to do emergency banners like this. Even Japanese players, who usually are not a particularly loud crowd, are speaking out against this practice on Twitter. It's not "just the internet" because real life money is being spent.

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I mean the whole Ayra and Sigurd getting extra BST was dumb considering that they did nothing to earn it was dumb, but I don't really care about the whole banner thing. I mean I guess I can understand the "stuck with unwanted Eldigan thing" but it's not like this is the only time you'll ever get her. She's staying afterwards anyways right? I still have a chance to get her if I miss her now. I'm just sad about not getting enough orbs right now for some good banners, but we'll have stuff coming soon enough.

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