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Dandy Druid

Dream Movesets for the DLC characters

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So with the announcement of the DLC characters, I've been thinking of what their potential movesets may look like.



I thought of Yue Ying (Dynasty Warriors) first. There's not a lot of female lance/naginata users in the first place, but I thought this one was fitting.




I'm totally expecting his moveset to be like Takumi's, Sakura's, and Anna's with some slight deviations like they all do. So I'm not going to worry about him. Sorry 'bout it.



Again, another lance/naginata user, and not many examples from other Warriors games. However, I think if her moveset was similar to Aya's (Samurai Warriors), it would be cool. Aya has a more magic-based moveset, but I think it would be cool if Azura had her watery effects present in battle.




I heard he's dual wielding and thought of Lu Xun (Dynasty Warriors). It would be cool to have a dual wielder, and Navarre is the man.




There isn't a wyvern rider in Musou games... so I'm at a loss with this one. I just expecting a less magical Camilla. 



Magic users in Warriors games usually have some sort of accessory to help direct their magic. While I'm expecting a tome for Linde, I think it would be cool if her attacks were similar to Gracia's (Samurai Warriors)


I have ideas for the Awakening 3, but I used up all of the video space I could in this post, so I'll update later.


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I'll just go through the characters I care about.

For Azura and Olivia, I'd like them both to have very elegant dancer movesets (think Diaochan type of moveset) with crowd control water bending for Azura and gymnastic attacks surrounded by flower petals for Olivia.

For Tharja and Linde, I don't mind them taking inspiration from Robin's attacks so long as they're unique themselves and are more dark/light focused. Tharja could attack with dark waves and have a Nosferatu strong attack, while Linde could attack with sweeping balls of light.

For Owain, he's gotta have tome specials and Odin costume. That's pretty much all I need from him.

I expect Niles to have the generic Archer moveset, so... yeah. Big bow Adventurer outfit would be nice.

The rest can do whatever.

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Even if i wish all the DLC character to have unique moveset im gonna stay realistic and think that maybe some of them share others characters moveset

also allow me to remind you the stats effect in FEW:



HP: The unit have a longer HP bar

Str: Effect of physical attacks

Def: Resistance against physical attacks

Mag: Effect of magical attacks

Res: Resitance against magical attacks

Tec: Critical hit (weak point break) and Warrior special effects

Spd: The Awakening last longer

Lck: You get higher change of looting heal, special and awakening vial from ennemies

Mvt: The speed of the character (cannot go up)


Fire Emblem Fates DLC




Since she is the first infantry spear user her moveset will be unique en based on the Soldier/Sentinel ennemy you met in game

Oboro's stat heavily rely on Strength, Skill and Defense making her a tough unit with a powerful special


Niles will obviously be the fourth Bow user of the cast, he will only get new warrior specials

But Niles stats might make a bow user quite strong against mage, his Resistance is his best asset while his Strength and Defense are really bad but his high speed could make him quite dreadful in Awakening, he will also be able to use Staff when he promote.


Azura will be the second infantry spear user, i imagine her Strong attack to be her Song aptitude it couldd add buffs to the units around her

In Azura case i really hope she will get a unique graceful moveset, if not she will probably be a Oboro clone

Stat wise Azura will strike quickly and have some AOE damage thanks to her water power, her high Skill and Speed could make her quite strong but she will remain fragile since he have low HP and Defense


Fire Emblem Awakening DLC




Currently Owain is an NPC using the moveset of Ryoma, and i think he will remain like this

As a Awakening child units, Owain stats are changing but i think he will be more balanced than Ryoma with maybe an average Magic stats


Tharja will the second infantry mage with Robin, her moveset could be original or the same than Robin

Thaja'' stat as a Dark mage could sacrifice her Magic stat to her Defense, Dark Mages in Awakening have more durability than Mages 


Second "Entertainers" after Azura, Olivia could also be able to buff allies around her

Using swords i think Olivia could have a unique moveset with evasive moves

her stat are similar to Azura, decent Strength, excellent Speed and Skill but terribly squishy 


Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon DLC




Second Wyvern user, Minerva could share Camilla moveset minus the constant moaning ;p

in FE Warrior Wyvern user are weak against magic and arrow (despite that in Fates Camilla Resistance is good) so i think her stat will be slightly different from Camilla


Third mage infantry, can possibly use Robin moveset and have special based on her signature tome: Aura

in her original game Linde magic growth rate are quite weak but she have great Skill and Speed, while Robin is quite slow 


Dual wielding character, might get an original moveset, if not he will copy Lyn moveset with a Killing Edge as his second blade 

Compared to Lyn, Navarre could have a higher Strenght and a lower Speed, in the old NES Game, Navarre was a Mercenary before being turned into a Myrmidon in the remakes


Sorry for the huge list and my weak English (not my main language ^^;) but don't hesitate to let me know your opinion 

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