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Recruiting battle sprite artist. Offering compensation

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I'm looking to hire a battle sprite artist to create the final boss animation for my mod, The Road to Ruin.

I don't update often because I prefer to be low key.
However, with development wrapping up, I've hit the point where I need an animation done (I'm no good at battle sprites, otherwise I'd do it myself).

To keep spoilers to a minimum, I'll describe what I need through PMs with whoever I decide to hire.
Don't worry, it's not some giant dragon or monster that's a massive undertaking to create.
You also don't need to worry about scripting the animation either. I can handle that part.

As far as compensation, there's 2 options:

1) Cold, hard cash delivered through PayPal (we'll discuss rates in private).
2) The barter system. I consider myself one of the more knowledgeable members of the GBAFE modding community. I also do maps.
If you have a project that needs help in development (or want a tutor so you can learn for yourself), I'll put in whatever time is comparable to the time put into the animation.

Since I'm offering money/my skills as compensation, you'll need to have some solid spriting chops.
If you're interested in this project, send me some samples of past work and we'll talk.

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