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SaXor the Nobody

[Hector Normal] SaXor's Blazing Blade Randomized Playthrough

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Part 0: Introduction

The day was October 22nd, 2017. Around 1:30 in the morning to be precise. A bored, tired SaXor sat there on his bed in front of his laptop thinking...
"Man it sure is booooring around h-" Wait...this isn't the script. Where the hell..............Ah! Here we go. Ahem...
"Hmmmmm, what to do...I could play something. Maybe some Fire Emblem...Got it!"
At that moment SaXor remembered an idea that he had before.
"I'll do a let's play of a randomizer on SF...yeah, that sounds like it'll be fun. Hmmm...maybe I'll do FE7, it's the most randomizer friendly, but how will I go about it...I know...I could make it a video series and put it on my Youtube channel!"
Two hours later, SaXor found himself watching the two parts that he recorded with commentary.
"Wow...my commentary is garbage. It sounds like I'm constantly mumbling, I can hear background noise, and my mic quality makes Mekkah's audio sound like it was recorded in a studio."
D-D-Deep Cut
"Yeah, I'm gonna scrap this and go to sleep"
Despite this SaXor wasn't ready to give up. He ultimately decided to scrap the commentary idea altogether but he was still determined to make this happen. And so it began

Welcome to the beginning of my first Let's Play: SaXor's Playthrough of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade Randomized! Was that intro funny? I hope so...

Hey there, SaXor here! Before I start, here's how this run's gonna work:
These are the rules I'm playing by, I'll be playing on Hector Normal because I don't hate myself. I'm not going for everything, no Lyn mode, 19xx, 23xx, or 32x. I'll try my best to keep save state use to a minimum but I can't guarantee anything, FE7 can get crazy when you start bumping the growths up. I'll probably be doing this on and off, I have school after all so don't expect consistent updates. As for the gameplay itself, I'm not super used to playing while recording, especially since there's no commentary so if there are any random pauses, I'm probably thinking. That's all, bye! I'll try to release the first part ASAP.

Feedback on my writing and anything really is appreciated. If you suggest something and I don't acknowledge it for a bit, I apologize as these will be recorded in bulk, most likely 2-3 episodes for each play session.

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Part 1-1: The Harken Show



>Says "I'll try to release the first part ASAP."
>Releases it five days later

Gee, I sure am great at this stuff...
Anyway, let's get this started.
Chapter 11H was...more or less the same, there isn't a lot to change in the first place.
Usually, I'd go down immediately and theoretically I could, but I went left, down to get the chest, and then around the right side all the way to Wire.
Our Hector replacement is Harken and he's ridiculous.
I mean, what can I say? He's really, really good. 16 base strength and 9 defense is crazy for the beginning of the game. His speed is lacking but given that he can one round most enemies at this point, that won't be an issue, for now at least. The Light Brand is really strong for this point in the game, I'll try to conserve it. Luckily, the game gave me a Javelin as well so that won't be a problem.
Our Matthew is Nino and she's a...troubadour.
Normally, getting Nino in Chapter 11 would've been best case scenario but Nino would've been good if she was anything but a healer. Oh well, at least she'll be useful for the time being...
Wire got randomized into a Lyn Lord with a Slim Sword. 12 speed would normally be scary but his damage output is pretty garbage as we'll be seeing soon.
So...this is the part where I talk about what happened throughout the chapter, huh...
Well, a lot of this:
Harken killed everything and took minimal damage. Seriously, not much else.    Nice Palette btw

Some time after this, Harken got a level and that point of defense essentially makes him invincible for the rest of the chapter. Later on this happened:
I wouldn't have highlighted this if it weren't for the fact that in true hit, this was a 92%.
Good. Harken got another level from this.
It's rather meh but the speed is nice. Near the end of the chapter, he leveled up again.
After that, I went on to challenge Wire and...I'll just let you all see for yourselves.
Yeah...he's not winning.
And he's dead. This'll get Harken another level.
Now that's more like it! What a way to end it off.
And that's it for Chapter 11. In the video, I did Chapter 12 as well but I'm going to split this into two posts. I'll probably do that tomorrow. As usual, feedback is appreciated.


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Part 1-2: The Wall


Y'know, I never understood that chapter name...oh well.
Right off the bat, we have new blood.
Starting off with the thief we have Nils and he's a really good thief. Having a capped speed thief will be incredibly useful later on when enemies start carrying stealable items.
In combat he's...actually somewhat alright, defensively anyway. He can take a hit decently well and 56 avoid base is no joke. It's just a shame that he'll never be able to do good damage as he's plagued with his 5% strength and skill growths and an E rank in swords, but he is a thief so it's not really a big deal in the end.
Next up we have Dorcas and...I don't know how to feel about him. I mean, he could be alright offensively if I trained him, 60% strength is good and he'd have a lot of HP but everything else is just meh imo, bases included.  8 base defense is nice but with a 25% growth, he could easily get screwed. Same for his speed, 20% isn't very reliable, especially with only 5 base. Overall, benched. At least he has some use being a flier.
But wait there's more!...a lot more.
Our Marcus replacement is Heath and he's just not good. He's okay for the moment because not many enemies can really take a Luna let alone a Luna crit but those bases just don't cut it. To be fair, he might've been more useful if he had a tome with might as 12 attack isn't very good but that's unfortunately not the case. On the bright side he's a decent staff bot and he came with some good items.
Our Lowen is Priscilla and she's a bard, moving on...
Oh, a free Steel Lance? A Javelin too? Thanks game, you're too kind.
...Fine, Sain is a soldier and he's garbage. Benched.
Next up, we have Florina and Fiora. Tbh, they're pretty interchangable, though I think Florina's better because of her higher con.
Finally, our Eliwood is Hawkeye and he is ridiculous. 40 base HP at level 1 is  i n s a n e. His stupidly high HP is supported by a solid 12 defense and he can deal decent damage as well with his equally good 12 strength, not to mention that his 16 con means that he can wield every lance in the game without penalty. All of this comes at a price though, he has no speed, like at all, but does it really matter? He barely takes any physical damage anyway. Aside from his low res, he's the perfect tank.
He is the wall.
But wait! There's still more!
Zagan, unlike Wire, actually isn't complete garbage?
This chapter wasn't too eventful so this one will be kind of short. (Also this the second time I'm typing this part so }
To start, I sent Door-cass down to get the village, sent Hawkeye down to kill an archer, gave the free Steel Lance and Javelin to Hawkeye, and sent Nils to get a brigand kill. Harken got a decent level on that enemy phase.
On the next turn, I gave Hawkeye Nils's Slim Sword (Which would normally be dumb but Harken has the strength to make it viable for at least a little bit), used the mages to feed Hawkeye a kill, and then gave Door-cass the red gem from Ch.11. On the turn after that, I took care of the rest of the Peg Knights and on the turn after that,  I fed Hawkeye another kill, which got him his first level.
From there, I sold the Red Gem, bought a bunch of weapons and prepped for Zagan.
Zagan (who has a nice palette by the way) wasn't too much of a challenge.
First, I had Harken take off a chunk of his health by breaking the Javelin on him. Afterwards, I attempted to get a good hit in with Hawkeye and his Horseslayer but he missed. I had Nino heal him and sent Nils to the fort to act as a decoy and do what he does best, dodge-tanking, which he did. After that, I brought Zagan down to low health with Harken's Slim Sword and killed him with Hawkeye, netting him another level and ending the chapter.

See you all next time!



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