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Voting - BATTLE SPRITE SHOWDOWN XXIII ~Not a Hero... Yet.~

Not a Hero... Yet: trainee classes   

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Not a Hero... Yet.:

-Sprite a trainee class.


Entry Descriptions

1)Mender: Can promote into a Healer or Troubadour, but cannot exceed D rank in staves until promotion.


2) Villager: Able to access all weapons. Chooses which weapon to continue using when they promote.


3) Trainer: This new class promote into Beast master or Wolf rider.


4) Urchin: trainee thief that promotes into, well, thief(also myrmidon)


5) Mage Trainee and irrelevant doggo petting


6) Seafarer:
"A young and inexperienced pirate taking pleasure in not only plunder but the wonders of the sea as well."


7) Squire: promotes to either Sword Knight or Sword Cavalier.
"A young knight in training. Dreams of chivalry and heroism."

8) Dark mage Trainee. He only picked dark magic because it looks cool.




1) Only 1 entry per contestant.
2) No voting for your own entry!
3) Entries should be limited to 16 colors.(15 colors+ 1 background color) This is more of a guideline, but good to follow for style and challenge reasons. Colors may be custom or using GBA sprite palletes.
4) No posting previous/old works! This means no edits/recolors of something previously made as well.
-allowing previous/old works would give an unfair advantage to certain entries, two weeks is a good amount of time to work on an entry... how fair would it be to have to go up against something someone spent months or even a year on?
-creating brand new works, encourages creativity and artistic growth and development, kinda what the whole art forums are about... isn't it?

Voting and Winners


Voting will be split into two categories.
-Best in Theme
-Best Overall Battle Sprite
>Voting will run for 3 days
If there are a large amount of entries, Best in Theme will be divided into smaller categories based on whether an entry is custom, splice, or animation.
(Open to new ideas for this)
Winning placement will be decided by total number of votes across categories.
>The winner gets to choose two potential themes either from a list or of their own imagination.
>The winner and runner ups will vote upon the themes to select one.
>The winner gets two votes in addition to theme selection.
>Second place gets two votes.
>Third place gets one vote.
>Whatever theme wins the winner's votes will be used for the next competition.
Note, votes can be split, if you have two votes they do NOT need to go to the same theme.


Any further questions or concerns can be PMed to the current host! (Errant) or posted either in the feedback thread or within this thread itself.
Voting Ends: Saturday, October 28th at 11:59pm PST.

Hope you enjoy the entries! Good luck to all!

Edited by ErrantDShepherd

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Our winner, with 17 total votes...

is Yoshthethird and their Villager trainee class!


second place are TitanTs's Trainer with 12 votes, and third place is ErrantShepherd's Squire with 10 total.


Congratulations to the winners and all the participants for some great entries! Seriously, some very fine works in here! Big thanks too, to all who entered and voted! (and especially thanks for those who liked my entry ;D )

We'll see you next, Biweekly Battle Sprite Showdown! :D

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c. Don’t steal other artist’s work. In part or in whole, non-permitted reuse of user content is disrespectful to the source artist and the time they spent creating the material. Anyone caught doing so will be given a verbal warning and request to remove the work. Repeated acts of burgling can result in increased severity of consequences.

Thread Maintenance and Oversight:

a. The host of a competition (or any event) is the one in charge of the rules and processes of their event.

From the Sprite Subforum Guidelines



Due to concerns of potential sprite theft, TitanTs' entry has been disqualified by the host. TitanTs is of course entitled to contest this with proof of work.

In the meantime.

ErrantDShepherd will thus place 2nd, with Horatio being bumped up to 3rd.

Edited by ErrantDShepherd

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Sorry, about that. I just saw your post. I know I new for this. I just start to sprite something about month. 

So can you explain me more why  my work have been disqualified. I do not worry about wining or losing. I just wanna join. I'm working on a new battle sprite showdown. I wanna know something in order to avoid the same problem. Why do you claim that I stole the somebody artwork?

I attach the process picture of the previous work. I start with the journeyman from the original fire emblem. That why the head, the high, the color are look like that. I made that all the rest of the body. I choose a Japaneses cloth style (It may not look like but it is lol). I made five more pic by just change the arm motion. For the dog I was thinking about JB from kingsman when I made it (Again it may not look like). I wanted to make more dog jumping motion but I just too lazy for that so I made two and using the blur motion.


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