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Serene Determination

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Hello! Welcome to my second story!

Here is the feedback thread: 


Warning, this one will contain mature subjects unlike Skills who was more PG-13

Hope you enjoy!


Prologue: Unexpected Inspiration

The town of Daleen is considerated to be one of the most advanced town in all of the country of Lunia. This gigantic country lives in peace with his neighbooring countries. Yet it is not spared of any troubles...

The very bright sunlight yet again wakes up Nym, a young blond man. Every morning, he hates his window just for existing. After changing to his usual clothes (a black shirt with a blue pant), he went to see his mother only to meet an empty bed. This wasn't a surprise, his mother always had to wake up early to go to work, a maid always need to be ready to serve her lord especially the one who gave them a part of his land for their house.

After eating his breakfast, he had to go buy a few things in the market. At this hour, only a few shops should be open for what he needed. However he hates to go there for one reason: too many men. Shopkeeper and almost any jobs that you can find, only men are allowed to do it. Women? Take care of kids, bring them to school and go back home to do the laundry and the likes. This situation pissed him off to no end, he was tired to see the same dumb and uncheerful looking faces every, single, fucking time he had to go there. Good thing he works for a woman, in fact one of the only few women who were allowed to work. Her name is Anna and she sells weapon and Nym is her only employee.

There's another reason why he was mad of course. The whole situation is this town is also affecting men because of the nature of your birth. You better hope you can like a commoner like the daughter of a shopkeeper or something because if you try to court the daughter of a rich man, even if she returns the feelings, it doesn't matter because it's entirely the father's decision and he will choose someone who is also rich and noble. Nym is neither of them.

Anyway, after buying what he had to buy he brought all of this back home and then got back out immediately. He doesn't like to stay home, it's too... sad. He prefers to do one of his favorite thing: walk in the nearby forest.

The sun enlighting the leaves of the trees, the birds flying around, the sound of the water that flows; it's everything that Nym likes. Tranquility, a way for him to forget of how awful his town is at the moment. If only there was a way to change that...

While he was lost in thought, he didn't notice a rock in the way. He tripped on it and falled down a little hill. Now covered of leaves, dirt and scratches, he was really mad with himself.

'Last time I get lost in thoughts, I swear.' he thought.

He then notices a path that he didn't see before. His curiousity being stronger than him, he follows it only to find a book at the end of it.

This book had nothing particular except for a seal, a familiar one since it's the seal from the library of his town.


A few minutes later...

Since this was still morning, there was only a few people in the library. Nym hands over the book to the librarian. However the man seems confused after checking it for a few couple of seconds.

''That's not one of my books.'' said the man

''Huh?'' said Nym surprised

''I had the case of a missing seal a few days ago, I guess you found it for me... here,'' the man explained before giving him a few coins. ''It's not much but it's for helping me, you can keep if you want I don't have any more free spaces for an extra book.''

Nym walked back home with a book in hand, still confused of what that was all about.

Now back home and inside his bedroom, he lyed on his bed and read the cover of the book.

'The secret of the calm forest?' the blond mage read in his head before trying to find the autor only to find none. Dissapointed, he begins to read it.

The story's plot is a girl who one day found a hidden village inside a forest that she visited many times. According to her, it was a well hidden village and for what it seems, a very peaceful and serene one where the townpeople, both men and women, live in equal and in peace. Her discovery will change her point of view in life and will convince her to try to change her own town... with all the consequences that come with it.

'If only someone could be like her for us...' thought Nym.

They need someone againt the law, someone strong, someone determine...

That would be ridiculous! He could never do such a thing, he could never be like this girl. He doesn't know how to fight and yet... he has to do something.

He finds a black coat in his wardrobe and after a few modifications, he can hide his entire head inside the hood. Basically his mask. A mask that he will need if he wants to do this.

He goes to the market with the keys that Anna brought him for the backdoor of the shop. Unoticed, he goes inside and try to find a weapon that suits him. Since he has no experience with weapons, he choose a bronze sword; the lightest sword of his category but also the weakest and the cheapest to make.

And now he waits for a certain someone to show up, a someone that everybody hates in town with a passion.

That person is a certain noble who call himself a lord who visits the market frequently with his young wife. It wouldn't be a problem if they weren't fourty years apart from each other.

He finally shows up later. He wears absurd fancy clothes along with a stupid purple hat who goes along with his clothes. The lord is intimidating a happy young couple, the woman is pregnant and needs to sit on the bench.

''Move your wife off this bench!'' ordered the lord to the husband.

''But sir... she's pregnant!'' said the husband who trieds to reason him.

''I do not care! You do it or I strike you with my cane until you do it!'' threatened the old man who is out of patience who begins to count.

''One... Two.... Three!'' he screamed before swining his cane down only to be blocked by a sword.

''What?'' said the man, noticing a hooded figure beside him who shoves away from the couple with his left hand, his wife happily watching from afar.

''No, you move. The woman stays.'' threatened the hooded figure

But the lord wasn't really intimidated, he instead open a part of his cane to reveal a hidden blade.

''I've beat many foolish whippersnappers who dare to challenge me, Lord Duran. You will be no different!'' provoked the man. ''En garde!''

In a few seconds a crowd gathered, they let enough space for the duel.

Nym is the first to strike however his attack got parried by the lord. While both swords were on each other, the hooded man notices how damaged the blade of his opponent is. This allows him to come out with a plan.

He dash backwards and reposition himself to dodge the lord's attack and then hit the blade multiple times, breaking it. His opponent now disarmed and vulnerable, a solid hit where it hurts the most for men was enough to get him on his knees before Nym finishing him with a precise stike on the neck. The lord falls unconcious with the face eating the dirt.

''Stupid cocky ''lord''.'' mocked Nym, shealthing his sword before hearing cheers and clapping.

Everyone in the crowd celebrate his victory, the first person to dare fight the annoying old man. However the commotion attracted the attention of the Knights, the vigilance of the town.

''Get him!'' ordered one Knight to his compagnion.

'Crap!' thought Nym before running away to one specific back alley, going past the crowd with the Knights on his tail. He has no idea where he is going. A specific hooded figure goes in another direction.

The chase lasted for a few minutes until Nym got himself into a dead end. Now tired, he had to fight his biggest opponents. But the moment they were about to arrest him, one of the guard falls on the ground, uncouncious. The other doesn't have time to realize what is going on before he also falls, a hooded figure holding a wooden plank is just in front of him.

''This way.'' said the other hooded figure, showing Nym that he has to follow them.

He wasn't sure if that was a good idea but the voice of reinforcements made him change his mind.

After a few minutes, the hooded figure opens a door and they both go inside before they close the door behind them.

Both of them take their breath. They rushed through many alleys.

''That was... very... reckless young man.'' said the other hooded figure. ''But admirable at the same time.''

Nym couldn't take it anymore.  He had to remove the hood, the heat was killing him. His hair and face was all sweaty.

However, what was surprising is that the other hooded figure has a high voice, almost if it's...

''Who are you?'' asked Nym to the hooded figure.

The hooded figure also took off the hood, revealing her long blonde hair, her glasses who covers her magnificient blue eyes and face.

''My name is Chloey.'' said the woman to Nym.



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Chapter 1: Chloey and the Serenes

The woman that stood beside him is a most good looking individual: slighly older than him but not in her thirty, her long blonde hair is scattered on her shoulders and her back, the purple glass that she wears actually looks good on her. Nym however notices that she's a little bit smaller than him, not that posed any kind of problems, just a funny detail that he noticed.

''Are you okay?'' asked Nym upon noticing that Chloey is breathing rapidly, probably out of breath.

''Yes... it's just that...'' said Chloey holding her chest with one hand while trying to reach her back underneath her coat with her other hand. ''I'm not used... to run with this thing attached to me.'' she said before turning around. ''Since you are here, can you help me take this off ... what's your name?'' she asked as she reveals her back to Nym, he could see someone tied up to her, he thought this is a bra.''

''Euh... Nym and... sure?'' said Nym who doesn't understand why she would ask this to someone she just met but he does it anyway. While he was trying to remove it, he was some ''accidentally'' touching a little bit of her back with his fingers, her skin felt really smooth. Of course he didn't prolong the moment uncesserely since he had to actually take that thing off but he had time to notice Chloey's curvey hips. When he finally does that the ''bra'' off, he realizes this is not a bra but a strange band.

''Do you always need to wear this?'' asked Nym who tries really, really hard not to look at her suddently bigger bust while giving her back the item.

''Yes because if you don't have a man to walk with you, you WILL get harassed by men on the streets. This thing is the only way to fool them since men usually don't have breasts, don't you agree?'' asked Chloey, hinting him that she saw him glance at her chest.

'' *Gulp* sorry, sorry... but I had no idea!'' said Nym as he looks at his feet, feeling guilty. ''I knew the situation was bad but not THAT bad.''

''It's ok!'' said suddently Chloey, taking his hands ''You know now, it all that matters. After all awareness is the first step towards understanding!'' reassured with her soft voice ''Anyway, welcome to Serene, the name of our organisation, right this way.''

''Wait Serene but I-- argh!'' said Nym before being drag by Chloey around the house.

''This here is a little house that we used.  If there's one thing that you should know about us is that the only male members that we have act in the shawdos like my husband most of the time, you are the first to be ''physically'' involve in our little women group.'' explained Chloey which confused Nym for one reason.

''Wait, you gonna just add me to your group like that? Shouldn't you ask your leader, shouldn't ask me questions like why I helped that woman or...?'' Nym imaginated the leader to be quite the old woman and probably strict woman that mostly hate men.

Chloey only chuckled to his silly questions which made him even more confused. She then leads him close to what seem to be a kitchen and with stairs that seem to lead to a basement.

''Downstairs is where we hold our meeting.'' she explained. ''And where you will be introduce to everyone else later.''

''Chloey? Is that you dear? The tea is read--'' said a woman coming from the kitchen before frowing once she sees Nym. ''Chloey, what is this... man doing here?''

''Oh Clarina! Meet Nym, he defeated that annoying rich man because he threatened to remove a pregnant woman off a bench. He will be our new recruit, isn't that marvolous?''

''Yes dear but we don't need his kind around here, please show him the door.'' requested Clarina who stared at Nym.

''But Clarina--'' said Chloey before the noble interrupts her.

''No but Chloey, your husband and Rezzy's husband are already enough. I have my limits.'' explained the noble as she tries to not lost her temper. ''Especially at this age, who only thinks about sex every single day.''

''What the? Hey! For who do you--'' said Nym before getting interrupted just like Chloey.

''Silence you!'' snapped suddently Clarina ''Be sure to know your place, even more so as a commoner!'' she then turned her attention to Chloey ''Chloey, this is my last warning: show him the door or he will find the bottom of my boot not as welcoming as you.''

Even though it pains Chloey, she has to obey. ''Right this way...'' said sadly Chloey as they go back outside, luckly the guards are gone.

''I was almost right for your leader, except for the old part since she's as old as you...'' said Nym who tries to show his anger by saying a weak joke.

''Sorry about that Nym, she... she wasn't as lucky as I am with my husband... her husband is... like them if you see what I mean.'' Chloey said ''She got troubled by that and... she hates most men because of that.''

Nym looked over the horizon sadly ''Anyway, thanks for all Chloey but it looks like it's over. Goodbye'' Nym went back home, his idea of revolution doesn't seem to be needed after all.

Chloey looked at him parting, for once that there was a man ready to help them... why would Clarina waste all this potiential.

''Wait Nym!'' shouted the woman runing after him ''Tomorrow, if you can... join me here.'' she points an area of the city ''We can do this... without them.''

''What but... Chloey do you even know how to fight?'' asked Nym very surprised over her proposal.

''Well my husband showed me how to use a sword... but I prefer tactics. And I have a plan... to make an impact.'' explained Chloey, suddently serious about her idea.

Nym had a hard time believing her but at least if she could have a great plan, maybe will they be able to start a little rebellion at least.

Later that night, Chloey attended to the meeting but nothing progressed as usual.


The next day...

Nym is currently working, take inventory of every weapon already made for Anna.

''Did you hear the news? Someone beated the crap of ''Lord'' Duran!'' said suddently Anna to her employee.

''Yea, do we know who that person was?'' asked Nym who tries to act normal

''Nope! But at the bright side, plenty of guards went to shop here today! Look like that mysterious swordman convinced them to buy new weapons!'' said Anna happily to get this many customers this early in the day.

Nym smiles, no way is he ready to reveal the truth to her just yet.


Later that day...

Nym went to the place that Chloey mentionned. Once he knocked, she opens wearing the same coat as yesterday.

''Welcome! Go take a seat, we were waiting for you.'' said Chloey happily.

Nym wondered who she meants by ''we''. It didn't take long to find out since there was a man waiting for them.

''Ah, you must be the young man Chloey mentionned about.'' said the man who stands up and gives his hand for a handshake. ''My name is Chrom Debuc but Chrom is fine, a pleasure to meet you.''

''Nice to meet you... wait.'' said Nym while doing the handshake ''Your name... don't you have a maid named Cerelia by any chance?''

''Uh, you know Cerelia?'' said Chloey who didn't expect him to ask that question.

''Well yeah... she's my mother.'' explained Nym.

''I see, I can indeed see her eyes in you.'' said the lord.

''ANYWAY.'' said suddently Chloey ''Let's talk about what we are about to do shall we?''

''Right, so what's your plan?'' asked Nym.

''We currently lack any sort of advance sword techniques and such. So we will try to make you a Knight.'' explained calmly Chloey.

''What? Are you insane?'' shouted Nym the mere thought of that accomplishement being a dream impossible to make true. ''There's no way that I'm even close to have the... shape to be a Knight.''

''Yes, however...'' added Chrom ''We noble have special privileges, have you never heard that noble Knights are terrible right now?''

''Ergh um yes... but I thought they were only unfortunate individuals that can't do their job correctly, what do you mean?'' responded Nym off guard by his statement.

''Well, noble families pay the person responsible from the inscriptions, you won't even need a physical evaluation as long as you pay the price.... but that won't be a problem since I'll always support my wife all the way through.'' explained Chloey's husband.

''But that's crazy! You can bypass rules like that?'' said Nym shocked by this revelation.

''Yes and that's just one of many.'' explained Chloey ''I don't just want to remove our lack of freedom for us women, I also want to remove the noble privileges. A society where everyone has equal rights... anyway, we will act like we are aunt, uncle and nephew since they will have our family registration. Now let's get on our way before it's too late!''


A few moment later...

''So... sir Chrom?'' said the man dealing with the inscriptions.

''That is correct.'' said politely Chrom.

''I'm confused: on your family registration, you only have one son named Morgan but he's too young to be this young man with your wife.'' said the man.

''That's because the young man is my nephew Nym, his father couldn't be here for him today so here we are.'' explained calmly Chrom.

'' Ah yes I see... very well that will be three thousands gold please.'' asked the man while writing Nym's name on a paper.

'Three thousand gold? This is beyond crazy!' thought Nym.

''Have fun sweet heart!'' said Chloey as she suddently hugs Nym.

''Ergh um thanks, aunt Chloey...'' said Nym who tries to act like her.

''Young man, please go to the room around the corner.'' asked the man behind the counter ''Ask the doctor for a quick check and then you can go home, come back tomorrow for the beginning of your training as a Knight.''

Nym does exactly that leaving Chloey and her husband behind. As the enter the said room, he sees a red head woman waiting for someone to open a door.

''Welcome!'' said the woman then points a chair besides her. ''Sit here please.''

Nym obeys, he notices that the woman is slighly older than Chloey.

Nym can't help himself to point out how fortunate this woman is ''You are quite the lucky start, doctor. There's not a lot of women like you in your position these days.

She chuckled and added. ''Yes and you will agree that this is quite unfortunate, right Nym?''

''Yup, this is indeed-- wait... how do you know my name?'' suddently realized Nym.

But she didn't answer, instead she stand up and checked if someone was behind the door. ''Be quiet and follow me'' she asked.

That request was quite odd for the young man, why would she ask that. He had mutiple scenarios in his head, some scary, some unlikely and some very nice.

In the end, she brought him to a very long corridor where at the end of it, Chloey and Chrom were waiting for them!''

''What the? Weren't you two suppose to go home?'' asked a very surprised Nym.

''No silly, your inscription was only the first part.'' explained Chloey, proud of her plan.

''We have a second plan?'' realized Nym.

''If there's one thing you should know about Chloey's plans, she likes to make a few surprises. That's why I love her so much.'' explained Chrom.

''Aww Chrom.'' said Chloey before they exchange a quick kiss.

''Look lovebirds, can someone explain what we are going to do?''

''Oh you know... we are going to ''borrow'' something.'' said the doctor beside him.

''Good explanation Rezzy, our new recruit is quite slow to catch up.'' jested Chloey to her friend.

''Wait... Rezzy? Isn't she the other woman that Clarina mentioned?'' realized Nym.

''Yup!'' said Rezzy happily. ''My husband also support us since we both want a better future for our kids. I was part of the plan since Chloey asked me if I wanted to join her yesterday. And to be honest, I was tired of Clarina's lazyness.''

Chrom in the meantime was forcing the lock of a door until it breaks.

''Here you go, you can go in dear.'' said Chrom ''Remember what I taught you ok?''

''Yes... please be careful.'' said Chloey before they kiss another time before Chroms runs and puts his head inside a hood. ''We will have to act quickly but be as quiet as possible.'' ordered Chloey as she enters quitely inside the forbidden area.

Nym couldn't believe what is happening, he is trespassing inside a building that he never thought he would never enter with two women he barely knows.

They walked for a few seconds before they meet guards. Chloey gives Nym his sword after putting her head also inside a hood. ''Take them out with me, quitely.''

Nym did the same and two of them attacked the guards, they had no chance to react. Nym knocked the guard out, he didn't want to kill him for a stupid reason that he don't even know.

A guard however spotted them, he was too far away however a powerful blast made the man fly away and he crashs into a wall.

'What the?' thoought Nym as he turns around to see Rezzy, with one her hand completely opened.

''What? I know more than just healing magic.'' explained casually Rezzy before following Chloey to another area.

Magic, something that only a few individuals can learn. Nym could be one of them but he has honestly no idea, it depends on birth and many other factors.

Anyway, they go to area to area, knocking guards left and right until Chloey found an area full of documents which is what she was looking for.

Nym notices the lack of guards, perhaps did Chrom did some kind of diversion? That wouln't be surprising if Chloey is that good at tactics. After a few minutes, Chloey found a particular document, what she wanted and they make a run from it before reinforcements arrive.

Nym wasn't sure what that was all about but Chloey was grinning over her small little victory.




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Chapter 2: Aftermath

A few hours after Chloey and Nym escaped...

After the sudden attack of unknown individuals, the whole Academy end up being close for the rest of the day. However, the incident wasn't spread to the population.

Inside the same room, the few guards still confused over what happened are trying to remember what just happen. Most failed because they were attacked in the back.

One of them was busy fixing his gear when a man walked inside the gigantic room.

''Sir!'' the guard stopped his action to bow before the respected man followed by his compagnions in arm who do the same.

''Greetings,'' the man said to all the guards ''I would like to ask a few questions to one of you,'' he turns his attention to the first guard who is right beside him. ''You there.''

The rest of the guards returned to their occupations, leaving the two men alone. The man takes a notebook out of his black coat pocket.

''I have heard about the incident inside my own office. Did you happen to saw the assailants's face?'' asked the man to the guard.

''Negatory, Sir. The only few of us who had time to see the them only saw two individuals, one was wearing a black coat and was using a sword while the other purple coat. Both had their face hidden by their hood.'' the guard explained as best as he could remember from the others.

''I see...'' he took a few notes before asking another question. ''Who was the first to discover the scene?''

''That would be Rezzy, the doctor who works here.'' said the guard.

''Interesting...'' the man wrote a few more notes before turning around. ''Thank you for your help.'' he said before leaving the room. Despite his black hair covering only one of his eyes, he could better see than anyone else.

The next day...

After his first training session to become a Knight, most of Nym's muscles were hurting him. He wasn't use to intense training, hell to even normal training he struggles a lot.

However coming home wasn't very the bright idea as Nym got in an argument with his mother. He doesn't understand why his mother refuses to do anything else but sits for hours looking at her garden. Even when Nym is suggesting to go the market together, she tells him no because ''I don't want to be a burden''. Which piss Nym off to no end because not only of how untrue it is but also how casually she says it while smiling from ear to ear.

Noneteless, Nym didn't expect to meet a familiar face in the front of their house.

''Hi Nym!'' Chloey waves at him while being careful not to trip on herself.

''Hi Choey!'' said Nym before staring at her for a few seconds. ''What's with the dress?''

Normally, Chloey always wears her favorite purple coat. Yet today she wears a dress of that color along with a slight shade of blue.

''Don't mention it...'' Chloey looked at her dress with an upset face before looking back at Nym. ''I would prefer my coat but...''

''Let me guess, it is not appropriate according to them?'' Chloey nodded.

''Also because... it would be risky to walk in town with my coat.'' she added.

''What? Do you always not wear anything undeneath it?'' jested Nym which make Chloey groans.

''Ha, ha.'' she glares at the young man. ''Only when I have to wear this stupid band, otherwise I always have a bra. Put your dumb thoughts aside.''

''Ok ok, geez...'' Nym grinned, Chloey seems to be easy to tease. She however wasn't mad for long.

''Anyway, I need your forearm since my husband is working today.'' she approachs him and gently puts her forearm inside his.

''Where are we going?'' asked the blond young man.

''You will see...'' said Chloey before they walk towards the market.

After a few minutes, they arrive in front of a little shop: ''The Shop of the Wolf.'' It may look small but Nym went to that store before and he knows this shop is actually amazing since it sells everything but food and weapons. He already interacted with the owner, a bald mustached man.  It is fairly popular although since it seems to be not the case today since the only customers are about to leave. 

''Hi Wolf!'' shouted Chloey as she enters the shop with Nym right behind her.

Wolf was busy putting his money away when they walked in. ''Oh hello Chloey... and you too though I don't know your name.'' he said to Nym.

''It's Nym.''

''Nice to meet you.'' said Wolf. ''Although we already did, I never forget a customer's face.''

''Anyway...'' interrupted Chloey ''Is she waiting for us?''

''Yes, she already prepare the table and everything. And Leo and Est are both sleeping so you won't be bothered by them while you are working.'' assured the bald man.

Chloey thanked him before going to a door at the bottom of the store.

Behind that door, a round table was there along with another door beside him with stairs leading to something. Probably to an appartement above the store.

''Hello you two.'' said Rezzy who was waiting for them.

''Rezzy!'' said happily Chloey as he hugs her friend while Nym realizes why Chloey insisted to go to this particular shop. Or at least for what he understand.

After eating snacks made by Rezzy, Chloey goes to the main point.

''This for what we came for.'' she pulls out the document that they stole yesterday.

'Finally' thought Nym, he couldn't stop his curiousity who was begging him to ask for the document.

Chloey opens the envelope. Inside is only one piece of paper with only a few words on it but also more importantly, a creased paper who seems to be a map. The map was so big Chloey could unfolds it on the whole table.

''What is that suppose to be?'' asked Nym before reading a name written on the corner of the map. ''The ''Asfold prison''? That's not the city's prison.''

''Exactly.'' explained Chloey. ''That map is the key to find this hidden prison.''

''A hidden prison? I don't believe you.'' said Nym in disbelief.

''Do you now? Do I need to remind you this map was hidden inside a document that was also hidden inside the most important building in our town?'' argued Chloey. ''Do you really think it's some kind of joke?''

''No but... for what purpose would you need that? And how do you know its existence in the first place?'' asked Nym now more confused.

''I have my way... my way named ''my husband''. '' the blonde woman explained to Nym. ''But to answer you first question, it has to be for something special because even the most vicious and horrible scums go to the city's prison.''

''What's more,'' added Rezzy who was reading the other piece of paper. ''On this paper is written: Prisonners: unknown names, origins and motivations.'' read Rezzy. '' This has to be something special.''

''Which is why the next part of our operation in a few days will be to free those prisonners.'' said Chloey.

''Woah woah, what? And how do you plan to do that? Asking them politely to free them?'' asked Nym, half jesting and half serious at the same time.

''Yes Nym, YOU will ask them politely... with your sword.'' responded Chloey to his comment before noticing  his frightened face. ''Let me handle the details, alright?''

Nym was about to respond when the door from the store opens, they can hear a man's voice as he enters. ''Hello!''

''Ah, welcome Sir.'' said politely Wolf's voice from the entrance.

In a flash but also with the less noice as possible, Chloey and Rezzy rushed to hide the papers which surprised Nym. Rezzy could easily hide the paper inside the back of her shirt. Chloey however had to be a little bit more... creative with the map.

''I would like to ask a few questions to your wife, is she there?'' asked the man.

''Yes she should be sitting at the table near the backstore.'' said Wolf.

They could hear the man's footsteps walking toward the room they are in, the man then gently opens the door.

''Hello.'' said politely the man.

''Detective Rex!'' exclaimed Rezzy in surprise. ''What bring you here today?''

''I would like to ask you a few questions concerning...'' he didn't finish his sentence since he didn't notice Chloey and Nym when he first entered the room. ''... the incident from yesteday.''

''If we are in your way, Detective, perhaps we should leave.'' Chloey was about to stand up.''Come Nym.'' said Chloey before the detective reacts to the name.

''Nym? The nephew of... Miss Chloey?'' asked the man to Chloey.

''Urm yes?''

''Wonderful! Please stay, it will make my life way easier.'' asked the detective before taking out his notebook. ''I'll try to make it quick, I promise.''

He begins to walk in circle around the table ''So Miss Rezzy, you were the first to discover the crime scene were you not?''

''Yes.'' confirmed Rezzy.

''Did you notice someone suspicious once you were there?'' asked the detective.

''No, only unconscious guards that I immediately begin to take care off.'' explained Rezzy.

''Yes you did an amazing job by the way.'' said Rex. ''What were you doing before the crime happened.''

''I was in my room, preparing my equipements when this young man over there came for the evaluation.'' explained Rezzy.

''Oh, so we have a future Knight?'' noticed Rex.'' Do tell me what you did after Rezzy finished her evaluation.'' asked the detective to Nym.

''Since my aunt and uncle already left, I decided to leave myself.'' said Nym.

The detective suddently grinned ''That is strange young man... because the man who was in charge of the inscriptions doesn't recall seeing you leave the building by the main door... at all.''

That comment would have make him panic... normally. But he remains calm because if there's one thing that he knows about Detective Rex: while his left eye is always staring at them, the other is constantly quickly noticing at any strange facial mouvements or nervous/abnormal movements or behaviours.

''That's because... he was away when I left.'' explained calmly Nym ''He wasn't at his counter.'' Nym recalled Chloey telling him that the guy went away a few minutes after he turned the corner.

Rex's grin disappeared in a flash since he remembers the man told him that he went away for a few minutes. He thought for sure he got the cat out of the bag for a second. ''Alright one last question: what do you know about swords?''

''Uhm, not much aside of making them since I work for Anna.'' explained Nym

''I see...'' he said as he takes a final note. ''Very well that will be all.''

''Will that help you Detective?'' asked Rezzy.

''Perhaps, only time will tell us.'' said the detective before leaving. ''Have a good day.''

After they are sure that he is gone, the three sigh of relief. That was very scary and Nym almost got caught but at least they know who to be careful of now.

Meanwhile, Rex was walking away from the store with a dissapointed look on his face and unsastified thurst for informartion. Something that he didn't feel in a long time.







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Chapter 3: Prison Break

Chloey decided to not got here the next day. ''Next week.'' she said before they went home.

At the Academy, Nym was on the grass taking a breather because of the exaustion of his intense training. All he could see was the blue sky and he could a hear good sincere laugh coming from someone near him.

That someone is Klevik, an old knight who retired a few years ago. Yet he decided to spend the rest of his life at serving his country by being a teacher for future Knights. His long white beard dancing from left to right at quick speed.

''Ahahaha, down already for today boy?'' asked the old Knight.

''Yup...'' said Nym as he stands up, his arms and legs were giving one hell of a pain.

''Well you already did plenty for today and what's more, you did good for a 'cheater'.'' said Kevik before realising what he just said could offend the blond young man. ''Ergh, no offense of course, boy.''

Since the very first day, Nym has been told by a staff that Klevik had very little respect for the nobles that bypass the rules to become Knights. He likes to call them 'cheaters' for this very reason. Yet Nym is one of those few nobles that he respects due to his determination, good mood and hardship.

''It's alright sir, I knew you didn't mean to offend me.'' said Nym calmly. ''I know bypassing the rules is not ok but I have my reasons... no a cause I should say to be a Knight.''

''Bah, it's fine. I just hope you never become like those lazy nobles that I had the misfortune to train.'' the mere thought almost made him want to vomit, that's how bad he hates them.

''Never sir, I promise.'' promised Nym proudly.

''Very well... oh I almost forgot!'' exclaimed the old man ''I almost forgot to ask you about the decision.''

''Ah yes, the decision...'' Due to different branches of military options, each Knight has a chance to follow a specific training program to become a different class. There's three: Footsoldier who is basically a soldier that fight on foot using his weapon of choice, Armored Knight where the person wears a very strong armor that restrains movement or Cavalier where the person mounts a horse to fight. These last two options however are mostly ''reserved'' to nobles since the Academy doesn't have neither horses or heavy armor to give or to borrow.

Nym thought about that choice for quite sometimes. In the end, he knew that having a horse or a heavy armor who probably more a burden more than anything since for now, their missions are pretty stealthy and not anything related to a war.

''I wish to stay as a Footsoldier.'' decided Nym.

''I see, that's quite surprising though since nobles usually pick the other two.'' explained Klevik who can't chase the thought that this is a strange decision for a noble.

''Well I'm no a very fan of armor that will slow me down,'' justified Nym. ''And while we have the money, we lack spaces to welcome a horse I'm afraid.''

''It's your choice boy, just make sure you like it 'till the end.'' said Klevik before packing his stuff. ''See you next monday!''

''Yea...'' said Nym before making his way to the market.


A few moment later...

Before going home, Nym had to go to Anna' store when they had a last meeting before the night. The shop wasn't open today which was perfect for such an important meeting. When he enters inside, Chloey and Anna were already sitting at a table waiting for him.

''Hi Nym, come.'' Chloey gives him a chair. ''We need to talk.''

He sits right next to Chloey while Anna is in front of them.

''Say Anna since when are you well... part of the team?'' asked Nym.

''Oh for quite some time actually.'' she replied before adding a sneaky comment that Nym didn't expect. ''Everyone has a deep secret, isn't that right Nym?''

''Uh, wait what's that suppose to mean?'' asked Nym confused.

Chloey was busy reading the map once more and said absently. ''I told her about your... secret identity.''

''Uh oh.'' Nym knew this will not end well.

''Yes 'Uh oh', I remember telling you CLEARLY to not bring any of the merchandise out of this place.'' said Anna angrily while straring at the young mage. ''I'll decide of your punishement later on.''

Nym stays silence in embarassement and guilt.

''Anyway, here.'' Anna put on the table a shealted sword. ''It's for you, you know for the mission ahead. I can't fight but I can provide a few special weapons if Chloey needs it.

Nym knew a few things about weapons in this store. They are mostly made of bronze, iron or steel. However what made this weapon special is not the material of what it's made of but the length of the sword itself.

''That's an iron longsword.'' explained Anna. ''It will be very handly for tonight.''

''For tonight?'' he had no clues why he would need this particular weapon for this occasion.

''The guards...'' Chloey turned her head over to him. ''They are mostly armored knights using lances according to what is written on one of the documents. And swords aren't exactly well... practical against lances. That longsword should remove their range advantage, allowing you to break or remove their weapons so you can knock them all.''

''Saying it like that surely make it sounds easy.'' Nym putted the longsword inside his bag that he brought with him for the training.

''Don't worry, you will have the upperhand I'm sure of it.'' reassured the blonde woman. ''You will understand better tonight.''

''I hope so.'' Nym could only imagine so much about THAT night.


That night...

Sneaking out of his home without waking up his mother was more difficult than he expected. He wasn't even use to go to bed this early, then he had to eat to make sure he was in full form for what will happen.

They all met at Rezzy's house before following Chloey to outside of the city, unnoticed by the guards somehow. With a few helpful lanterns to guide them in the darkness of the night, Chloey was following the map while Rezzy and Nym, the latter equiped with the longsword, hold the lanterns for her.

''I see no buildings Chloey.'' whispered Nym.

''Shh, be quiet Nym.'' whispered Rezzy. 

Indeed Chloey needed all of her focus on the map, the way to the prison was obviously complicated.

After a few minutes, they end up finding an empty area deep inside the forest.

''And now?'' Nym still couldn't see said prison.

''According to the map, it should be here...'' All she had to help her was the map for how to go there, the map for the inside is pointless for now. ''Let's look around for any evidences.'' she suggested.

All three were looking in different spots yet Chloey still was sure something was odd. She crouchs and gazes at an odd spot on the ground. While sweeping the ground with her hands, she  suddently feels something hard who has almost the same color as the ground. It's a lever! She pulls it and an underground hatch opens.

''Checkmate!'' said Chloey proudly of her discovery as the other two quickly join her.

''An underground prison? No wonder no one could find it.'' thought Nym.

There's stairs leading to much deeper underground, they had to leave their lanterns behind aside of the very small one who barely produce any lights.

After two minutes of going downstairs and going through a very narrow corridor made of dirt, they arrive in front of a door, an unguarded one surprisingly.

Since no one seems to be coming, Chloey ordered them to all put their hoods on including Rezzy who has a black coat just like hers and Nym's for the occasion. They had to stay together since the inside was small yet confusing.

They open the door only to be greeted by a very small yet bigger corridor where two guards spot them.

''What the!?'' said one guard, pulling up his lance. ''Who are--''

Nym didn't let him finish as he cuts his lance in two using the longsword. The other tried to intervene, Nym blocked his lance just in time.

''Blessed Anna and that longsword!'' thought Nym.

Meanwhile, the two women kicked the unarmed armored knight where it hurts the most since there's was no protection for him there. After that he tasted a punch in the face before falling unconscious.

Nym had to find a way to let go since he was losing ground, the spear was very heavy because of the Knight's weight. He quickly sidestepped, the momentum made the knight swings vertically at the ground. Nym punched him to finish him off. He took the spear, just in case...

''No point to try to hide them, they are way too heavy for the three of us. We will have to hurry up before someone calls for reinforcements.'' suggested Chloey before they move forward.

The underground was indeed very confusing with many, many corridors to choose from. Chloey took a particular one, thanks to the map.

They found another door, this time guarded by only one unfortunate Knight. They were too faraway in the dark corridor for him to see them.

''Welp here goes--''  whispered Nym as he was about to go the hard way.

''No wait Nym, let me try something...'' Chloey walked forward. ''Wait Chl--'' Rezzy made Nym shut up and forced him to walk forward along with Chloey.

The Knight panicked once he sees the three of them walking slowly toward him. ''W-who are you!?'' the young Knight said in surprise his weapon at the ready.

''Relax soldier.'' said Chloey, surprisingly not with her best impression of a man voice but with her normal voice.

''Wait... you're a woman?'' realized the young noble Knight, quite happy to know this sudden information.

''Oh boy, it's one of THOSE.'' whispered Rezzy to Nym, who can flat out see that he's a little bit too much happy.

''Indeed.'' said Chloey.

''W-what do you want?'' asked the Knight who was very delighful.

''We would like to see the two prisonners that you have please.'' asked Chloey.

''Miss, I'm sorry but I can't allow you that. My superiors said mutiple times--'' explained the Knight.

Rezzy who understand what is Chloey's idea, help her. ''Oh but that's SUCH a shame.''

''Wait you're a woman too?'' realized the Knight.

Rezzy doesn't answer, instead she takes off his helmet, revealing his brown hair, his brown eyes and more importantly,  his red cheeks. ''Um M-Miss?''

''Oh but look at you! It feels so HOT in there, doesn't it~?'' asked Rezzy.

''What's your name, brave Knight~?'' asked Chloey. 

''It's um, Lenox...''

''Oh Lenox, it would be so HELPFUL if you could help us~.'' suggested heavely Rezzy.

''And we could probably have some FUN after that.~'' added Chloey.

'There's no way this will work. I mean he can clearely see me right? thought Nym. Or is he that focus on Chloey and Rezzy? In a way, I want their plan to work but at the same time, I want the guy to actually not think with his 'other brain' and show that we can make rational decisi--'

Lenox hesitated for a few seconds but the tentation was too strong for him. ''Fine I change my mind, I'll escort you...'' he said as he opens the door.

'You got to be kidding me...' thought Nym in disbelief.

Both women smiled but keep acting a little bit.

Lenox escorted them through the corridors until they are stopped by a guard near a massif door.

''Halt soldier, who told you that to leave your post?'' asked the guard to Lenox.

''Sir, those three individuals need to see the prisonners.'' explained Lenox to the guard.

''Under whose authority?'' asked the guard.

''The... King.'' said Lenox

'DUDE, for fuck sake!' thought Nym angrily.

''The King? I'll need some proof for that because I doubt it.'' said the guard doubtful of what Lenox affirmed.

Unfortunately, his last lie was Lenox's last card.

Nym suddently walked forward. ''Say Lenox, do you hate this guy?''

The question was very sudden for everyone. ''Um... yes but why--''

Nym drawed his sword, stabbing the guard in the leg before he had any chances to react, then punchs him once he is vulnerable. ''Sorry Ch-- but that was the only way. His wound shouldn't be too serious thanks to his armor.''

''Thanks, you have no idea how much I wanted to do that.'' said Lenox happily, showing a sadistic grin.

The four of them go inside the room to find a single cell. Inside, two hooded person were looking at them. One has a red coat while the other's is green. Lenox had a chill in his spine since it wasn't the first time that he sees them.

''For what have you come for, strangers?'' asked the person in the red coat.

''We have come to save you.'' explained Chloey to the two hooded figures.

They both looked at each other before the green one said ''We see.'' to Chloey

''Hey hold on a second.'' Lenox grabbed Chloey' shoulder. ''You said you wanted to see them, not free them from this place. Stop this at once!''

Chloey completely ignored him, she uses the keys cell that the last guard had and use them to open the cell.

''Are you deaf, woman? I said--'' yelled Lenox as he was about to hit Chloey but Nym shoved him away from Chloey.

''Do not touch her, you pathetic piece of shit!'' yelled Nym.

Lenox takes out his lance but Nym was faster,  they duel for a few very long seconds. Nym's sword could reach him but Lenox somehow parried his attack.  But Nym also had another weapon: the lance. With his the lance in his left hand, he forces Lenox to keep the pressure to hold his sword. He then breaks Lenox's lance with a swift strike with the lance. Now desarmed, Lenox tries to run away only for Nym to block his escape.

''Fine, I surrender.'' said Lenox as he lift his arms above his head as he sees no other option but that.

Nym sighed in relief.

''What now?'' asked the young man.

''Your battle must have alerted the few remaining guards inside the prison.'' observed Chloey. ''We need to go, NOW!''

''What do we do with him?'' asked Nym to Chloey.

''Knock him out, duh. Come on, hurry up.'' pressed Chloey as she joins Rezzy and the two individuals who were waiting near the door.

Nym grinned at Lenox.

''Thanks for your help, idiot.'' mocked Nym before punching him to the face. Lenox fell to the ground, the brown young noble couldn't see well for a few seconds before passing out.

The four of them made their escape before the reinforcements arrive along with Rex.





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Chapter 4: Reunion

Chloey closed the door behind her, trying to catch her breath just like everyone else in the house with her including the two hooded figures. Escaping the dark forest was more difficult than expected when you are in a group because you can't sneak around as efficient as before.

Anyway, they decided to rest for now. The night wasn't done quite yet, Chloey decided that she would ask question to the two hooded individuals tomorrow, she gave her blankets and pillows for the night. Meanwhile Nym went back to his house, it would comeback at the morning. There's no need to make his mother more stressful than she already is.

Meanwhile, a detective stepped on the scene of the crime and got out with some very valuable informations. According to the former knight Lenox, the three individuals that tresspassed where two women and a man wielding a longsword. He unfortunately couldn't tell the detective any names, but Rex knows for a fact that longswords aren't avalaible to the public.Which means there's three possibilities.


A while in the morning after a few hours of sleep, Nym came back to Chloey's house when everyone had breakfast. Chloey already cooked his part as she knows he would come to join them. Nym was mostly busy between eating and looking at the two hooded individuals, he couldn't even see their mouths which gave him a chill in his spine.

Chloey waited until everyone were done before she started to ask questions to the two hooded individuals. ''So, what are your names?'' she asked calmly.

The one wearing a red cape spoke first. ''I'm Arcanite.''

The other wearing the green cape then followed with. ''I'm Kimberly.''

''Nice to meet you! I'm Chloey.'' said Chloey. ''This is Rezzy.'' she said as she pointed her friend, Rezzy followed that by a "hello" of her own. "And the young man right there is Nym." Nym waved at them silently.

"Hello to all of you." said Arcanite calmly.

"It is a pleasure to meet you." said Kimberly.

Nym didn't know what was the strangest: that Arcanite always seems to speak first then Kimberly or that their voice are... strange, almost distorded. He can't tell if they are men or women! He glance at Chloey and Rezzy, they don't seem to even mind.

"I do not want to sound to prey.'' Chloey had to be careful with her words. ''But could you explain why they put you in this prison?"

"We do not know." admitted Arcanite.

''All we know is that we entered the city together. Then guards stopped us and then we woke up in that cell.'' explained Kimberly.

"Um... it's strange to say the least.'' said Chloey before asking. ''Do you have somewhere to go?''

"No, we are travelers." said Arcanite with the same distorded voice.

"We would be happy to help you in your cause." they knew what Chloey was thinking. "We owe you that much."

"Welcome aboard then!" said Chloey, she then mumbled to herself. "I need to find a name for our little organisation.


A while after, someone knocked on the door.

"Expecting someone?'' asked Rezzy to Chloey.

"No..." the blonde opened to door only to face Clarina. "Clarina?"

"Well hello there Chloey darling, it has been a long time since I last saw you." the noble said.

"Ah... yes well, you know... life?" Chloey tried to find an excuse but the noble wasn't convinced.

"Uh huh... oh!" she sees Rezzy in the kitchen. "What a coincidence, dear Rezzy is here too!" she said with a strange happy voice that doesn't suit her at all.

''Let her enter Chloey,'' suggested the doctor to her friend who could see through the noble's game. "Before a knight spots her." she added, annoyed.

Clarina grinned, satisfy that her plan worked so far. Chloey closed the door behind her.

''Oh... you.'' Clarina mocked the blond young man.

Nym didn't even bother to look at her. "Pfft."

"What have you come for Clarina?" asked Chloey.

"Oh you know, anything new happened?" she acted innocent."Like a trip inside an underground prison perhaps?"

Chloey gasped then realized how she knew. "Ah... your husband. I knew I saw that captain somewhere else."

"Exactly darling," she sat on a nearby chair with the same grin on her face. "Do be careful next time. As much as a moron as he is, I unfortunately still need him to be alive."

"Ok Clarina, that's enough. What do you want?'' asked Rezzy who was out of her patience with her little game.

''Skipping straight to the point huh?" she dropped her umbrella on the side, Nym could see a blade was hidden in it. "Darling, you and Rezzy need to comeback to Serenes. Everyone miss you!"

"No Clarina, we had enough," said firmly Chloey." Not only did you refuse to accept a man in our ranks because of your hate for your husband, in only a few weeks, we managed to do more of what you have ever done in years with your 'passif approach.' "

"Changing a society takes time, darling." she then turned to Nym. ''You, I would like some tea... please." she added a wink just to provoke him.

Nym was about to insult her but Rezzy tells him to do it. "I have a name, grrrr..." he mumbled to himself as he was preparing the tea.

"Perhaps my methods weren't as... immediate as yours but they weren't as provocating for sure." pointed out Clarina. ''Go take a trip around the city if you don't believe me, your attack on the prison and the academy forced the authority to take immediate actions."

Chloey couldn't hide how surprised she was when Clarina mentionned the academy.

"Oh? Were you surprised that I know about the academy? Of course I know darling! You would be surprise of how many ears and eyes I have in the city." she said, proud of herself.

"Ears and eyes that are sellout perhaps?" asked the red haired woman.

Clarina glanced at Rezzy. "You can do almost anything with money, Rezzy." Nym brought her a cup of tea. "It's better be good." she took a sip and tasted the tea. "Hum! What's that sweet aroma that I taste, young man?"

"Honey, my Mom put a little bit in it to make the tea tastes swetter." explained briefly Nym.

"Well your Mother had a fine idea." she complimented before drinking a bit more. "But yes darling, I know everything that you did so far." she continued the previous conversation.

"I can see where this conversation is going." guessed Chloey, a bit angry about exactly that.

"... So as I was saying, I would like that both you and Rezzy comeback to Serenes." she said yet again. "To make sure you aren't too upset, I'll exceptionally accept the boy as long as he makes me that delicious tea again." she glanced at Arcanite and Kimberly. "Oh and you two too... whoever you are."

"...Fine." said Chloey. "I suppose we don't have much a choice anyway."

"Good," Clarina smiled and put the empty cup on the table. "See you later this evening." she then grabbed Nym's arm. "You will be escorting me to my mansion. I'm afraid I don't have a man to... *ahem* convince this time." Nym looked at the fake umbrella that Clarina was holding in her hands.

Clarina and a scared Nym walked out together of the house.

"Viper." said Rezzy when Clarina was too far away to hear her.


To be continued...








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Chapter 5: Clarina

"Everything is all according to plan." the noble thought proudly as she dragged the poor young man along with her to her mansion.

Nym wasn't having the best time of his life, being dragged like a doll. Not to mention his arm hurts with all that pressure on it.

They walked for a few minutes together until they were close to arrive inside the market. Clarina's face went a big angry when the saw Nym's distressed face. She pointed her 'umbrella' at him. "Now, now. This face is not appropriate when you are escorting a lady. Try something... more natural if you wish to keep all the blood inside you."

Nym gulped and tried to be as calm as he could. Clarina then continued their little walk. Of course some people noticed the odd pair walking around together as Nym tried to not make eye contact with anybody.

Once they were clear, Nym sighed in relief. He wasn't out trouble yet but at least he won't die impaled by an umbrella.

A few minutes later, they find the entrance to a dark alley.

"Oh my, a dark alley with barely any lights whatsoever. Sounds a good idea to go in, don't you think?" asked Clarina with a sarcastic grin on her face.

Nym shaked nervously his head from left to right.

"Like I would actually care about your opinion." She dragged him inside the alley.

They walked for a few seconds before a huge and ugly guy blocks their way. "Not so fast! Hehehe, you ain't going anywhere!"

Nym could see another guy blocking the way they came in.

"Oh no! Who could have predicted such an outcome!?" said Clarina, not even worried.

The thug was about to talk when Nym interrupted him to talk to Clarina. He wasn't even paying attention to him. "Clarina, this is not the moment to be sassy."

The thug was once again about to say something when the noble replied. "First of all, I do whatever I want to do. And I also don't remember giving you permission to adress me by my first name."

"Um hey--" the thug got interrupted, his partner couldn't believe his eyes.

"All I'm saying is that you should be more serious about this! We are getting mug!" said Nym.

"Why? Because two thugs are surrounding us? Have you never read a book, young man?" asked Clarina.

"What does that have to do with our current situation!?" Nym was in disbelief, they were arguing in front of two thugs.

Clarina smiled. "First, after they surrounded us, they laugh evily."

"Well... that what I did but--"

"Then they say something along the lines of 'Boy, I reckon you should give us the woman if you wish to run for your life!' " imaginated Clarina.

"I euh... well we only wanted your money but--" the thug justified.

"Then what?" asked Nym. "We kick their ass?"

Clarina sighed in disbelief, she shaked her head before smaking him on the head with her umbrella. "No you idiot. YOU kick their ass while I just sit back and watch you fight."

"Wait but... weren't you against this kind of stereotype like the damsel in distress?" he asked while the two men were approaching to surround him.

Clarina sat near a wall far from the open space of the alley. "Only when it displeases me." She opened her book.

Nym drawed his sword at the thugs attacked him. He tried to dodge or block as many sword or dagger strikes as he could but the fight was difficult and he felt his stamina being consumed rapidly from his body.

Meanwhile, the noble wasn't even watching the fight, she was too busy reading.

At some point, Nym punched one thug in hope it would knock him out for sometimes. He manage to do so once the one using the dagger left himself wide open for the punch. He blocked the other's counter attack with his own sword. "Hey! I could use a helping hand!" he shouted to the noble.

Clarina chuckled in mockery in response. "So let me get this straight, you can easily take care of knights but two thugs that lack any techniques is too much for you?"

"This... isn't exactly the same situation." He kicked the other thug out of his way, then the dagger thug recovered and scratched his hand. "OW!"

Nym dropped his weapon. "Fuck."

The sword thug kicked his sword away. "Once we take care of you, the girl is coming with us."

Clarina turned a page. "Or perhaps a kind savior will come to save the both of us..."

"Indeed milady!" A voice of a man surprised Nym, the two thugs and even Clarina although not that much for the latter.

The thugs ran away. "Shit! Reinforcement!"

The man didn't chase after them. After all why would he? He is an assassin and Pengaius doesn't do anything for free!

Nym sighed again. He almost died. At least he was saved... even though he couldn't see who was his savior clearly.

"You took your sweet time, Pengaius." Clarina said oddly calm. "If the boy died, that would have been a 50% reduction in your salery."

"Woops, well I'll keep that in mind for next time." said the assassin and former thief.

"Wait... you knew he was coming? You hired him to protect you!?" asked Nym angrily.

Clarina was already walking away but then turned her head. "It was his first mission, I wanted to test him with those dumb thugs."

"I don't want to be part of your dumb experiment, woman!" he shouted.

Clarina twitched her eyes in anger before snapping and she threw 500 gold at Pengaius. " I can't stand him, make him Rezzy's next patient." she ordered.

"What's that suppose to mean!?" cried the young man.

She was watching from afar. Pengaius drawed his dagger. "Sorry about what will happen next."

Nym tried to attack the assassin only for him to easily dodge back before striking with his dagger. Nym cried in pain, his chest got stabbed. Pengaius was much faster than him and vicious. His next strike was as painful but it wasn't deadly, he holded back to let him leave on the edge of death. Nym collapsed on the ground. The last thing he saw was Clarina smiling at him, telling him to 'learn good manners'.


He slowly opened his eyes, the celling was unfamiliar to him. All he could hear was a familiar voice, he slowly turned his head to his right. He could feel a pillow, he was lying on a bed. The only person he could see-- he had a hard time seeing-- was the back of a red head woman.

"Re... Rezzy?" he said weakly. 

The doctor reacted to his voice, she turned to talk to him and reassured him. "Hey there... how do you feel?"

"What... happened?" he asked, a bit confused.

"A couple found you deeply wounded, you were lucky that the person didn't stab you in the heart." she said calmly. "Here." She gave him a bowl of soup. "You were unconscious for several hours. Eat this"

Nym took a sip before asking. "Where are we?"

"Inside the Serenes headquarters." explained the doctor.


"This was uncalled for!" screamed Chloey at Clarina.

"Uncalled for? What about your plans that almost fucked us over?" replied harshly the noble.

"...What?" asked the tiny blonde.

"Don't you dare give me a lecture when you almost ruined our only chance to reform this society, Chloey." said Clarina angirly.


"NO BUT, DON'T YOU REALIZE WHAT I HAD TO DO!? If it wasn't for my help, at best you would at best in prison as we speak!" she could see that Chloey didn't understand. "I understand that you don't like my methods, I really do. But..." she said the rest more calmly. "Rebellions are not won by sheer brutal force and messy attacks. They are won with words and clever tactics, darling."

Chloey blinked in surprise.

"You are lucky that I was around Chloey. Lucky that I bought the silence of many guards to make sure none would ever say anything to the detective at the academy. And don't get me started on the prison, tell me: why do you think there wasn't any more guards aside of the few that you knocked out so easily?" asked Clarina to her friend.

"I... I mean they just so happen to  not be... not be around at that moment." she tried to find a logical answer.

"Yes Chloey, they just so happen... just like professional knights would just so happen to get beated by a guy with a sword and two unarmed women. Don't make me laugh!" mocked the noble.

Chloey sighed. "I.... I don't know what to say."

"In that case let me tell it for you: 'My apologies Clarina. I acted like a complete fool and I almost ruined our rebellion.' Something along those lines, darling" said Clarina.

"Clarina, this is not just about our rebellion. Noble privileges have to go too." Chloey took her hand to try to convince her.

"You will have to go through me if you want that." she rejected her hand. "Not that you could anyway, you are a terrible leader."

"What!? How dare--" responded Chloey before getting interrupted.

"You speak of dare!?" replied her friend angrily, she glared at Chloey. "You can look of how you recruited your new friends for a good example."

"Huh? I have no idea of what you are talking about." said Chloey.

"Of course you don't." she sighed in disbelief. "You really have a lot to lean, darling." Clarina pointed her fingers on the celling. "Let's start with the boy Nym. A young man who you recruited out of the blue because... you saw him beat an old man one on one with a sword? Come on, you didn't know his motivations. He could have been a troublemaker for all you knew."

"But at least that wasn't as dumb as when you choose to trust those two that are waiting outside. At least the boy has potiential, those two..." she shrugged. "No backstory, no motivations. I can't even see their faces Chloey... they weren't in prison for fun you know. Why Chloey... why do you blindly trust any strangers? I understand, more members... but that doesn't mean recruit anybody."

"You are wrong! Sometimes, we need to put a little bit of trust. It's the only way you can create new bonds!" said Chloey in a last attempt to convince her.

"You won't say that the moment you get backstabbed, darling. Anyway, as long as I am the leader, those two stay outside. And you should do like the boy, stand still and wait for now." suggested heavily Clarina, almost as an order. Chloey couldn't add more, she would have to obey... for now.





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Chapter 6: Little meeting.

The headquarters was like a busy ness with all the movement inside. Almost every member had specific tasks to do juste before the meeting where Clarina will say her speech.

Rezzy had to help him Nym to get downstairs, which is only natural since no one recoves that easily from being attacked by a dagger. According to the doctor, it would take time to recover.

The basement was a large room with no windows, it was filled with wooden chairs and many places to put candles and light them.

When Rezzy et Nym entered in the basement, Chloey was already on a chair. There was two empty chairs next to her, Nym sits between the two women.

"How do you feel?" asked Chloey to the young man, worried of his current state.

"Good... even if I feel a little dizzy." responded Nym, which didn't surprise the young blond woman with purple glass. 

Rezzy noticed that a few members were staring at them, especially at Nym.

The room was suddently silent as Clarina entered. She smiled in satisfaction when she noticed Chloey's glare for a short moment.

"Everyone is here?" she checked. "Good then let's begin this little meeting after a few weeks." said the noble, delighted.

"First, some of you may have already noticed that we have a few new members with us today. Although, to be honest, only one is truly new."

Clarina pointed at Chloey, Nym and Rezzy.

"At first we have our beloved doctor Rezzy." introduced the noble for the members that didn't knew her already. "Up next is our little rebel, Chloey."

'Little rebel?' thought Nym. It was the first time he hears this word to describe Chloey, this explain a few things.

"You must all have noticed this young man between the two of them and you must wonder: 'Why is he here?' Well fine question!" guessed the noble. "His name is Nym and although a bit wounded for now, he will be real useful for us since his status as an apprentice knight will allow him to do things that we can't!"

'So that's why' thought Chloey. 'I should have known she didn't accept him to please me but because of his status. Typical Clarina as always.'

"For the other point: because of the errors of a CERTAIN someone." she said without looking at anyone. "Our existense have been... compromised to a certain degree. Now, the Knights are now on their guard. Fortunately, everything is not over quite yet. I'll continue to give specific missions, continue to act in the shadows as always, my sisters." she clapped her hands. "That will be all!"

Everyone got up and chatted but as the three were about to leave, Clarina blocked the way.

"What do you think?" she asked to Chloey with a grin on her face.

"I didn't need any humiliation in front of everyone!" responded Chloey, her face red, filled with anger.

"Without a doubt, my dear. But everyone needs to know the weakness of their commander, so they might help you out for when you need it." said Clarina calmly.

"In that case Miss, I await your--" Nym got smacked on the head with her umbrella. "Ow."

"Do not try to use my words against me, you." replied the noble, a bit upset. "Keep in mind that you are NOT a true member unlike everyone else. You are a pawn, and once I won't need you anymore, I won't hesitate to throw you aside or transform you into my butler."

"Let's hope that doesn't happen anytime soon." said Nym, with the horrific thought of being forced to serve her tea as a butler.

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